Chapter 11.1

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The room was very quiet, Mo Zhen’s voice slightly echoed in the living room, the sound sounded a little lonely in the empty and dark room.

He waited for a while, but there was still no movement in the living room. Unbuttoning the white buttons on his collar, Mo Zhen tilted his head back and rested on the sofa, “If you do not come out right now, don’t bother coming out later either.”

There was a blurry white light at his side, and it gradually condensed into the shape of a human. Mo Zhen glanced at his side and saw Ah Yao sitting up straight, her hands on her lap, smiling, “Good evening, Mr. Mo.”

His mouth curving, Mo Zhen also smiled back to her, “Good evening, Miss Ghost.”

Ah Yao: “… …”

Compared to this strange dialogue, Ah Yao thought it was even more terrifying to see Mo Zhen smile. The laughing Mo Zhen was ten times scarier than the silent Mo Zhen who rarely laughed.

Trying her best to get a feel of the situation, Ah Yao felt that a straight-forward approach would be the best method, “Dear Mr. Mo, the things on the forum, I can explain.”

“No, you don’t need to explain to me, after all, I’m just an arrogant and rude man.”

Ah Yao: “… …”

Why didn’t you add narrow minded and petty person to that list too?

“Mr. Mo, this was really just an accident, it’s mostly because … … your computer does not have a login password set.”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

So it was his fault!

Mo Zhen stood up from the sofa abruptly, opened the computer, his fingers quickly hitting the keyboard and finally, a login password was freshly set.

Ah Yao glanced at the computer, but no matter how she tried, she could not see the password Mo Zhen had set. Shyly floating to the front of Mo Zhen, Ah Yao smiled brightly: “I’m joking with you, did you really set a password ah? Is your password your birthday?”

Mo Zhen turned off the computer, came back and smiled and said: “No, it’s my measurements.”

Ah Yao: “… …”

Her eyes swept the room, and then laughed twice, “Will you let me measure you then?”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

How could there be such a shameless ghost!

Mo Zhen opened the fridge door took out a piece of a lemon and pretending as if it was Ah Yao, he cut it into two halves. When Ah Yao heard the “pop” sound of the lemon being cut, she shivered a little.

Seeing Mo Zhen eat a lemon, Ah Yao frowned, “I said you can’t eat food from the refrigerator today!”

No matter how much Ah Yao had protested, Mo Zhen carried on and bit the lemon; the strong bitter taste of the lemon had smothered some of the fire that was raging in his heart, “If you continue to post on the internet, I’ll find a priest to end you! ”

Ah Yao froze for a second, and then kindly reminded: “There are many priests who are fake, you can’t possibly believe in their lies right?”

“You don’t have to worry, I know a professional.” When Mo Zhen had finished gnawing the lemon in his hands, he gracefully threw the lemon peel into the trash can. This year, even ghosts will go online, how could he be at ease?

As Ah Yao unhappily glared at him, Mo Zhen pulled out the phone, opened the refrigerator door and took a few photos of the inner piles of snacks and pudding sitting there.

Ah Yao stared at Mo Zhen’s actions, although she was slightly curious, but right now there was another matter that needed her attention, “you really know a Taoist?”

Mo Zhen looked Ah Yao and sneered, “Are you afraid now?”

Ah Yao scrambled away from, and hid from that despicable Mo Zhen, “Don’t come within 3 steps near me.”

“Do you think the priest will help me remember who I am?”

His moving hands suddenly stopped, Mo Zhen was silent for a moment before standing up from the refrigerator, ” do you not find it strange that I can actually see you?”

This time Ah Yao was the one who was surprised, she had never really thought about this phenomenon, but now that Mo Zhen had mentioned it, she felt that… it was indeed kind of strange.

“Do you have Yin and Yang eyes?” Ah Yao’s eyes lit up, if Mo Zhen had yin and yang eyes, this news could probably make the headlines of every major newspaper in the country!

Mo Zhen had already guessed what she was thinking without even looking at her, he glanced at Ah Yao and walked towards the big sofa in the living room, “If you let this get out, before this information even hits the headlines, you would already be admitted to three mental hospitals.”

Ah Yao: “… …”

She did not want to become a friend of Xiao Xi.

Mo Zhen sat on the sofa as he opened the laptop, Ah Yao quickly floated to the computer’s side, but she was a step too late because Mo Zhen had already entered the password.

“Sit down.” Bitterly sitting beside Mo Zhen, Ah Yao swung her legs on the sofa, “So you really have yin and yang eyes?”

Mo Zhen was entering his QQ password when he stopped, he straightened his lips and turned to Ah Yao and said: “I can’t see all ghosts.”

“What?” Ah Yao looked questioningly at Mo Zhen, she didn’t really understand what he had said.

Mo Zhen turned back to the computer, and continued to enter in the password which was half keyed in, “I can only see the soul of dead people.”


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