Chapter 11.2

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Chapter 11.2: Emperor Mo has the mentality of a 7 year old


this chapter was very very hard, curse chinese slang and idioms, I barely understood some of it, let us thank the wonderful god Baidu and google for existing.

I am enlisting the help of an editor and also a translator checker please! I don’t think I’ve stated this before but I cannot read Chinese!! I am only fluent in speaking and understanding so to translate, I feed the chapters into google translate and press the sound button and listen to the speaker say the chinese words so that I can understand it. So these translations are 98% accurate because I sometimes have to guess on some of the very confusing idioms of the chinese language- so please help by becoming an editor or a TLC! Though be rest assured, despite not being able to read chinese, I’m pretty proficient at understanding chinese through listening. Please let me know if you can’t understand what I’m trying to translate, I will try to fix it. 🙂

The first time Mo Zhen saw a ghost, was when he was only five years old, his first ghost was not a human, but instead it was a small kitten’s soul. The kitten had looked very thin, as if it was a stray cat, its withered stomach had a hideous wound.

It had been bitten by wild dogs.

The kitten had only meowed and cried outside of Mo Zhen’s door for a total of three days, Mo Zhen had also burned (?) for three days. When he came back, the kitten was already gone, but every since that day, Mo Zhen would be able to see ghosts from time to time. Fortunately, the ones he saw were not malicious ghosts, all they did was cry and plead Mo Zhen to get revenge for them.

At first Mo Zhen was very confused, and also afraid. But after a while, he gradually realized that the ghosts would disappear over time, though he didn’t really know why.

So when he faced these things, Mo Zhen learned to be very calm, calmly waiting for them to disappear.

These were things that Mo Zhen never mentioned to his family, because he knew that even if he told them, they would never believe him.

This situation continued until the summer vacation of his second year of primary school.

That year, his grandmother had told his family that she would take him to their family villa near the mountains so he could have something to do during the summer vacation; Mo Zhen’s parents did not doubt him, and entrusted Mo Zhen in her care. Although his grandmother really did bring him to the mountains, but they did not go to the family villa, and neither was it because of  summer vacation.

The little Mo Zhen had carried a large bag that seemed humongous compared to his small body, all filled with homework that was assigned during the summer. In the cabin lived a man who claimed to be able to hear the voices of the heavens, when he stood, a white light enveloped his entire body, making Mo Zhen’s eyes sting a little when he looked at the bright light.

Then he heard his grandmother say to the Heavenly Master that the child was able to see something that should not be seen by normal people.

Mo Zhen coldly looked up at his grandmother’s old face, he did not know when his grandmother had found out his secret. Fearless and chuckling softly, his small thin lips only said the word, “Injustice.”

Later on, the things that happened afterwards would become very vague in Mo Zhen’s memory, if you had to describe it, it only had a few key words – cicadas, watermelon, master, and forgetting to do his summer homework.

Mo Zhen’s fingers on the keyboard had finally finished typing the password, and press the login key.

Ah Yao the entire time was staring at her toes until she heard the notification sound coming from the computer, and whispered. “Do you mean that I was killed?”

(*notification sound* was actually the QQ notification annoying noise, but I have no idea how to put that annoying noise in English, it’s literally like DEEDEEDEEDEE rapidly)


Mo Zhen’s hand on the mouse stopped for a moment, then he clicked on the jumping notification, “En.”

This was the reason why he had been so adamant about watching the news lately, if there was a murder nearby, it would definitely be reported by the local newspapers and broadcast companies. But in the last two weeks, there was not a single incident that had been reported.

A dialog box popped up on the computer, and a row of pink cute fonts jumped out –

Little uncle! Du Du missed you ah! ╭ (╯ 3 ╰) ╮

Mo Zhen chuckled softly, and then sent the photos he had just taken of the fruit pudding into the chat. A reply came very quickly from the other side of the computer –

Little uncle! Du Du does not love you anymore! How could you reveal this secret! QAQ

Ah Yao lifted her head as Mo Zhen chuckled, and glanced at the man with the computer sitting across from her, she snuck a look and saw that a QQ username called Blue Fairy kept non-stop sending messages to Mo Zhen.

[Little uncle, if you eat that many sweets, you will soon get cavities!]

Mo Zhen’s fingers hit the keyboard a few times, and replied.

[Little uncle has long passed the age of getting cavities, but even so, the fruit pudding is so very delicious o 23333]

(original raws say 233333 which means lol in English)

Ah Yao: “… …”

Her opinion of him had once again been blown away into pieces, who would’ve thought that Mo Zhen would actually use bolanghao! (basically using numbers to represent expressions, if anyone knows the exact translation of this into English, please comment!) Mo Zhen actually knew how to use 2333333333! But the most important thing was, Mo Zhen’s QQ name was actually called the Gargamel! Gargamel ! [1]

# was the world going insane?

Emperor Mo’s personality was really too difficult to understand, at times he seemed to be elegant and like a god who descended from the heaven, but then at other times, he really liked to ridicule others.

… …This scared egg really wants to report him ah.

Secretly poking her head in front of the computer screen, Ah Yao’s eyes stared at their conversation on the screen, “the Blue Fairy is your niece?”

“En,” He answered her with a nod, he began to send even more photos of snacks. Ah Yao felt that Mo Zhen was really child-like, he would even brag about his snacks in front of his little niece, “How old is she?” Actually, the real question she would like to ask was how old are you?

“Seven years old.”

“Only 7 years old and already online?” Ah Yao was very surprised, at seven years old, had she even finished learning Pinyin? When Mo Zhen heard this, he faintly stared at Ah Yao, “Even ghosts will go online these days, why can’t she?”

Ah Yao: “… …”

Feeling that the topic was treading on very dangerous waters, Ah Yao quietly floated to the side. Mo Zhen was still chatting, the crisp sound of the keyboard echoed in the living room.

They chatted until Du Du’s mother had told her to go to bed, and D Du reluctantly sent Mo Zhen a kiss emoji and went away to wash her face.

Looking at the QQ ID Blue Fairy’s picture dim down, Mo Zhen glanced at the person on the other side of the sofa. Ah Yao was sitting silently on the sofa in her thoughts, perhaps it was because she was the kind of person who was rarely quiet, but her lack of expression made Mo Zhen’s heart a little panicked .

“Do you want to take revenge?” His voice was cold as he spoke, making Ah Yao silently lift up her head to look at him. Mo Zhen’s eyes were dark, as if they were filled with the blackest ink and yet they were filled with a warm and breathtaking light.

In the end, she will always be alone.

Ah Yao did not speak, but just shook her head.

“If you do not want to take revenge, then the things that happened in the past do not matter anymore.”

Though Mo Zhen’s tone of voice did not match the advice he was giving, the corners of Ah Yao’s mouth still perked up a little, “Are you worried about me?”

“Obviously not.” Mo Zhen looked down at the computer, the mouse aimlessly ran around on the desktop.

This movement had made Ah Yao very curious. She had wanted to move closer to Mo Zhen, but when she saw the sharp eyes that stared back at her, she decided that it was better to stay far away.

A little annoyed, Ah Yao floated back a few steps, when Mo Zhen saw Ah Yao float farther away, did he open the QQ recent chats to take a look, and opened the messages to the username called [Divine Scoundrel] (or god stick ya know)


“Master, are you back? I need your help with something.”


[1]. creds to Pwip for saying what it means, gargamel is an evil wizard from the cartoon, the Smurfs!

here’s a picture of him XD


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