Chapter 10

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Another chapter! Let me let you guys in a secret; when I am translating this novel, I keep picturing Yang Yang as Jiang Yi 😉 On another note, this chapter kind of show you how Zhu Jing behaves as an agent. I had to say, no wonder Zhou Peipei want to change company >.<

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Chapter 10


Huh huh huh?

Jian Wei was stunned as she looked at Zhu Jing in astonishment. Next to her, Lin Hao’s expression was even more exaggerated. His eyes looked as if they were going to fly out of their sockets as he said, “Jing, Jing jie, what are you saying?! How is it possible…”

“Why is it not possible? Do you dare to say that you didn’t mistake her the first time you met?”

“That’s true, but…”

“Let’s put on her make-up and do a little bit of touch up around the eyes and the chin based on Peipei’s photo. Also, change her clothes and her hairstyle. I’m sure there’s no one who’ll be able to tell whether she is real or fake…”

The more detailed Zhu Jing’s instructions were, the more affirmative her eyes looked. At first, Jian Wei only thought that she was throwing out this idea on impulse, but it seemed that it had become more and more detailed and only needed to be implemented.

Her scalp suddenly felt numb., Just as she was about to open her mouth to say something about it, Jiang Yi suddenly smiled and said, “Sounds like a good idea.”

Everyone looked over at him. Jian Wei was astonished: did he just say he agreed?

Zhu Jing was also very surprised by his reaction. Originally she thought that he would never agree with the plan!

“You also think it’s okay?”

Jiang Yi’s hands were inside his pockets as he lazily answered: “It sounds good. But Jing jie, I’ve known this lady for less than 48 hours; we are almost strangers. Are you sure that you want to let someone who you don’t even know where she came from do such an important thing as this? Even if the media don’t find out about it, aren’t you afraid that she will take the initiative to tell them?”

Zhu Jing was surprised. What Jiang Yi had mentioned was indeed a concern. Just now she had been too excited, and had failed to consider that possibility.

She didn’t usually like people to question her decisions, and although what Jiang Yi had pointed out was a very valid point, she still angrily said: “Then you tell me what we should do? If you say that it is too risky, then you should give me another way out!”

While they were tit for tat, Jian Wei’s head was bowed as she played with the tassels on her skirt.

She told herself that she shouldn’t be sad, but her chest still muffled as if it had been blocked. Sure enough, to understand it in her heart and to see him say it with her eyes were two different things. She was enthusiastic and sentimental about their meeting, but for Jiang Yi, she was still a stranger.

A stranger that he needed to be aware of and had not enough reasons to trust.

Jiang Yi’s gaze fell on Jian Wei. The girl looked dejected, like a withered grass that had lost its vitality. It seemed as if she had faced a big blow.

His expression changed slightly as he took in this scene. He didn’t expect her to have this much response to his words. His brows slightly furrowed as he thought about it. Seeing that Zhu Jing was still dissatisfied, his eyes finally flashed a trace of intolerance, “No matter what, this is our thing. It has no relation to other people.”

Zhu Jing was surprised for a moment before she finally reacted, “Wait, so you deliberately said that? You are afraid that I put too much pressure on this girl to walk the red carpet, so that’s why you said those words just now?!”

Jian Wei’s heart jumped as she immediately raised her head to look at him.

Jiang Yi’s expression at the moment was quite unnatural. As a fan with many years of experience in interpreting his micro-expressions, Jian Wei had to agree with what Zhu Jing had just said; he really intentionally said those words.

She stood there dumbfounded and speechless.

Yeah, how could she forget about it? Jiang Yi was quite protective of his fans. Previously, there had been a female fan who went to the set to see him and was cheated by the staff, almost causing a big problem. At that time, Jiang Yi had directly punched the man and it had even made the news. Inside his fans’ circle, there wasn’t a person who didn’t know about this incident.

He actually was not against her. He was protecting her.

As Zhu Jing began to realize his intention, she no longer had the energy to be angry, “Jiang Yi, in the end, are you clear with the main goal of this situation? You shouldn’t be playing this kind of game with me!”

Jiang Yi didn’t even bother to pretend as he answered, “Clear. But my focus may not be the same as yours.”

Zhu Jing angrily laughed as she marched forwards with her handbag to strike him. Because Jiang Yi was tall, Zhu Jing’s swing only hit his chin, but the handbag was made of crocodile skin so it was very hard. A ‘SMACK’ resounded through the room, but the man didn’t even sway one bit and remained standing rigidly.

Still agitated, Zhu Jing then grabbed his collar, “You want to be a hero? Well, I’ll let you be a hero. If Peipei doesn’t come back, then tonight, you don’t have to go anymore!”

She raised her hand intending to deliver a slap to his face, but this time, Jiang Yi clutched her wrist to block the hit. He gave her a smile that was not too soft yet not too stiff as he said, “Jing jie please do me a favor. I still have to shoot tomorrow. It’s going to be hard to explain if something happens to my face.”

