Chapter 103 Enemies Meet Up

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Xushang Shu from the military? Brother? General?

Murong Rou was stunned as she heard those keywords. She recalled this man before her.,

His name was Xuwen, he was thirty-six years old, his wife passed away when she was young, and currently he has a son.

He had no skills and he spent huge amount of money to bribe the internal people to get this general position.

He was always dreaming of marrying pretty young girls. The noblemen and rich men who heard this would laugh and mock him.

Even she had always regard him as a laughing stock. Who knew she would hear this sentence for herself today? This was

Xuwen saw that she was speechless and that her eyes held trace of mockery. He was
furious! “What are you sniggering at?”

Murong Rou composed herself and replied, “Xu Dian Shi, you are nearly forty.

You shouldf findan innocent woman to be your wife.” The girls of Qing Yuan tended to marry at a young

age, those girls below twenty were either wives of others or widows. He would not like these two types of girls…

“Didn’t Taipu Shi marry a pretty young girl last month?” His age was almost the same as Taipu Shi; if he could marry that girl then so could he!

Murong Rou laughed a little, “He is the highest ranked general and his status is precious.

Of course people are pushing their young daughters to him.

As for you? General, you’re not skilled – and people would never look at you if you were thrown into the crowd…”
Not even the peasants’ daughters would want him.

As the saying goes, old cow ate fresh grass.

It was not that he could not do so, but not every old cow had the right to eat fresh grass.

Xuwen glared at Murong Rou, “This Miss… I’m here to do business with you, not to listen to you mock me. If you think my request was too much, then please leave!”
“I’ll leave in that case. Xu Dian Shi, see you again.” Murong Rou said nonchalantly.

She stood up and walked out without second glance.

That lousy general was nothing to her. The military camp was a few miles away from Wu An Manor, and since he did not know who was she, there was no need for her to worry.

Xuwen threw the tea cup on the floor furiously as he saw her walking away, the cup shattering into pieces with a loud ‘pang’!

He glared at Murong Rou angrily. Her outfit was elegant and, her aura was strong; he was certain that she was the lady of a house.

He was so ready to do this business with her but she was mocking him the whole time.

With that attitude, it served her right that she was unable to conceive! He cursed that she would never bear any children!

Nanny Lee looked towards the shop’s sign when they were walking out of Hui Chun Tang, “Miss, are you sure we should just leave like that?”

Theywere so close to getting the secret medicine.

Murong Rou winked and said, “Qing Yuan has plenty of skilled doctors.

If Xuwen has the secret method, I’m sure the other doctors will have it as well. Let’s be patient and keep looking.”

She sincerely wanted the secret medicine.

She could consider helping Xuwen find a pretty young maid in exchange, but as for a well-educated young girl? Keep dreaming!

Xuwen had been the laughingstock in town for ages. Everyone mocked and humiliated him when they heard his name. She knew people would kick her out of town if she looked for young girls in the city on his behalf. She would not want to embarrass herself in that way…

“Yes!” Nanny Lee nodded, “It’s getting late, do you want to go back?”

“Not yet, let’s go to Zhen Manor” Murong Rou replied. It had been a while since she went there. She had heard about her mother’s injury, and her second brother and his wife wereas back after ten years, so she wanted to pay a visit to them all.

Zhen Manor was quiet and tranquil, s with sunlight shining down upon the hall. The main door was manned by two guards, each standing on either side of the entrance with a straight face.

Murong Rou climbed down from her carriage and held onto Nanny Lee’s hand as she ascended the staircase. As she entered she saw a young girl running towards her at a fast pace, almost knocking her down along the way. The girl’s face was clean and pretty, her body was slim and petite, she was none other than her precious daughter Song Qingyan!

“Mother!” Song QIngyan saw her and her eyes gleamed with joy. She laid her head on her mother’s bosomand cried out, “Mother, you’re back! This is great!”

She had heard about her mother getting out of jail so she was just about to visit her in Wu An Manor, She had no idea she would see her mother in Zhen Manor.

Murong Rou smiled gently and patted her shoulders, “I’m back. I won’t let you be bullied ever again.”

Song Qingyan wiped her tears and nodded, “I knew it. You love me the most!”

Murong Rou smiled warmly and nudged Song Qingyan’s collar. Just then, she noticed a white bandage underneath her high collar. The bandage gave off a medicinal scent.

She narrowed her eyes and enquired, “Qingyan, how did you injure yourself?”
Song Qingyan straightened up and looked down at her bandage, “It was all because of that Murong Xue. She threw a hot bowl of soup on my body…”

Murong Rou exclaimed worriedly, “Then this will leave a scar?”

“No, it won’t. The doctor told me that as it was treated immediately, as long as I take my medicines on time and stay home for three months, my wounds will heal completely without leaving any scar.” Song Qingyan smiled in delight.

“Then that’s fine.” Murong Rou sighed in relief. A porcelain and clear skin was the first crucial step for women to gain their husband’s attention and care. Men would leave their wives if there was a scar on her body.

The sound of horses trotting could be heard. Murong Rou raised her head and saw Ou Yang riding a fast horse, carrying Murong Xue to the main gate of Zhen Manor.

Murong Xue climbed down from the horse’s back with a swift move, then she looked up at Ou Yang, “I have an important matter today so I can’t invite you in for tea. I’ll repay you another day.”

“Alright” Ou Yang nodded and smiled at her, “If you want to know where ‘they’ are, come over to Xiao Yao Manor and look for me.”

“I got it.” Murong Xue nodded, “It’s getting late. You should quickly go back now. Be safe on the road.”

“I will” Ou Yang chuckled as he listened to her, then he turned his horse and sped forward to Xiao Yao Manor.

As the horse made its turn and disappeared from sight, Murong Xue turned around and noticed Murong Rou and her daughter…

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