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“Xue Er… Xue Er… What’s the matter with you…” Zhou has lightly covered his mouth and nose with the silk handkerchief, sniveling while running over to the Luo Xue Pavilion followed by a troop maid, wet nurse and young manservant.

“What is the matter?”

“We do not know…”

With the man’s high-pitched growl and the loud, violent shaking sound of the bed giving out, the startled servants understood the matter from beginning to end instantaneously. The young manservants had a quick laugh and felt awkward while the maids, who had not married, lowered their heads with blushes on their faces.

Zhou squinted her eyes as a crooked and villainous smile hung from her lips.  Murong Xue, do not blame me, blame yourself as Murong Yue’s daughter and the ruthless obstructor of brother Jian’s schemes. The Hou Residence Hall of Zhen country belongs to brother Jian, and it belongs Qi Er. As a stumbling block, you will be kicked away and will have to acknowledge that you have bad luck…

“Xue Er…” Zhou faked a low cry and rushed the door suddenly. In an instant, the malodorous air makes her start to frown.  She looked into the room while using the silk handkerchief to cover her nose and mouth tightly. She merely sees the ripped and tattered clothes scattered on the ground in a disorderly fashion, while the heavily carved bed is shaking violently. bBoth of the man and woman on the bed are sticking close to each other and making the most primitive movements!

“What……The woman is the great-aunt ……The great-aunt of Wu’an Hou’s wife……” a startled maid shouted loudly when she got a good look at the woman on the bed.

    Everyone followed her line of sight and saw the person laying under the man without a stitch of clothing. When they discovered that the woman is Murong Rou, the silent crowd fell into an uproar instantaneously!

Were they not saying that Murong Xue was being humiliated here? Why is it now Murong Rou before them?

    Zhou was greatly surprised and  confused as she snapped: “What are you all dazing for? Separate them quickly!”

  “Yes!” Maids and wet nurses, as if awakening from a dream, hurried forward to grab Xu Wen’s arms to pull him to the ground.  Two maids used the thin quilt on bed to cover Murong Rou’s body, as they rushed to hold her and unplug the acupuncture needle from her acupuncture point.    Murong Rou coughed twice as she recovered her stiff stature and returned to normal, but as she saw bruises on her white skin and became aware of her backache and the physical pain she was incapable of not knowing what had occurred. The anger was flaming in her eyes as she rushed toward Xu Wen: “Xu Wen, I must kill you!”

    Xu Wen was unable to extricate himself once he fell under the spell of the aphrodisiac, but as Murong Rou forcefully hit him  and gouged deep scars on his chest with her sharp fingernails, leaving  bloodstains in her wake, Xu Wen gradually regained consciousness.      Looking at Murong Rou who is half-naked with messy hair and hitting like a crazy woman, Xu Wen is startled. Isn’t Murong Rou the beautiful angel having an intimate time with him? When did she turn into this middle-aged charmless woman?  When he is thinking of their intimate contact for most of the day, it makes Xu Wen feel disgusted. He grasps Murong Rou’s wrists and flings her aside ruthlessly. He takes up his tattered clothes and reproves fiercely: “Murong Rou, it’s enough! If you hit me again, I will fight back!”  Murong Rou, who has become irrational in her anger,  turns a deaf ear to Xu Wen’s words.  Once again she attacks Xu Wen threateningly……

    Zhou, who knows the deal between Murong Rou and Xu Wen, hurriedly pulls her and says: “Xiao Rou, calm down and think carefully what happened just now? How could you be here at Luo Xue Pavilion?”

    As all of these maids, wet nurses, and servants saw the intimate activities of Murong Rou and Xu Wen, the matter will no longer be easy to hide Now, the only plan is thinking of the most secure and reasonable excuse that will be advantageous to them.

    Suddenly, Murong Rou was awakened by the words of “Luo Xue Pavilion” that hit straight to the heart. “Murong Xue ……Is Murong Xue …?” Murong Rou pratttled loudly.

    “What’s the matter? Is Mrs. Wu’an Hou looking for me?” Murong Xue passed through the crowd and walked gracefully with her light cerulean skirt swaying lightly. The beauty and graceful smile of Murong Xue seems like a heavy sarcasm that stings Murong Rou’s eyes!

    Murong Rou glared fiercely and threw herself towards Murong Xue wickedly: “Murong Xue, I will kill you!”

    Kill her? That’s as ridiculous as a tiny insect trying to shake a mighty tree, while being ludicrously ignorant of its own weakness!

    Murong Xue sneers while lifting her foot to trample on Murong Rou’s chest. She kicks her down to the ground and says: “Mrs. Song, you were caught by second aunt  having an affair with a man in Luo Xue Pavilion, and you became angry as a result of embarrassment. You should beat your adulterer severely, or perhaps the person caught you in bed…”

    “Shut up!” Murong Rou interrupted her words savagely., Wrapping herself tightly with the thin quilt, she glared at her in a flaming rage: “It’s you! You planned to entrap me by throwing me on that bed to be humiliated by Xu Wen!”

  “Mrs. Song, you are an adult. As I threw you on the bed, you’ve kept your body unmoved instead of reacting against it. How ridiculous this is!” Murong Xue, with a slightly arched eyebrow, cast a jeering glance in her direction.

   “That is because you have plugged my acupuncture point with acupuncture needles….Acupuncture needles….Acupuncture needles?” Murong Rou hurriedly looked for quite a while, but she could not find any acupuncture needles in the room.

    The people in the room viewed the sight of her with derision as they all subconsciously found her to be despicable.  The situation is very disadvantageous to them as there are no flaws in Murong Xue’s words, and Xiao Rou is unable to vindicate herself.

   Zhou frowned and looked at Murong Xue, asking: “Murong Xue, where were you just now?”

    “Having tea beside the pond. Two maids passed by and saw me just now. If you do not believe that, I can look for them to have a face-to-face confrontation,” Murong Xue smiled.

    “It seems like you were having a leisurely and carefree interlude by rushing to that far away place to enjoy your tea time.” Zhou growled, the words spilling harshly from between her clenched teeth.

    Murong Xue didn’t take it seriously and smiled: “I cannot compare with Mrs. Song. There are many guest rooms in Hou Residence Hall, but she would rather come to Luo Xue Pavilion to have an affair? …Yes, what is the name of the uncle? How did he enter Hou Residence Hall?”

    The gaze of the people fell on Xu Wen instantaneously. Looking at his ordinary facial features, a wet nurse shouted with a low voice: “Xu Dian Shi! Isn’t he the person who discussed some matters with the second-in-charge master a moment ago?”

    “Yes…It was him…It was him!” Servants who saw Xu Wen nodded vigorously.

    Xu Dian Shi, while looking for the second-in-charge master, coincidentally bumped into Mrs. Wu’an Hou. They fell in love at first sight and romantically planned to have an affair…The servant’s eyes were shining with curiosity as they fell into a reverie.

    Murong Rou’s face turned purple with rage as her initial plan was to let Xu Wen meet Murong Xue. She wanted Murong Xue to know that Xu Wen has lost his wife, and then entice her to be the second wife. Unfortunately, she had not thought that Murong Xue‘s clever trick would make her plans backfire in her face…

   “Wu’an Hou is coming to Luo Xue Pavilion? What?! A stranger?!” Murong Rou became startled when she heard a clear sneering voice. She looked up gradually to find Song Tian Wen was standing outside of the door, his hands crossed behind his back. He stared at her with a pair of sharp eyes and his face clouded over in disappointment.

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