Zhu Jing panted as she wordlessly stared at him. Jiang Yi didn’t even turn around as he said, “You should get out.”

Jian Wei was surprised for a moment before she realized that he had said those words to her. Her heart was somewhat struggling so she didn’t immediately move. Lin Hao couldn’t help but to give her a push.

“Come on,” he whispered.


Jian Wei stood in the corridor as the lounge door closed behind her. The sun was dazzling as she decided not to go back, but to silently move forward.

Her brain replayed that scene from before, the scene with Jiang Yi’s chin being hit by Zhu Jing. She felt very guilty for not believing him at first, and if not for her, Jiang Yi wouldn’t have caused Zhu Jing to be angry.

That night, to be mistakenly brought inside Jiang Yi’s car, Jian Wei was kind of glad that she had such a face. But now, she almost hated herself because of it.

If not for the fact that her face looked similar to Zhou Peipei’s, she would not cause troubles one by one for Jiang Yi. She could use a more moderate and natural way to know get to know Jiang Yi, she wouldn’t face such an up and down experience, and she could looked at him silently for as long as she wanted – and maybe she could even let him know that there was someone who had always liked him a quite a lot.

But now, everything was messed up.

She was very clear that even if she could stay with the crew after this, she would not have the face to talk with Jiang Yi anymore.

If not because of her face…

If not because of Zhou Peipei…

“Hey, what’s the matter?”

Jian Wei looked up to see Lai Xiao Shuang’s wrinkled brows and puzzled face. Jian Wei said: “Nothing. My mind just wanders.”

“Why aren’t you wearing the mask?! If Bai Lu sees you, she will think that Zhou Peipei has returned!”

Seeing Jian Wei’s stunned expression, Lai Xiao Shuang seemed to realize that she had given something away. He thought for a moment and whispered: “Hey, do you know? Today, regarding Zhou Peipei’s absence, I just got the news that turns out, she’s gone… Bai Lu is almost going crazy and asked me to think of a way to handle this. But if she can’t think of any, how can I find a way? I’ve only worked for Zhou Peipei for a few days!”

Jian Wei: “She really is quite unruly. If she really doesn’t want to go, then just say it. How can she just run away like this and cause trouble to other people?”

“Unruly? Your word is too nice. This kind of person is called crafty.” Lai Xiao Shuang rolled her eyes, “Anyway, I have to persevere. I originally thought that I would be around her for a long time, first as an assistant and then – after gaining experience for a few years – as a broker. Now I really want to change the route. Even if I still need to act as an assistant, it is does not necessarily mean that I should hang myself on her tree. Being anyone else’s slave is better than being a slave to such a self-centered person!”

Seeing her furious appearance, Jian Wei said: “You should still try to think about it first. If you really find her, you’ll hit it big this time.”

“Except for calling her, I really can’t think of anything else that I can do,” said Lai Xiao Shuang as she readily pressed a number on her phone.  Putting the phone to her ear, she said to Jian Wei: “It’s useless. Everyone has called Zhou Peipei’s phone at least a dozen times. She simply doesn’t answer her phone, so there is no way we can reach her. And, no matter how much we think about it, we also know that it is impossible for my call to get thro….THROUGH?!”

Jian Wei gave her an enquiring look when she noticed that her complexion had changed. Lai Xiao Shuang straightened her back instantly, “Zhao laoshi, you, you picked up…”

Jian Wei was dumbfounded. What kind of joke is this! Jiang Yi, Zhu Jing, Lin Hao, Bai Lu and many more couldn’t get through her number, but Lai Xiao Shuang could?!

Not knowing what to say to the person on the other line, Lai Xiao Shuang could only laugh obsequiously, “No, of course I hoped that you would answer the call… Zhao laoshi, where are you right now? We were so worried when we couldn’t find you, in case you got into an accident… No, we really are very worried about you… Although this evening’s event is important, your safety is more important!”

Jian Wei kept silent while listening to this female lackey who had just bravely made a vehement statement just now, kissing up with such a great effort…

Lai Xiao Shuang’s eyes suddenly drifted over her, “The one who owns the cat? You mean Jian Wei. Yes, she’s my friend. In fact, she is next to me right now.”

Lai Xiao Shuang looked a little strange as she handed over her phone, “She wants you to take the call…”

Jian Wei didn’t expect this turn of events, but she still passively took the phone, “Hello?”

Zhou Peipei’s lazy voice was heard, “Hello, Jian Wei.”

She called out her name with a manner that revealed a tone of ridicule with each word. Jian Wei was silent for two seconds before she asked, “You are looking for me?”

“Shouldn’t I ask you that question? Finally able reach me, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

She was playing with her.

Jian Wei knew that she was playing with her, but she still asked the question, “Are you coming back to participate in tonight’s award ceremony?”

“I’m so sorry, I have a very important thing to do, so can’t come back,” Zhou Peipei said with a trace of smile in her voice.

