Chapter 109 – Seventh Prince’s Conditions

By | August 2, 2017

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Imperial Master guest room.

Dr. Zhang, who was carefully examining Dong Fang Li’s injuries, nodded in satisfaction: “The wounds have been treated in time, and good quality medicine was applied, so it’s nothing serious. He will recover quickly after recuperating for half of a month and by changing the bandages and applying medicine in the morning and again in evening.”

Dr. Zhang is an imperial physician. The emperor appointed him to come to Imperial Master Residence Hall to feel Master Su’s pulse. At the same time, he mets the injured Dong Fang Li and gave him an examination.

“Thank you, Dr. Zhang,” Dong Fang Li said politely with a voice that sounded alienated and indifferent.

Dr. Zhang did not seem to mind and smiled: “Not at all, Your Highness.”

Dong Fang Li’s eyes sent a dull glance towards Su Nan Xiang as he gently said. “The medicine applied to my injury is very effective. Miss Su, would you be willing to sell a bottle to me?”

Su Nan Xiang’s vision sparkled and she gave an embarrassed smile before replying, “Your Highness, you are being too modest. It is only a bottle of medicine. I would be happy to give it to you, but unfortunately that bottle of medicine was used up when I applied it to your injuries.”

“Really? Sorry to hear that.” Dong Fang Li looked disappointed, but continued to ask: “May I know where you bought the medicine? I can buy a bottle myself.”

“I did not not buy it. It was a gift from my friend. She only gave me the one bottle,” Su Nan Xiang smiled, her eyes showing her regret.

“That is too bad. The efficacy of that bottle of medicine exceeds anything on offer from the imperial palace’s collection of medicines. The person who gave the medicine to Miss Su, must be a member of the imperial family.” Dong Fang Li was looking at Su Nan Xiang with a greasy smile.


Su Nan Xiang smiled unnaturally while thinking to herself: Dong Fang Li’s wound was healing quickly and he remained in a good condition by using the medicine. The medicine that was applied to him is the best quality medicine. The medicines in Hou Residence Hall are the high-grade medicines, but the best quality medicines should belong to Prince Ouyang. That medicine was a precious and priceless good, but Prince Ouyang gave it to Murong Xue without hesitation to treat and cure other men. He is really good to Murong Xue……

Resentment flickered faintly through Su Nan Xiang’s eyes when she was caught by Dong Fang Li. He gazed at her and before seeking her assistance. “I am not able to bind my wound by myself, would you please help me?”

“Sure!” Su Nan Xiang nodded, breathing a sigh of relief. Luckily he does not ask again, otherwise, she will be likely to expose her weaknesses. Su Nan Xiang walked towards Dong Fang Li, then she took up a fine cloth and helped him bind the wound carefully before making a bow with a twist of her wrist.

A bow? On an injury?!!

Dong Fang Li said: “Thank you, Miss Su.”

“You’re welcome, Your Highness. Grandfather is about to awaken from his rest. If you are fine, I am going to meet grandfather now.” Su Nan Xiang was smiling and thinking: Dong Fang Li is an intelligent person and he continually asked details about his rescue. If she remains here, he definitely will continue to ask questions. She might be unable to justify her own assertions if he continued asking questions. There is no way out except to escape from here!

“Miss Su, please,” Dong Fang Li said in a faint voice as he smiled gently. Su Nan Xiang felt relieved as she walked out of the guest room. Dong Fang Li smiled because he could see clearly what was going on when looking at Su Nan Xiang who was leaving with a light foot.

Huo Tong walked foward and said slowly, “Dr. Zhang, how is the Seventh Prince’s…condition?” Besides those injuries, Dong Fang Li had a serious illness. Those injuries were insignificant when compared to his illness.

Dr. Zhang looked at Dong Fang Li, shaking his head as he sighed lightly. “Seventh Prince has been ill for a long time and it is too serious. The virus has penetrated into the bones and internal organs of his body. Even the gods are unable to save the situation. Please forgive me for being incapable of helping.”

“Can’t you try to find another solution?” Huo Tong asked sincerely.

“My abilities is inferior and I have limited knowledge to figure out other methods to treat Seventh Prince. I am going back to the Imperial Physician Institute to find a brilliant plan to treat Seventh Prince by discussing his case with the other imperial physicians,” Dr. Zhang sighed.

“You have my greatest appreciation for your help, Dr. Zhang,” Huo Tong said gratefully.

“Imperial Bodyguards Huo, you are being too modest. Please do allow me to take my leave now.” Dr. Zhang was said gently, as he carried the medicine kit and left the guest room.

After seeing a physician to leave, Huo Tong glanced at Dong Fang Li and said in a soft voice, “You do not need to worry, Your Highness. Qing Yan’s imperial physicians have excellent medical skills; surely they will discover a method to treat you.”

“You do not need to comfort me, I am clear about my condition.” Dong Fang Li was sighing gently, but his eyes looked profound.

Xi Liang’s imperial physicians have drawn the conclusion that he is suffering from an incurable disease . He’d visited many famous doctors over time, but their conclusion was always the same: incurable. He has no hopes on his illness.

He can live no longer, but that person is still not willing to let him off by sending many people to secretly assassinate him. Yesterday, those assassins found him. When they attempted to assassinate him, he had a relapse. This left him incapable of fighting against them and caused him serious injuries.

“Your Highness …”

“Say no more about it, I know better than you.” Dong Fang Li interrupted his words. He sat gazing out the window before saying: “Since we rarely come to Qing Yan, let’s go for a walk.”

“Yes,” Huo Tong nodded as he followed Dong Fang Li to walk outside.

The sunset was brilliant, making the shadows of the people and the houses on the street appear much longer than they actually were.

A luxurious carriage stopped in front of Linjiang Restaurant. When the curtain opened, Ouyang Shao-Chen descended, holding out a hand to help Murong Xue descend. Suddenly there came a familiar male voice: “Ouyang Prince!”

Ouyang Shao-Chen looked up and saw Dong Fang Li approaching him slowly. He will stand before him in several steps. With slightly dull eyes, he turned to Murong Xue and said, “Xue Er, I am meeting an acquaintance, you wait for me in the cart for a while.” Once Murong Xue had been settled in the carriage behind the curtain, Ouyang Shao-Chen turned around to welcome Dong Fang Li.

Murong Xue pulled a long face instantaneously, murmuring to herself that as they have already arrived at Lingjiang Restaurant, if he wants to talk with an acquaintance, he can let her enter the restaurant first. Why must he make her wait inside the cart? Does the person whom he is meeting have a special identity that might be inconvenient for her to see?

Murong Xue opens the curtain, looks back quietly, and sees Ouyang Shao-Chen standing face-to-face with a man who is almost same height as him. She cannot see the man’s face, and can only vaguely see his clothes – but she can hear their conversation clearly.

“It is ages since we met last after leaving Xiliang. How are you doing, Seventh Prince?” Ouyang Shao-Chen said lightly.

“All well, many thanks, Ouyang Prince.” Dong Fang Li greeted politely with a faint voice.

“The reason Seventh Prince comes to Qing Yan is to seek medical help?” Ouyang Shao-Chen inquired in softly.

“I guess so.” Dong Fang Li smiled gently with a pair of profound eyes.

Ouyang Shao-Chen said lightly: “I know several competent imperial physicians who are experienced in treating miscellaneous diseases. They can give you a diagnosis”

“Many thanks, Ouyang Prince.” Dong Fang Li looked behind Ouyang Shao-Chen. He caught a glimpse of light blue clothing on the carriage. The Dong Fang Li enquired, “Prince had a date with a beautiful woman?”

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