Chapter 100 – Awoken

By | May 20, 2017

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“Someone who doesn’t matter!” Ou Yang replied emotionlessly.

Murong Xue looked up at the sky and said, “Who asked about your relationship with him? I want to know his name?”

“I’ve only met him once, so I don’t know his name.” Ou Yang stated calmly, not wanting to explain further.

“Really?” Murong Xue looked at him with doubting eyes. She recalled the moment he saw him, he was really shocked then – it did not look like they had met only once.
“Of course, why would I lie?!” Ou Yang continued.

Murong Xue smirked. The man’s identity did not really matter to her, but there was something she needed to do.

She stretched out small palm in front of Ou Yang and said, “Take it out!”

“What?” Ou Yang looked at her confused.

“The medicine. He’s hurt his shoulders and thigh, the bleeding won’t stop, and I need to stop it immediately!” Murong Xue explained with a serious face.

Ou Yang scowled and stared at her, “You really want to save him?”

Murong Xue blinked, “He’s badly injured but it’s not infected yet. I could save him if I cleaned his wounds and put on some ointment. Such simple task, why wouldn’t I do it?”

Ou Yang was agitated: this man was not as simple as she thought. It would be a disaster if she saved him…

Murong Xue did not know what he was thinking. Seeing that he did not continue speaking, she put her hand into his pocket straightaway and took out a small green vase.

“We are doing a good deed by saving others, so stop hesitating; you provide the medicine, I’ll do the work. Let’s save people…”

Murong Xue smiled as she said it, then she pulled the man out of the bush by grabbing his shoulders. After that she placed him flat on the ground, took off his clothes and started treating the wounds. Her skill was swift and trained, it was so impressive!

The man’s eyes were shut tightly. His long eyelashes wiggled slightly and then they came to a stop!

Murong Xue did not notice his movement as she was concentrating on treating his injuries. She tied a decent ribbon on his shoulder as a makeshift bandage and sighed in relief when she was done checking his wounds. Finally, it was all done.

Slowly she stood up and looked at Ou Yang, “Sir, Xunfeng and Wuheng shouldn’t have gone far, let’s ask them to carry this man back.”

Ou Yang’s jaw dropped, “You want to take care of him back in the city?”

“Not really!” Murong Xue shook her head. “I just thought that since this is wilderness, wild animals would come at any time. He’s injured and unconscious, he would be dead if there are any animals here. Let’s just save him and bring him back. He can leave when he’s awake…”

Ou Yang was relieved when he heard that, “His men should be here soon, they’ll take good care of him. Let’s just leave him.”

“Are you sure?” Murong Xue had doubts.

“Since when did I lie to you? It’s getting late, let’s go!” Ou Yang grabbed on her hands and traveled ahead.

The man lay on the ground, not moving. His pale face was so white, Murong Xue was still troubled, “It wouldn’t be so nice if we just left like this, so let’s wait until his men come…”

“Wait ‘til they’re here and we tell them we saved him. Let them repay us…” Ou Yang continued her sentence.

Murong Xue’s face darkened, “I’m not that kind of person, I don’t ask for repay…”

“Since you won’t, let’s leave.” Ou Yang held her waist and dragged her.

Murong Xue scowled at his action, “Ou Yang, why do you want to leave so badly…”
Ou Yang glanced at her and said, “Your outfit isn’t suitable to see any man.”

Murong Xue was stunned, then she remembered she was still in Ou Yang’s robe. The silk material was half transparent, her innerwear could be clearly seen!

He was right, she could not see the man’s people in this!

When she was still, Ou Yang threw her a gentle glance. He grabbed tightly on her waist and they continued walking, “There’s no wild animals around here, he will be fine… His men are close, they should be here any minute…”

As they traveled further and disappeared at a turning point, a slim feminine figure walked towards the man. Her long dress was sky blue and she was a stunning lady, she was the granddaughter of Su Nanxiang!

Glaring ahead at the turning point, Hu Nanxiang’s eyes were filled with fury:

She was passing by earlier and she did not expect to see Murong Xue here, and she was even teasing around with Ou Yang. How annoying! She had never experienced such intimacy before…

Her wrath lingered for a moment. When she felt better, she looked down at the lifeless man: his eyes were closed and his breathing was faint, his face was as pale as a sheet of paper, what kind of injuries did he have?

Hu Nanxiang frowned as she squatted to take a good look. Suddenly a piercing sound flew across the sky. A man in black appeared beside the injured man, his long sword was pointing towards f her as he stared daggers at the woman, asking “Who are you?”

Hu Nanxiang thought and said, “I’m your master’s life saver!”

The paleness of the man could not hide his identity and status. The man was handsome and his outfit looked expensive, therefore she assumed he was from a plush background.

It would be useful for her if he owed her his life!

The man in black was astounded. He saw the bandages around his shoulders and thigh, the ribbon tied on the bandages indicating it was the work of a woman…

“Erh erh erh!” The man on the ground coughed and slowly opened his eyes, they were like the shining stars in galaxy.

The man in black was delighted when he saw that. He quickly bent down and carried him, “Master, you’re awake!”

The man nodded slightly and stood up with the man in black’s help!

He sensed a sharp pain in his leg. He grimaced and saw the ribbon bandages on his body, then he looked at Hu Nanxiang, “Did you save me?”

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