Chapter 101 – Suspicion

By | June 6, 2017

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“Mmm!” Su Nanxiang nodded while maintaining a straight face, her heart racing as she lied.

“I’m Dong Fangli. Thank you for saving my life.” Dong Fangli said softly. His porcelain face was so charming and attractive, and his intense eyes were like glass glistening under the rays of the sun.

Dong Fangli? Wasn’t that the seventh prince of Xi Liang? She had ‘saved’ such a famous person?

Su Nanxiang tried to hide her excitement as she she smiled politely, “It was nothing, don’t take it to heart, Prince Dong Fang.”

“Your help was a huge deal to me. If you don’t mind, please allow me to escort you back to your home as a token of gratitude,” Dong Fangli said sincerely.

“This…” Su Nanxiang hesitated, “…my house is of the Di Shi Manor in the city. Thank you,Prince Dong Fang!”

“You’re most welcome. Please-” Dong Fangli moved aside and gestured for her to go first. It was such a simple yet such a courtly move.

“Please, Prince Dong Fang.” Su Nanxiang smiled happily and walked ahead, smirking as she made her move. Dong Fangli assumed her to be his savior, so she had to cherish this opportunity and try to take advantage of this situation.

As he watched Su Nanxiang walking further ahead, Dong Fangli fell back a little and lowered his voice, “Huo Tong, was she really the one who saved me?”

He’d regained consciousness for a moment when the lady who saved him was bandaging him, but he was too weak to move a single muscle, he could not speak even though he wanted to, his eyes were shut tightly and his vision was blurry.

In the blurriness, he did not manage to get a good look at the lady’s features, but he could see her eyes and her build. He knew the lady who saved him and the lady in front of him were different.

“This…” Huo Tong raised his eyebrows and told the truth, “I did not see her saving you, but she was the only person here when I reached you.”

“Alright then,” Dong Fangli nodded while his eyes were staring ahead intently.

“Master, do you want me to check on this?” Huo Tong asked quietly.

“No need. Let’s not think about this,” Dong Fangli stated softly.

This was their first time in the city. They did not know anyone nor were they familiar with the places. In addition to that, there were spies looking for him. He had been attacked discreetly, so he could not simply boldly make his move.

Di Shi was the teacher of the Emperor. There would be guards and soldiers by the gates and doors, and those spies could not simply break in. He planned to follow the lady in front and would plan again after he reached her house.

Wu An Manor’s maids, nannies and stewards were walking around the house in the afternoon. They were all completing their own duties, however, the An Shou Hall where Madam Song Lao was seated was completely quiet.

Madam Song Lao sat on her mighty chair and took a gentle sip of her tea. She then glanced towards the young lady in front of her and stated, “it’s good that you’re back. You’ve gone through a lot these days.”

“Thanks for your concern, but I’m fine!” Murong Rou smiled and took a sip from her cup as well.

She had been sleeping amongst damp hay every night, the food and drink were terrible, the soup that they served to her was disgustingly shallow, andduring these twenty days she lost half of her weight and her face was still pale even though she had used plenty of makeup to cover it.

Madam Song Lao looked at her and raised her eyebrows, “You should take a rest since you have just got back. Wu An Manor will be handled by Hui Hui for now.”

Stop pretending to be so caring and noble! This old nanny wanted to train Wu Hui Hui because she had just gotten out of jail; the nanny just simply did not want to ruin their reputation.

She was the lady of Wu An Manor. She had dedicated herself to this house for more than ten years. Wu An Manor belonged to her, the old Song Lao had no rights to snatch this house from her!

“Thanks for being concerned about me, but I don’t feel tired at all.” Murong Rou smiled sarcastically.

“You’re not tired, is that it? Then I want to discuss something with you.” Madam Song Lao glared at her from the side and mocked, “Tian Wen has grown to a successful man , but he had only one daughter, Qing Yan., How can this be? Other generals had more children than him at his age…”

Murong Rou got a bad feeling as she asked softly, “What do you mean?”

Madam Song Lao smiled and said, “You go with Tian Wen and bear more children with him.”

“No!” Murong Rou screamed without second thought, then she realized her mistake but it was already too late.

Madam Song Lao’s face dropped and she asked coldly, “Why not?”

This was her first time seeing a daughter-in-law that was so daring, this was ridiculous.

Murong Rou’s eyes started to glisten, “Because… a daughter is enough.”

“But I want a grandson, and only you can do that!” Madam Song Lao glared at her small belly. “Qing Yan was born more than ten years ago. Since then your belly is the same. If you decline, Tian Wen will have no future generation to take up his family name, and there will be no one to pray for him when he’s dead!”

Murong Rou had regrets for not bearing a son, but Madam Song Lao was adding oil to the fire, her mocking and scolding were too much for her, “Please don’t be angry, I don’t mean that.”

“Stop talking.” Madam Song Lao raised her hand to stop the conversation. She stared coldly at her, “Earlier, when Tian Wen was in love with you, I could disregard his request for not wanting children, but now that he has grown so old I have to force him – even if he doesn’t want it.”

“Go back and think about what I said. See me when you have this figured out!” Madam Song Lao did not want to talk much at this point. She ordered her people to remove her from her sight.

Murong Rou wanted to say something, but swallowed back her words, “I’ll leave now!” She then bowed and walked out of Shou An Hal.,She was so troubled as she walked along the green path: the old woman wanted a grandson. She herself wanted a son as well, but she had no idea why she could not conceive.

Qing Yan was a girl; there was no way she could take over Wu An Manor. If she could bear a son for Tian Wen, their son would be the heir of this house, but if she did not do so, Wu An Manor would fall under the second son’s hand.

No no no! She was the lady of Wu An Manor. She had to leave this house for her own son, nobody could snatch it from her…

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