Chapter 102 – Seek Doctor

By | June 8, 2017

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“Nanny Lee, who is the most famous and skilled doctor in town?” Murong Rou asked quietly.

Nanny Lee was Murong Rou’s nanny since she stepped into this house. She trusted her and she told her everything.

Nanny Lee knew what Murong Rou had in mind, “Miss, the doctor from the palace has just checked your body. You’re healthy and fit, there’s no need to seek doctors again. The reason you can’t conceive is because it’s not time yet!”

Murong Rou stared into space gloomily, sighing as she thought, “Qing Yan was born twelve years ago. Since then, I never got pregnant again. If I continue to wait for destiny, I’m not sure if I can conceive again at this age.”

Nanny Lee suddenly recalled that Murong Rou was already in her thirties. She would need to be fast if she wanted to conceive, she had no time left. “What do you plan to do, mMss?”

Murong Rou looked around to make sure that there was no one around them, then she whispered, “You go listen around and see if there are any methods or secret pills that can make me pregnant.”

She and Tian Wen were no longer young. She had to bear a son for Wu An Manor’s sake and to secure her own status.

There were plenty of secrets and pills out there, she was certain she would get what she wanted.

“Secret pregnancy pill?” Nanny Lee’s face darkened, “I passed by a clinic few days ago and heard the people inside was showing off the secret to get a son…”

“Are you sure?!” Murong Rou exclaimed, “Where is it? Quickly take me there.”

“This… I’m not sure if it’s true. How about I go ask first?” Nanny Lee suggested. There were a lot of skilled doctors out in the city, but there were plenty of fraudsters, too. They could not simply believe just anyone.

“Let’s go together!” Murong Rou was excited, “I want to know as soon as possible whether the secret method is true or false.”

Hui Chun Tang is a modest clinic in town. As noon was approaching, the clinic was quiet and empty. There were not many patients around, and a pharmacist was lazily wiping the counter and the first aid box with a cloth.

Murong Rou held Nanny Lee’s hand and walked inside Hui Chun Tang. The pharmacist saw her and rushed forward eagerly to greet her, “Miss, are you looking for the doctor or to purchase medicines?”

“I heard you have a secret method to bear a son?” Murong Rou glanced at the pharmacist and blurted out her intention.

The pharmacist was stunned for a moment before staring at Murong Rou from head to toe. She was wearing a long white dress, and her black hair was pinned up loosely with a silver hairpin. Her ears were decorated with plain silver earrings. Her simple outfit and looks could hardly tell didn’t indicate her real identity, even her face was covered with a plain sheer white mask; only her eyes could be seen.

She was merely here to get the secret method for a son. He would not tell her much after all, Did she need to act all mysterious? He could not care less about helping her if she did not want to reveal herself.

The pharmacist smirked, “Yes, it’s a son-bearing secret. It’s our clinic’s precious treatment.”

“Is there anyone who has tried it? Is it effective?” This was the most pressing question that Murong Rou wanted answered. She did not want to waste her money on something that was not effective.

“Don’t worry Miss. Hui Chun Tang has been in business since five to six years ago. Our methods and medicines are all effective. If it’s not, please come here and smash away our clinic,” the pharmacist assured her.

Murong Rou nodded her head. She knew how good their reputation was in town, “I’m ready to buy that method. Tell me your price.”

“This…” The pharmacist smiled sheepishly, “To tell you the truth, the secret is inherited from our Dong family. If you want it that bad, you’ll have to talk to Dong family.”

Buying a secret child-bearing pill was nothing to be proud of. She just wanted to buy it quietly and not let people know. Who would ever think that this young pharmacist had no decision-making rights?

Murong Rou started to get upset. She scowled and asked, “Then where is the Dong family?”

“Right here!” A middle-aged man walked out from behind a curtain. He was in his forties and he was dressed in a blue robe. His belt was loosely tied around his waist and his hair was messy. His eyes were faintly red, as if he’d just awakened. He walked towards them hurriedly, looking as if he would fall any time. The pharmacist saw him and quickly dashed forward to help him, “Fourth Master, I’ll go make some tea for you!” He was having a hangover; this Dong family was quirky.

“No need!” The man raised his hand to signal the pharmacist to step aside. He then walked slowly towards Murong Rou and looked at her, “You want to buy my family’s secret medicine?”

His stench was mixed with a hint of alcohol. Murong Rou squinted her brows as the smell hit her face, “Yes. Name your price.”

“He he!” the man laughed out and sat on the chair beside him, then lifted a cup of warm tea and drank it. After his sip, his eyes were somewhat brighter, “This medicine can build up your generation. As for the price, it won’t be low.”

“How much do you want? Just name it.” Murong Rou cut off his sentence and she looked agitated. If it were not for the secret medicine, she would not come here in the first place and talk to this drunkard.

“I don’t want your silver!” the man blurted.

Murong Rou was stunned, “You don’t want silver? Then what do you want?”

The man stared at her and lowered his voice, “I want you to help me with my marriage. I want a pretty young girl who is below twenty years old…”

Murong Rou smirked and mocked him, “You are only a low-leveled merchant who owns a medicine store, and you’re in your forties now. You want a young girl as your wife? Are you insane? This is not the way you to go about things…”

The man’s face darkened instantly. He scowled at Murong Rou and exclaimed, “I am the brother of Xu Shang Shu from the military. I am a general, not some low-leveled merchant!”

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