Chapter 101: She Actually Lost…

By | June 30, 2017

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Chapter 101: She Actually Lost this Round

“Once you know how to, this bow is so easy.” Song Wuyou put on an arrogant front.

Gu Yanhao gave a slight smile as he looked at her fair, nice-looking small hands. Her deliberate front did not escape Gu Yanhao’s sharp eyes. It was obvious to him that she was trying to cover up something. He did not expose her as he asked, “If it’s easy, why did it deviate so far away from the target?”

Song Wuyou glared angrily at him, “Didn’t you just said my archery improved, but now you’re saying it went off too far. What’re you actually trying to say ah?”

Gu Yanhao shifted his body slightly to show his elbow to Song Wuyou. Pointing a finger at it, he said, “You wanted to shoot that sheep, but you hurt me instead. Obviously, I’m laughing at you.”

Song Wuyou sent him a placid eye roll, “What a boring man.”

Gu Yanhao laughed instead of getting angry. His eyes swept over the target up front and an eyebrow rose in curiosity, “Haven’t started yet?”

Song Jiumei seized the chance to jump in with a declaration, “It started and finished, my Dajie won!” Gu Yanhao looked at Song Jiuyue’s target board after hearing that. Two arrows were stuck on it. Although none hit the center point, at least there were arrows on it. Song Wuyou’s board had…zero points.

Mu Gu walked up to her in surprise, “Wuyou, you didn’t get even one?”

Song Wuyou pursed her lips, “Only the first arrow did not hit, I still have two tries.”

Gu Yanhao chuckled, “Then, go finish it off with those two arrows.”

Song Wuyou looked at him, eyes clear and bright, “Do you want me to win or lose?”

Gu Yanhao’s obsidian black pupils carried a hint of humor, “Of course I want you to win.”

Song Wuyou beamed hearing this sentence. Inadvertently, she looked in Song Jiuyue’s direction. Song Jiuyue was watching Gu Yanhao with a pained look of disbelief. Gu Yanhao actually smiled? He was smiling at Song Wuyou? It was not just a mere smile at the corner of his lips, even his eyes were smiling as watched Song Wuyou. This was something she had wished for herself for as long as she can remember ah! Even in her sleep she could only dream that this surface-cold man would smile at her. Despite that, in reality, he had never smiled at her like that.

Watching him smile at Song Wuyou now, it hurt her more than taking a knife and slashing her heart. Watching Song Jiuyue’s reaction, Song Wuyou felt a little triumphant inside. Just this and you already cannot stand it? There are more coming up!

All of a sudden, that smile of Song Wuyou’s receded. Her hand reached out, taking an arrow from the quiver. Nock, pull, aim… every movement was fluid and natural.

Released, and the arrow flew out. The speed was fast, accurate, and ruthless!

Pa—!  The arrow penetrated the target.

Because of the great impact, the board shook for a few seconds before becoming calm. Everyone turned around to look and was astounded!  This arrow not only hit the target, it actually hit the center red dot. Nearly half of the arrow’s body was embedded into the target.  From this, it was obvious that this shot contained more strength and power when compared to the one Gu Yanhao made earlier.

Mu Gu blinked his peach blossom eyes as they fell on Song Wuyou. The result had yet to sink in for him, whereas Gu Yanhao’s brows creased slightly but the smile was still on his face, “Not bad.”

Song Wuyou smiled complacently in full view of everyone. Turning to Song Jiuyue at the side she drawled, “This round, I won.”

Song Jiuyue’s jaw dropped in shock, looking dazedly at Song Wuyou. What happened?  Did her actions just now look like a beginner? Even more accurate than Gu Yanhao?!

Song Jiuyue’s mood was extremely bad at this moment. She’d lost?! Furthermore, this round she had lost, lost to Song Wuyou at that.



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  1. joellyanne

    SJ time to run around naked, you never know GYH might like the look of you in your birthday suit. That is if he even would bothered to take any noticed of you while you are at it. Thanks for this chapter and sponsors.

    1. MrsNyan

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    1. Admiralen

      Not sure what series youve read so far
      This is the dude that married her, treated her like crap, courted other women, humiliated her, ignored her, was directly responsible for the miscarriage of their child and the first thing he did when she woke up and found out was hand her divorce papers
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        I agree completely! I hate the fact that he’s the main male lead. He doesn’t deserve a woman like her.
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