Chapter 105: You…

By | July 5, 2017

Chapter 105: You Hate Me So Much?

“This person, who is it?” Gu Yanhao truly wanted to know.

Song Wuyou raised her head and looked at him, “Why should I tell you at all?”

There it is again. There, those eyes, that gaze, that indescribable coldness within.

“Do you really hate me that much?” A rope seemed to tighten around Gu Yanhao’s heart, probing her.

Song Wuyou let out a disdained harrumph, “No, I don’t.”  The one she hated was not Gu Yanhao, it was that heartless man.

“The way you look at me was filled with hatred.”

“…….”  What can she do? It wasn’t like she told him to be born looking like that heartless man?

Song Wuyou’s indifferent attitude towards him made his heart sink a little. He reached out abruptly, placing his hand on her shoulder and pulling her a little brashly into his embrace. He doesn’t know the reason for his action.

Song Wuyou was startled. She tilted her head up to glower at him, “Gu Yanhao, what are you doing?”

Gu Yanhao smiled, laced with slight mischief and charm, “Let’s go horse riding.”

“I’m not riding with you!” Struggling to get out of him arms, she added as an afterthought, “I don’t know how to ride!”

Gu Yanhao: “I’ll teach you.”

“I don’t want you to teach me!”

“Wait till you can ride, then you’ll realize riding is more fun!”

“I said I’m not riding with you!” How can she have fun riding with him?

Gu Yanhao’s head turned sideways to look at her, “Song Wuyou, you used to pester me at every opportunity, now there’s one right in front of you. Why aren’t you seizing it?”

Song Wuyou finally broke free of his ‘iron clasp’ after a brief struggle. She snapped at him angrily: “That was before!”

The Song Wuyou before already died, and the current Song Wuyou does not love him.  If it were not for the remnant of feelings from the original host influencing her, she would be too lazy to even speak with this man.

Gu Yanhao detected the annoyance in her eyes. His face sank, “You really hate me that much?”

Song Wuyou met his eyes with direct frankness, “I don’t hate you, I just want to you have a taste of how terrible it feels to be ignored by the person you love.”

Gu Yanhao followed her line, “So, this is your revenge?”

Song Wuyou smiled at him, “In fact, I think this way is quite nice.”

Gu Yanhao studied her. After some time, he spoke: “You are not Song Wuyou.”

Inwardly, Song Wuyou’s heart missed a beat. On the surface, she faced Gu Yanhao unperturbed, “If I’m not Song Wuyou, then who is?”

Gu Yanhao snorted, “Don’t take me for a fool. Who you really are, I will find out.”

“Go find out.” Song Wuyou shrugged her shoulders. If he really finds out, she’ll admit he’s capable and give him an award to boot!

“It’s so hot.” Song Wuyou squinted her eyes as she looked up to the sky, then, without another word, she lifted her feet and walked away.

Gu Yanhao turned around, his deep eyes looking at her departing silhouette.

Other than that face looking exactly like Song Wuyou’s, everything else about her has changed. Down to the way she walked she was different. How could he not know what capabilities the previous Song Wuyou had? The previous Song Wuyou didn’t know what design was, and definitely not tailoring. That Song Wuyou didn’t know anything about archery, cooking, and absolutely did not know how to make Beggar’s Chicken.

The Song Wuyou in the past had no poise nor elegance when compared to the one he sees now who is calm, composed, and elegant–everything and mroe. The Song Wuyou he knew placed him as the center of the universe, and the current Song Wuyou would look at him with strong hatred on occasion.

Gu Yanhao was sure of one fact: she is not Song Wuyou!

Pondering for the matter for a while, Gu Yanhao still took out his phone and made a call to Ah De. “Get me the surveillance video from the time of Song Wuyou’s car accident to the time she spent in the hospital. Investigate everyone that entered her room at that time.”


After finishing her ten penalty laps, Song Jiuyue once again put on her riding gear as she sulkily made her way to the stables.



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  1. Yzrahc (ง︡'-'︠)ง

    Hoo, at least he knows she’s not the original host. It’s just… he only knows all the things the original host can’t do.

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    Although he does not believe that she is the real Wuyou, his desire for her is unbridled.He is trying to find out who she is.

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      He is doomed to disappointment in the last. I think he could overcome her loathing of his face; it’s just, he seriously needs to work on his personality, too, or she will forever blow him off as “just like the other one”.

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    He be the most logical person to ever try and figure out why someone radically changes like that, but sadly logic doesn’t solve reincarnation.

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    Thanks for this chapter. What’s the point in doing that as the things he would found out after investigating apart from the changes in personality and the fact that the current one does not love him nothing else has change it is still the same body.

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