Chapter 11 – Let’s crush this flower! (part- 2)

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Shao Qingrou was extremely frightened. The beast, with a weight at least of a few hundred pounds, had crushed her delicate body.
“Crack … crack … crack”
How could that fracture sound be so clear and sharp?

Shao Qingrou suddenly grinned and shouted with pain.
At that moment, she had a mixture of blood and dust on her face. She had an extremely sinister look that it resemble a female version of a demon.

If Shao Qingrou had not been a master of the spirit of the stars and her body had not been so strong, then she would have died under the humongus weight of the beast.
“Go to hell…”

Shao Qingrou felt an immense pain and tried to raise her head in a strange way. She did not even take the time to figure out if that was actually a precious beast or not. She just immediately emitted a bundle of blue ice rays that became two icicles and crossed the creature’s neck.

The poor creature stretched his neck and sighed for a long time, then collapsed to the ground and created a single great sound. Whether if the beast was dead or not, the beast had just crushed Shao Qingrou causing even more damage. Jiuche could not resist watching the scene.

A delicate flower, uh? As if, she was a ruthless demon!
“Jiuche … lurid bitch …”
Once she got up, Jiuche looked at Shao Qingrou, who was grinding her teeth. Jiuche shook her head, sticked her tongue, and said in a low voice, “And that’s not all!”

Shao Qingrou was in trouble. She remembered that she could not move. With fatigue, she cut the body of the beast in two and yelled, “Do not come near me!”
Jiuche raised his eyebrows and laughed, “Ah, those idiotic kids are not gone yet!”

As soon as she stopped talking, she totally changed her expression with one of pure terror that was printed on her face. She shouted loudly, “Shao Qingrou is crazy! She has attacked that poor creature for nothing! “Help! Shao Qingrou is totally crazy! ”
Shao Qingrou spit blood. Jiuche had just made her angry.
What a nasty situation! That impudent one!

Of course, it was Jiuche who had beaten her to that condition. Now, she was screaming. Have she gone mad?
Jiuche, you have no shame!

Jiuche could not hear all the curses that Shao Qingrou was silently casting at her, but if she heard them she would shout even harder.
“Help! Somebody help me!”

Jiuche, still screaming, blended into the crowd. Those poor boys and girls had experienced a deep sorrow to see Shao Qingrou explode in a similar anger and kill the winged beast, which made them pale with goose bumps all of a sudden.

Even though the dust had risen, they saw Shao Qingrou, who was covered with blood from head to toe, struggling to rise looking like a malignant spirit coming out of purgatory. She did not seem to deserve any empathy.

Everyone was so scared that they could not even think. They raised their voice and shouted for help.
“Aaaaaaah, run! Teacher Shao is gone! ”
“Run to the hills!”
“Stay safe!”
Shao Qingrou was really, really mad, “Those little idiots, how did they dare to say such stupid things!”

Jiuche, it’s all her fault!

Shao Qingrou finally managed to find Jiuche in the middle of the crowd. She only wanted to slice her into pieces, but at that moment Jiuche had already climbed to one of the flying creatures. With a fake compassion, Jiuche made one of the boys in the crowd to go up with her, “Come on, let’s go! The others have certainly been plagued by Shao Qingrou’s madness. We can not beat her. Let’s go find someone to help them! ”


The boy quickly pulled the reins. They were ready to take off, but they were scared by a very strong cry
“Where do you expect to go?”
Shao Qingrou shook her hand and fired three icicles. Unexpectedly, she no longer care about the security of the “hostage”. She just wanted to kill Jiuche.

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