Chapter 106: Let Her…

By | July 6, 2017

Chapter 106: Let Her Fall to Her Death

Song Wuyou stood firm in not riding a horse with Gu Yanhao and Gu Yanhao did not force her. Riding on Blackie, he roamed around the pasture by himself. His mood was bad after being rejected by Song Wuyou, thus he roamed as he liked, hoping his mood would improve.

On the other side, Song Wuyou picked a white horse. By the time Song Jiuyue reached the stables, Song Wuyou was already mounted on the horse’s back, but she did not ride fast. She allowed the white horse to trot leisurely around the ranch, and this scene in Song Jiuyue’s eyes was exactly the actions of a noob.

Song Wuyou of the past indeed was an expert in horse riding, however, this body was not hers. In short, the original owner was a fatuous person. Other than driving, she knew nothing else. Most of all, she was lazy and never bothered to exercise. Her physical ability was so bad that Song Wuyou could not help feeling contempt.

Riding with this body, it could not keep up with her agile, familiar mind. That was why she wanted to let the body get a little used to the sensation instead of galloping right off the bat.

Watching her clumsy and awkward movements, Song Jiuyue walked over to her.

“Song Wuyou, you don’t know how to ride ah?” Song Jiuyue stood in front of the horse with a faint catty smile as she looked at Song Wuyou.

“…….” Song Wuyou pursed her lips, too lazy to bicker with her.

“What is it? Are you very disappointed that Young Master Gu did not bring you around?”

“I think the one who’s disappointed is you, right?” Song Wuyou shot her a disdainful side look.

Song Jiuyue sneered, “Why would I feel disappointed? You have no idea how complacent I feel at this moment.” She stepped closer and pulled at the horse’s tail hair.

In fact, Song Wuyou could’ve nudged the horse away from this area, but she spotted not far away a black horse, coming in her direction. On second thought, she decided not to move.

What a horse hates most was someone pulling the hair on their tail. With a tiny action from Song Jiuyue, the initially gentle horse turned berserk. Raising its front two legs, it let out a shrill neigh and sped off.

Ah~aa…” Song Wuyou’s body was thrown left and right out of balance. Her screams made the out-of-control horse worse, rampaging on the pasture like a mad fly without direction.

A~a~a…”  Song Wuyou felt so afraid that she held onto the reins tightly as her body floundered on the horse’s back. At one turn, her body slid to the side, nearly falling off.

Song Jiuyue stood in the same spot while watching with malicious eyes, wishing Song Wuyou would just fall to her death!

The horse was already out of control, and Song Wuyou’s shrieks and bumping against its body made it angrier. It turned to dashing forward instead of running round in circles.

Gu Yanhao, who had just returned from roaming alone, looked over when he heard Song Wuyou’s screams. When Gu Yanhao looked, it was at the very instant that Song Wuyou was about to fall off. His heart tightened and he immediately nudged his horse to give chase.

Song Wuyou’s white horse was running wildly. When it saw Gu Yanhao coming it quickly turned around and galloped off in the opposite direction. Gu Yanhao became the pursuer in the scene. The white horse increased its speed, pulling farther away from Gu Yanhao, making it even harder for him to catch up. From behind, he watched Song Wuyou’s petite body being tossed up and falling again. If it weren’t for her holding onto the reins with everything she had, she would’ve been flung far away and injured by now. Watching her in such a dangerous position, Gu Yanhao’s heart was on the verge of jumping out from his body.

“Hyaah~~ Hyahh~~” He rushed the horse faster and faster. If he could, he would have flown to her side and gathered the frightened little woman into his arms.

Song Wuyou already knew Gu Yanhao was catching up. Initially she wanted to try stopping the horse herself, but in a light bulb moment she let the reins drop from her hands. In that instant, her body went flying…


Watching her petite body thrown into the air in a peculiar arch, Gu Yanhao’s face went ashen, and his eyes turned red.


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  1. Vivi

    Oh noooo… What’s happening? A eureka moment to release the reins???
    I hope next update won’t take too long. Thanks for the chapter❤️

  2. Yzrahc (ง︡'-'︠)ง

    O_o so cruel ~ that body isn’t in perfect health yet.. though I’d like to see how angry/concerned he can get.

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  3. amy3108

    What stupid moves of Wuyou for letting it go of the reins. I hope Yanhao will catch her on time. Hope she is safe.

  4. yellow

    looks like instead of the ml teasing his wife, it’s the wife teasing her cousins instead. And her cousins never learned.

  5. James Williams

    Song Wuyou of the past indeed was an expert in horse riding. in a light bulb moment she let the reins drop from her hands. An expert cant even take control of a horse and make it calm down dont make me laugh and she let the reins drop from her hands wow what an expert she is

    1. Mo

      i don’t think you understand what was happening she let it go on PURPOSE it was not by accident, she is letting things happen as if it is happening by accident, when in reality it is her maneuvering the accident

      1. Admiralen

        No, they are right, the only intentional part was letting go off the rains
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      I think she did that intentionally. Maybe to make GY more angry to SJ, LOL

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      “but in a light bulb moment she let the reins drop from her hands”, “light bub” meaning that she had a great idea that came to her mind. The way it is worded shows that it is intentional.

      She does that so that Gu Yanhao will resent Song Jiuye, which will make this last one unhappy. And no one will suspect Song Wuyou to do such a thing on purpose since if you don’t fall the right way, you can break your neck… As an expert who fought in the war, she certainly knows how to fall while reducing the risk of being badly injured, so she’s not really staking her life.

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    That’s a heck of a gamble to take, though. I mean, she does want to live, right?

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    This is hilarious, from the sounds of it she died in the past life because she ended up so disappointed with the Emperor she couldn’t be bothered anymore but before that she had to have had some ability to first survive in the army and then to survive the harem long enough to be framed. Song Jiuyue’s cheap tricks are positively idiot level to her I’m sure.

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