Chapter 107 – Punishment

By | July 31, 2017

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“Tian… Tian Wen…” Murong Rou felt a thud and her mind suddenly went blank. Why is he here? She lost the chastity of a woman after she had been sexually assaulted by Xu Wen, and he knew all about it? How could this be? How did this happen?

“Murong Rou, you are so disappointing!” Song Tian Wen said without mercy as he turned to go.

Murong Rou was stunned. Was Tian Wen going to abandon her? She is a wife of Wu’an Hou, but after that shameless man brutally defiled her body, Tian Wen will definitely hate her. If she allows him to walk out of the Hou Residence Hall without any attempts to stop him, their relationship will come to an end and there will be no future!

“Tian Wen, don’t go!” Murong Rou, her body wrapped tightly in the thin quilt fell at Song Tian Wen’s feet. Shepulled his sleeve while crying miserably: “Tian Wen, I’ve been framed. I have really been framed by people… Please believe me … Believe me …”

Song Tian Wen slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds. With his next step he asked Murong Rou without looking at her: “Where is the proof? Do you have any proof that you were framed?”

“Proof…The proof…” Murong Rou looked around the room anxiously. Suddenly her eyes lit up when she saw Xu Wen sitting beside the bed: “Xu Wen was given an aphrodisiac. Please let the doctor diagnose his pulse. Surely this can be diagnosed.”

“Even if Xu Wen really took an aphrodisiac, it cannot be determined if he was given an aphrodisiac by other people, or if he chose to take it himself!” Murong Xue whispered tongue in the cheek. Her words made all of the maids and wet nurses snigger Official Xu was not young anymore, so he took an aphrodisiac to help him when having an affair due to lack of ability to do as he wishes. Indeed, it is very normal.

Murong Ruo stared at Murong Xue with sharp eyes: “Murong Xue, stop slinging mud at me. I bet you are feeling guilty now!”

Murong Xue disdains to glance at her: “I am not the person who been caught cheating. What am I guilty of?”

“If you are not guilty, let us search the Luo Xue Pavilion.” Zhou immediately used her words against her, staring at Murong Xue, careful not to miss any expression on her face.

“It does not matter. Search it as you wish,” Murong Xue agreed readily.
She had changed the incense in the incense burner, while the aphrodisiac she’d fed Xu Wen was taken from his sleeve. Luo Xue Pavilion had no traces, therefore she did not mind them searching it.

“If you find an aphrodisiac in Luo Xue Pavilion, I will accept the punishment. However, if you intend to put the aphrodisiac in Luo Xue Pavilion to defame me like Xu Wen did just now, I will not let you off so easily .”

The startled crowd looked towards Xu Wen who was sitting at the bedside. They saw him half pinch a black pill, ready to put it on the bedside table while attempting to cover his actions behind his sleeve.

Suddenly, the maids and wet nurses couldn’t stop staring: Official Xu and Mrs. Wu’an Hou are accused of cheating! They were guessing indiscriminately before, but they did not expect to see the evidence right in front of their eyes now!

Song Tian Wen’s face was ghastly pale. He suddenly looked at Murong Rue with a flint of anger: “What do you want to say with these witnesses and mounting material evidence?”

Murong Rou’s face was full of dismay as she did not expect things would turn out this way, so she tried to explain: “Tian Wen, this is a misunderstanding, misunderstanding…”

“Misunderstanding?” Song Tian Wen was furiously pushed her away: “You think I am blind and cannot see the truth?”

Murong Rou was pushed to the ground unexpectedly, her arms and shoulders were burning with pain as the skin had been rubbed off. She ignored this pain and explained immediately: “Tian Wen, it is a misunderstanding., This is really a misunderstanding …”

Song Tian Wen had remained unmoved by sneering at her.

Murong Rou’s eyes filled with tears. She was biting her lips as she accepted his grievance, then she walked towards Xu Wen and mercilessly beat him up: “You must explain what happened just now. Please do not incriminate me even if you want to die…”

Xu Wen swallowed back the words on the tip of his tongue because he took the aphrodisiac from the Hui Chun Hall. If they found the aphrodisiac on him, would he then be charged with cheating with Murong Rou?

As a miscellaneous official, Xu is afraid of offending Wu’an Hou. Therefore, he was ready to put the aphrodisiac on the bedside table quietly to fabricate a case against Murong Xue, so that he will be able to escape from trouble because he is a victim while Wu’an Hou will hate Murong Xue.
However, he did not expect Murong Xue to have such a sharp pair of eyes that saw his action and let him be caught unawares this time. No one will believe his words now, even though he has a silver tongue.

The fiancée of Prince Jing is one in a million!

Xu Wen looked at Murong Xue. He saw her fresh smile, but her eyes were flashing enigmatically and could only consider her to be breathtaking in that moment…


“As a Wu’an Hou’s wife, you should be immersed in pig cage for cheating on your husband and not keeping the chastity of a woman. In consideration of your many years of service in Wu’an Hou Residence Hall, I will give you a certificate of divorce to avoid death, so let us just end it now!” Song Tian Wen said cruelly as he strode to the desk, picked up a writing brush and quickly set the brush to swaying on the paper”

What? Tian Wen is going to divorce her? How can this be?!

Murong Rou, shocked, hurriedly rushed to Song Tian Wen and pulled his sleeve. “Tian Wen, Tian Wen… You know how deep the hatred is between Murong Xue and I. How can you believe her words?” Murong Rou persisted.

Song Tian Wen stopped for a while, then continue to write.

“Tian Wen, we knew each other before marriage and you are my childhood sweetheart. You know words are not enough to say how much I love you. How could I betray…” Murong Rou said slowly with tears in her eyes.

Song Tian Wen stopped writing and looked at her, saying: “Wu’an Hou’s wife must be an unsullied woman, but you are not clean and pure anymore.” The sullied woman is not qualified to be Wu’an Hou’s wife!”

The harshness seemed to knife through Murong Ruo’s heart. Her eyes glittered, tears overflowing her eyes to spill helplessly down her cheeks: “I know, just, I have some things to do, I will leave the hall after I have finished. I will not let you feel embarrassed. For the sake of our relationship after all of these years, please do me this honor…”

Song Tian Wen looked into her misty eyes, their eyes reflecting their conjugal love at some time in the past. He tears up the divorce letter and sighs, “I will give you a month to finish your work. Think wisely!”

“Thank you.” Murong Rou thanked him repeatedly and shed tears of delight.

Song Tian Wen gives a cool response, got up, and left without any reluctantance. This woman was no longer pleasing to him.

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