Chapter 11 – The Other Half

By | November 18, 2016

People felt greatly relieved as they watch the Prince go on his way.

In fact the Prince never paid much attention to anyone other than Lu Jiuque.

As if they were all garbage.

This isn’t really the same Prince as before. Although he’s arrogant and presumptuous, he never gets annoying, in fact, he’s attractive because of that.

This is the true king, a superior being.

Everyone only gets to praise him and admire him.

Is he really their Prince?

If someone takes a look at Shao Qingrou right now he would notice how deep in love she is.

As fear fades away, pain rears its ugly head again.

“Ahhh..It hurts!”

“Somebody please help me…It’s killing me!”

“Why does it still hurt…damn it…”

Lu Jiuque did this. She wouldn’t let them off that easily.

By the time Ye Hui gets people here to help them they are still struggling on the ground. The Kingdom has sent doctors but apparently it’s not working.

Combine that with all the abnormal behaviors of Shao Qingrou earlier you would think they are all poisoned somehow. There’s even conspiracy theories that some other Kingdom poisoned these guys for certain reasons.

All of a sudden everybody in the Kingdom of Qingyan felt unsafe.

The one who did all this is looking, with frustration, at an old lady crying in front of her right now.

The old woman dressed shabbily with wrinkles all over her face. She’s otherwise kind-looking, but she cries really loud.


“My master….Please don’t go around by yourself ever again…You might get lost…!!!And if you do there will be no one left in the Lu Family anymore…”

“My master!!..Please please take good care of yourself…”


Old lady grabs Lu’s hand so hard as she cries it almost broke her hand.

Lu felt how worried she was and therefore didn’t resist or argue with her.

This lady is called Auntie Chang, and she’s one of the most trustworthy and reliable persons Lu had.

If it weren’t for Auntie Chang Lu probably would’ve died a couple times by now.

Same goes to Lu Jiuque. Lu’s the closest person Auntie Chang has in this world.

At least according to the memories of the owner of the body.

Lu shook Auntie Chang’s hand and tried to comfort her, “Auntie, I’m alright..Look at me. Nothing happened to me..Why don’t you let me go take a shower first.”

Auntie Chang surprisingly replied, “How did I forget that! Ya my master go take a shower.I’m going to prepare your meal now. The test is tomorrow and you gotta do well..”

And she went on and on and on. Her constant chatter brings back pieces of memories for Lu Jiuque.

This must be what family would feel like.

No matter how much she chattered Lu didn’t feel annoyed. Instead, she thoroughly enjoyed it.

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