Chapter 108: Song Wuyou Won’t…

By | July 7, 2017

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Chapter 108: Song Wuyou Won’t Have A Miscarriage, Right?

Gu Yanhao carried Song Wuyou up, and he only noticed Mu Gu standing in front of him when he turned around. Who knew how long he had been standing there?

Mu Gu’s hands were tightly clenched into fists at his sides. His gaze stared intently at Song Wuyou’s face. His usually clear and bright peach blossoms eyes were a raging storm. Watching him standing there unmoving, Gu Yanhao swept a cold look in his direction. Carrying Song Wuyou, he stormed over to Blackie with large strides. Carefully placing Song Wuyou on the horse’s back, he leapt coolly onto the horse as well in swift accurate movements. With one hand holding her, he quickly left.

Mu Gu remained standing there, straight as a spear, as his peach blossom eyes gradually grew calmer. His sight fell onto the distant galloping horse as his eyes narrowed. Dongfang Xuan…

Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei hastened over. Seemingly in a bad mood, Song Jiuyue asked Mu Gu, “How’s Song Wuyou?”

Detecting the hidden tone of her voice, Mu Gu turned around and glowered coldly at her. Being glared at with such eyes without preparation caused Song Jiuyue’s heart to miss a beat. Her eyes looked around furtively to avoid Mu Gu’s direct gaze and inadvertently landed on the red blood on the grass. That was the same place where Song Wuyou was sprawled just now. Song Jiuyue frowned slightly; don’t tell me that Song Wuyou really fell to her death?!

Dajie, so much blood…” Song Jiumei also noticed the blood on the grass and exclaimed aloud.

Song Jiuyue was annoyed inwardly. This Song Jiumei, exclaiming and screaming at every little thing, really irritating.

While Song Jiumei was thinking: This is grassland. Even if she fell from the horse onto the grass, her injuries shouldn’t be too severe. How come there’s so much blood on the ground?

She suddenly recalled the time she tried to drug Song Wuyou.

Song Jiumei turned pale. Quickly turning to Song Jiuyue, one hand shaking her arm, “Dajie, did Song Wuyou miscarry again?”

Catching her words, Mu Gu’s eyes sank.

A shiver ran down Song Jiuyue’s spine, and she stared dazedly at Song Jiumei, “Miscarriage?”


In a private hospital room.

Gu Yanhao sat close to the bed, keeping vigil on the yet to awaken person in it.  Resting on the bed, her complexion left little to be desired. Gu Yanhao’s indifferent eyes stared at her face sharply.

Dongfang Xuan?

The Dongfang Xuan she mentioned before fainting was which bastard? Why did his heart ache so terribly when he heard that name being called out?

As if…he was that Dongfang Xuan bastard himself.

Ah De walked into the room. Standing behind Gu Yanhao, he called out respectfully, “Young Master.”

“Speak.” Gu Yanhao’s face was frosty.

Ah De passed the envelop to the front. Taking it, Gu Yanhao did not open it to inspect the contents. He wanted to hear Ah De’s report.

“I’ve checked every person in M City with the surname of Dongfang. There is no one called Dongfang Xuan. People with Dongfang as a surname are very few. Not only wasn’t there a person called Dongfang Xuan, there was not a single person with Dongfang surname that knows the Young Madame. Most of them are from small families of ordinary background.”

They cannot possibly have the power to exterminate someone else’s nine familial connections.

“Any declined Dongfang family?” Gu Yanhao asked.

Ah De shook his head, “No.”

Gu Yanhao’s sharpened, “What else?”

Ah De: “Young Madame’s mother is not that singer-dancer Yang Xiaolan. Yang Xiaolan had good relation with Mrs. Jier. Before Mrs. Jier was married to General Cheng, she had a period of ambiguous relationship with the previous President.”

Gu Yanhao looked up upon hearing this, eyes sharp as eagles looking at Ah De, “You are saying Song Wuyou could be Mrs. Jier and the late President’s daughter?”

“It is just my assumption.”

“Figure it out. Get their DNAs.”



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