Chapter 104: He Wants to…

By | July 3, 2017

Chapter 104: He Wants to Know More About this Woman.

Seeing her angry expression, Mu Gu felt a spur of motivation to tease Song Jiuyue. He moved to stand in front of her, both hands at his waist as he continued with a faint teasing tone, “Isn’t my body nice to look at?”

Song Jiuyue’s face instantly turned tomato-red from embarrassment. Glaring at Mu Gu, she scolded: “Scoundrel!” Stamping her feet, she commanded bossily, “You run ahead!” She wanted to create some distance between them.

Seeing her face turn a lovely red, Mu Gu could not help reaching out his hand, wanting to touch her cheek‒but Song Jiuyue thought Mu Gu wanted to take advantage of her. Startled, her hand slapped his away like an immediate reflex.

Her hands were originally clutching the curtain wrapped firmly around her body but with the release of her hands, the curtain slid off her to the ground. A gust of chilly wind blew past, and a burst of cold air brushed across her skin. Shivers ran down Song Jiuyue’s spine due to the chilly cold, only to see that she was naked when she looked down. Even though she still had her intimates on, Song Jiuyue still felt extremely ashamed.

“Ah…!” a shrill scream came from Song Jiuyue. She quickly bent over to grab the curtain from the ground before wrapping it around herself again.

Mu Gu stood watching, blinking his peach blossom eyes once or twice. Watching Song Jiuyue flustered like this he wanted to laugh, yet was embarrassed to do so blatantly in her face. The other side was the fairer gender after all. One needed to maintain their image.

“Mu Gu, I hate you!” Song Jiuyue growled after she had properly fixed the piece of curtain, glaring ferociously at Mu Gu.

Mu Gu replied to her in a laid-back voice: “I did not see your body.” Thinking: it’s not like you’re totally naked. You’re still wearing your camisole and underwear, what’s there to be ashamed of? It would have been better if Mu Gu just kept quiet. His retort made Song Jiuyue’s anger erupt into fury. Her eyes grew scarlet And her hands twisted the curtain so tight that her knuckles turned white. Her red-rimmed eyes stared at Mu Gu furiously with a tinge of exasperation in them.

She had always been a proud person. Being forced to run naked for ten penalty laps with Mu Gu was the greatest humiliation in her entire life. She was angry at Mu Gu for coming out with this retarded idea, and she hated Song Wuyou even more!

Seeing that Song Jiuyue was so angry that she was about to cry, he did not dare to tease her anymore. “Fine, fine, I’m running ahead.”

Even after Mu Gu ran far ahead, Song Jiuyue was still standing in the same spot with her hands twisting the curtain fabric. She bit her lips, feeling much aggrieved and wronged under the circumstances, warping her somewhat beautiful face.

All of this was that tramp Song Wuyou’s fault!

She knew archery, yet what was that farce pretending ignorance, bringing this humiliating situation of having to run naked down on her?! Song Jiuyue raged inside, gritting her teeth as she cursed Song Wuyou, that good-for-nothing! Then her eyes took a quick survey of her surroundings and saw that she was standing beside Gu Yanhao while both of them were looking in her direction. This made Song Jiuyue so angry, yet at the same time she wished she could fall down a hole. Watching them standing side by side while talking and laughing, jealousy once again reared its head.

Why was the person running laps naked here not Song Wuyou?

Why was the person standing next to Gu Yanhao not her?

Nonetheless, Song Jiuyue could only continue to run after stamping her feet in a fit of a tantrum while her younger sister, Song Jiumei, watched her from afar. The way Song Jiuyue looked wrapped in a curtain was really so gawky and funny that she could not resist taking out her mobile phone to record a short snippet of it.

Dajie, you can do it, only five laps more!” When Song Jiuyue ran near Song Jiumei she cheered her sister on with fervour.

Song Jiuyue could hardly breathe due to her anger, yet her meimei was actually cheering her on?! She was about to explode! Passing in front of Song Jiumei, she shot a frosty glare at her. Meeting that gaze, Song Jiumei’s enthusiastic cheer choked in her throat, stopping abruptly. Even the smile on her face was frozen stiff. Bewildered, she watched Song Jiuyue’s back. Did she do something wrong?


“Song Wuyou, who taught you how to shoot with a bow?” Gu Yanhao narrowed his eyes, focusing on Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou was very much interested in watching Mu Gu and Song Jiuyue run laps naked, but he was not. Rather, he much preferred to use the time to understand this woman in front of him, not watching two fools carrying on their antics.

Hearing his question, Song Wuyou’s bright eyes suddenly dimmed a little. She looked down to conceal the sadness flitting in her eyes.

“A person.” She gave a nonchalant answer.



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