Chapter 108 – Settles Down

By | August 2, 2017

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After seeing Song Tian Wen walk out of Luo Xue Pavilion, Zhou came forward and gave the servants a stern glare through her dignified eyes, snapping: “Do not disclose a word about today’s incident, otherwise, you will be beaten to death!” Family quarrels must be settled behind closed doors. Murong Rou was charged with cheating on her husband. If news of the incident spread, Murong Rou’s parental home, Hou Residence Hall of Zhen country, would be held in contempt.

“Yes!” The maids and wet nurses nodded before retreating from the room. Onlyy Murong Xue, Murong Rou, Zhou, Xu Wen were left in the room.

Murong Rou was staring at the Murong Xue, her eyes close to shooting flames: “Murong Xue, this was too much! I will never let you off!”

Murong Xue sneered: “Murong Rou, you planned to frame me first, I just beat you at your own game. You ended up losing all social standing and your good reputation. This is a self-inflicted wound. You deserve everything that happened to you!”

“You!” Murong Rou pointed at Murong Xue, choked on her anger, and couldn’t finish her speech.

“Get out of Luo Xue Pavilion! Murong Xue ordered, You are not welcome here.”

Zhou snapped: “Murong Xue, how can you speak like that? We are all your elders …”

Murong Xue looked at them with disdain: “All of you are the most malicious and cunning elders that I have ever seen. It is my misfortune to have you as my elders. Get out of Luo Xue Pavilion, do not make me say it a third time!”

“Murong Xue!”

“Get out!” Murong Xue aimed a kick at Zhou’s chest. Zhou was kicked three or four meters away, fall on the ground both dizzy and was suffering from agonizing pain.

Zhou coughed a few times, but it is too late to scold. She watched Murong Rou and Xu Wen also get kicked, the pair heavily landing beside her. They were obviously in as much pain as she was.

Murong Xue’s command rang out from her chamber: “Maids, open all the windows and drive this disgusting smell from the room, then light a few incense burners to ensure that none of this disgusting smell remains. After that, gather all the bedding that was used by the adulterer, the brocade mattress, brocade quilt, pillows and bed curtains. Burn them. Burn them all. The chairs, antique vases, crystal ornaments and so on that have been tainted by their breath, take the lot of it outside and smash it. Do not keep anything that is currently in this room.”

“My room must be clean and refreshing…” Murong Xue said.

“Yes!” The maids and wet nurses busily moved to and fro, coming and going from the room to move out those precious furnishings and smashing them one by one. They collected all the bedding, the brocade mattress, brocade quilt, bed curtains and so on in the corner, and then they burned it all. The flames slanted across Luo Xue Pavilion, causing Murong Rou’s face to turn ghostly pale with fright. Murong Xue was mocking her, humiliating her…

She gave Murong Xue a ferociously angry glare before,suddenly, her head was hit by a wave of dizziness, and she had a blackout and fainted.

“Xiao Rou… Xiao Rou…” alarmed, Zhou hurried to hold her and repeatedly called her name but she did not get a response. Zhou urgently commanded: “Maids, bring madam back to her room … call a doctor…”

“Yes!” The maids and wet nurses came instantly and the situation became messy.

Xu Wen eyes were flashing as he was thinking of how to get out of this place. Murong’s elder daughter had a serpent’s heart hidden under the guise of an angel’s face. Although he was dazzled by her beauty, he still racked his brain but could not find a good way to frame her, so it would be better for him to run away to fight another day…

Suddenly, several guards kicked Xu Wen to the ground, then kicked and punched him mercilessly. Xu Wen held his head and curled up into a shrimp-like shape, rolling non-stop on the ground while begging piteously! Murong Xue glanced at him and sneered.

She knew that Xu Wen would never get out of Hou Residence Hall as he has stained Murong Rou. Even if Song Tian Wen chooses to ignore the person who made him a cuckold, but Murong Jian will never get over his anger towards the man who ruined his sister.

Xu Wen was an accomplice to the plan of burning sleeping incense in the room to sully and frame her. When Murong Xue was preparing to take revenge on Xu Wen, she did not expect Murong Jian to beat her to it.

“You’re surrounded by danger when living in Hou Residence Hall.” Murong Xue turned to look at the speaker and saw Ouyang Shao-Chen walking over in snow-colored clothes.

She remained perplexed despite much thought: “How do you know what happened to me?”

“I saw everything when passing by,” Ouyang Shao-Chen lied.

Murong Xue smiled softly, “These are just small cases to me. I have settled them all.”

“Mu Jongjian and Murong Rou are smart. Their conspiracies will be much more diabolical and much more treacherous if they really want to hurt you. Although you avoided them this time, you may not be able to do so next time.” Ouyang Shao-Chen looked at her, his eyes flashing deep concern.

Murong Xue gently frowned. She believed that Ouyang Shao-Chen’s words were not meant to be alarmist. Murong Jian and Murong Rou are indeed likely to be even more vicious the second time around. Although she is not afraid of them, their endless tricks are really very annoying. “Then what do you think,” she asked. “What should I do?”

“I’ll send you some guards. They’ll help you,” Ouyang Shao-Chen said lightly. He thinks: He has mentioned this matter several times, but she refuses his help every time. Hongxiu and Anxiang are very loyal, but they do not know martial arts. When there is a serious incident, they will not able to help Murong Xue as they even cannot help themselves.

Murong Jian and Murong Rou were there for many years, there are a lot of people around her who serve them first. It is not suitable for Murong Xue to fight against Murong Jian and his sister by herself. The most suitable way to support her is with several powerful guards to help keep her safe.

Murong Xue nodded, for once agreeing with his plan. “Thank you, Your Highness. Thank you for sending me just the two guards. It will be much more noticeable if there is more than two.”

“Good,” Ouyang Shao-Chen nodded, his smile reaching his obsidian eyes.

“To express my appreciation for your help in sending the guards to assist me, I would like to invite you to have a meal with me at Jiang Ling Restaurant. What do you think, Your Highness?” she asked.

“Great!” Ouyang Shao-Chen nodded in agreement, but his eyes were flashing signs of a mysterious agenda.

“Youshi (17:00 in the afternoon to 19:00 in the early evening), it’s almost the time to eat. Let’s go!” Murong Xue said, walking at a brisk pace while pulling Ouyang Shao-Chen along by his wrist.

A person fell on the ground and groaned in agony. He was blocking her way so she did not even glance down before mercilessly kicking the person two or three meters away.

In the twinkling of an eye, Xu Wen’s screams ripped through the skies, “Ahhh!”

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