Chapter 104 – Fainted

By | June 10, 2017

She saw that mother and daughter right when she got back. How unlucky!

Murong Xue raised her brows and pretended not to see them. As she walked past them, she trotted right into the hall with a smile on her face. Song Qingyan could not bear this so she went forward to block Murong Xue’s way, then she shouted at her madly, “Murong Xue, you did not greet the elder when you saw her. Did your manners get eaten by the dogs?”

Murong Xue glared at her and simply replied, “You came right to my face and shouted at your cousin. It’s your manners that got eaten by the dogs!”

“You…” Song Qingyan was speechless. She scowled at Murong Xue with hatred, her eyes burning with rage.

“Don’t block my way. Move!” Murong Xue waved her off and pushed Song Qingyan aside, then she walked ahead with her head up.

She had been in the secret tunnel for hours. Her hair, shoes and dress were stained with dirt and she reeked. She could not wait to go back to Luo Xue Ge and cleaned herself up. She was in no mood to converse with Song Qingyan!

Song Qingyan did not expect such attitude, and she slid backwards in surprise and almost fell. When she composed herself she looked up and saw that Murong Xue had already walk back to her room.

Her eyes turned red as she cried against Murong Rou’s chest, “Mother, look at Murong Xue! She’s too much!”
The pleading cry was deafening in her ears. Murong Rou narrowed her eyes as shes patted gently on her back, “Is Ou Yang close to Murong Xue?”

“They were already hugging each other on the same horse ride, what do you think?! They are extremely close!” Song Qingyan exclaimed, her eyes were filled with fury and jealousy.

Murong Xue and Ou Yang’s closeness were not exactly a good thing to them.

Murong Rou asked, “Is Murong Xue always this proud in Zhen Manor?”

“She isn’t only proud; she sees no one but herself!” Song Qingyan was so angry, “A few days ago, uncle came over and he wanted to move a few boxes of books into the big study room.

Murong Xue did not let him do so and she even ordered the butler to squeeze his books into uncle’s small study room. Also, grandmother, uncle, cousin Qi and butler Chai all were wounded because of Murong Xue. She’s the unlucky star in this house, everyone will be
unlucky if she’s around,”

Zhen Manor’s big study room was dedicated to the Zhen household, outsiders were not allowed to enter. Second brother wanted to build his status in this house by putting his books in the study room, however, his plan was thwarted by Murong Xue.

In the battle between him and Murong Xue, he was the loser!

Even their second brother lost in Murong Xue’s hands. She was not as simple as they thought. They had to think of a smart way to get rid of her!

Murong Rou had a plan in mind, “Nanny Lee, you go back to Hui Chun Tang and tell Xuwen that I agree with his condition; I will bring a well-educated young girl to be his wife.”

“Yes!” Nanny Lee replied as she walked off.
Murong Rou looked towards Xue Luo Ge and smirked evilly. Zhen Manor belonged to them.

Murong Xue was an orphan without parents, she had been ordering people around in this house for so long… It was time for her to take back what was hers and punish Murong Xue.

Murong Xue was delighted as she was bathed her dirty body. Once she was done with cleaning herself in a tub full of petals, she stepped out of the tub happily. Afterwards she dried herself with a white silk towel and wrapped her body in a green robe. When she was
done, she walked out of the bathing area.

Her room was quiet.there was nobody in sight. The golden urn was emitting a soft hint of fragrance, maaking the whole room feel so cozy.

Murong Xue was confused, she called out softly, “Hongxiu, Anxiang!”
Silence. It was still silent…

Murong Xue furrowed her brows, She’d only asked them to bring over some porridge and dishes. What was taking them so long?

A light breeze blew in the room. Feeling drows, Murong Xue yawned and crawled into her bed to lay down.

She had not been resting well while planning the the treasure hunt, and she had been was racing from Zhen Manor to where she thought the treasure was a few times, so she was really exhausted. Hongxiu and Anxiang could wake her up when they came in with her lunch… Murong Xue wrapped herself in the blanket with this thought and she closed her eyes and drifted into dreamland.

A ‘zhi’ sound was heard when her room door was pushed open. Murong Rou walked in and stood by the bed, looking down at Murong Xue as she smirked: So what if she was smart and clever with her plans? She still fell under the sleepy trap!

With a smirk, she drawled, “Xu Dian Shi, this is the wife I’ve prepared for you. Are you satisfied with this?”

Xuwen walked in hastily and looked at Murong Xue. She was sleeping soundly, her long eyelashes were like a pair of butterfly’s wings, her pinkish lips were tightly closed…in short,s she was adorable!

The soft blanket covered her up to her chest, showing off her fair smooth skin and her collarbones. Her black silky hair rested neatly on her chest… Xuwen was astounded by this sight.

“Who is she?” Xuwen stuttered. He had never seen such a pretty girl in all of these years of looking for a wife.

“My niece, Murong Xue.” Murong Rou did not plan to hide her identity.

Xuwen, stunned, stared at Murong Rou, “Murong Xue is the fiancé of Jing Wang. Are you planning to kill me by asking me to marry her?”

Murong Rou knew this would happen. She lowered her voice and said, “Murong Xue did not want to marry Jing Wang. It will be better to say that she seduced you and asked to marry you.”

Xuwen’s eyes lit up. It was true that Murong Xue did not want to marry Jing Wang. This news was spread throughout the city. Murong Rou had a point, but, “This way… are you sure?”

“Why not? Even if Jing Wang wget angry you can still blame it all on Murong Xue, saying that she was the one who seduced you, and that you had nothing to do with this.” Murong Rou told him with a cunning smile.“This…” Xuwen hesitated. He did not dare snatch Jing Wang’s woman, but this girl was so  pretty. What should he do?

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