Jian Wei closed her eyes as she said, “Zhao laoshi, if it is because of the matter with me and Jiang laoshi, I’ve already explained it to you yesterday. He never used you for promotion. I beg you to not be like this.”

Zhou Peipei’s voice instantly turned cold as she laughed, “Because of you? You really think highly of yourself. But since you want to claim the credit, then I’ll give you the chance to do so. Let Lai Xiao Shuang tell Zhu Jing that I will absolutely not return tonight, so she shouldn’t hold on to those unrealistic fantasies and better start to thinking of a good explanation for the aftermath. Don’t say that I don’t warn her.”

Jian Wei: “You absolutely will not come back?”

“Of course not,” said Zhou Peipei. “I know that you want me to come back. After all, your Jiang laoshi is depending on me. For an 18th-line singer who has already passed his prime, if not for me, do you think that those people would send him an invitation? Even if he goes, he’s going to be treated as a complete *soy sauce.”

[TN: I’m not really sure what it means but from what I understand, it seems like mean that Jiang Yi will be treated indifferently without Zhou Peipei around.

EN: It’s a way of saying that he will be ignored/disregarded. See:]


Her voice was harsh, just like a sharp needle pricking her eardrums.

In that moment, Jian Wei suddenly decided. She could not stay at Jiang Yi’s side; she’ll leave the crew after today. But before that, she would do this last thing for him.

This thing was the only thing that she could do for him.

She calmly said into the phone: “Miss Zhou, if you don’t come back, I will replace you on the red carpet.”

Zhou Peipei was stunned. Lai Xiao Shuang also gasped, looking at her with in amazement.

Jian Wei glanced at her with a look of indifference as she gave a little slap to her face, showing that she was serious beyond doubt with her claim.

After a moment, Zhou Peipei laughed and said, “*Whimsical.”

[TN: 異想天開 Yìxiǎngtiānkāi – to imagine the wildest thing; to indulge in fantasy]


“You really think it’s not possible? Yes, I don’t have an invitation and transportation, but what does it matter? I believe that if I put on makeup, wear a beautiful dress, and appear at the event, those with not so good eyes will respectfully invite me in.”

Her words were met with a long silence on the other line.

When Zhou Peipei spoke once again, although her voice was still cold, the tone was not as strong as before, “You dare?”

“Of course I dare. But I’m afraid that as it will be my first time to participate in such a big event, I’ll do something stupid in front of the cameras and be caught by the media and your fans. In that case, then I’ll have no choice but to tell them that you, Miss Zhou, didn’t want to participate in the event, so you found someone else to replace you. It’s you who’s playing monkey with the crowds,” she smiled before continuing, “but, even if I don’t say that, most of media will write it as such. After all, it’ll be such an eye-catching headline, don’t you think?”

Zhou Peipei finally reached the last bit of her patience and cursed: “Do you want to die! You, slut, dare threaten me?! I’ll kill you!”

“Miss Zhou, you are a big star. You shouldn’t curse. You have to pay attention to your image. You are not the same as me, an ordinary person. Even if I get caught in the scandal, after a month or two no one will care about me. I won’t lose anything over it.”

Zhou Peipei was so angry that she became speechless, so Jian Wei seized the chance to say her last words coldly: “I give you an hour to come back, or else, I’ll go there as you. You choose.”

Hanging up the phone, Jian Wei felt that her whole body was unable to move.

Lai Xiao Shuang stared blankly at her for a moment before swallowing, “Although what you just did most definitely ruined my work prospects, let me just say that Jian Wei, although we have known each other more than ten years – no, more than a decade – but never in my heart have I admired you like I do today! Baby, you are just like a warrior ah!”

Jian Wei who had just courageously hung up the phone, chuckled to see her reaction, “…ah? Is it? You don’t think that I’m crazy?”

Lao Xiao Shuang lovingly patted her head and said, “It’s almost to the level of craziness.”

When Jian Wei heard her words, she almost cried on the spot.

Lai Xiao Shuang then went silent, as if she suddenly thought of something.

Jian Wei, who slowly realized that just now she had just overlooked a problem, blinked her eyes and pitifully said: “You will not blame me, right? If Zhou Peipei really fires you, I’ll sponsor your 3 months of living expenses as compensation!”

“Do you think I, your dad, is so poor?” Lai Xiao Shuang gave her a glance.

Hearing that Lai Xiao Shuang claiming to be her dad, Jian Wei, readily kissed up to her, saying: “Daddy don’t be angry, daddy has unified the whole country throughout the ages!”

Lai Xiao Shuang nodded and turned towards her: “In fact, even if you didn’t threaten Zhou Peipei, based on her personality that likes to implicate the associates I can basically confirm that I will be fired. So, in order to compensate Daddy, are you willing to promise me one thing?”

Jian Wei cautiously said, “Daddy, please tell me.”

Lai Xiao Shuang grabbed her hand, “Since Zhou Peipei will not stay around, I’ll have to find another way out. My baby, we may as well try to get a big ticket. If we succeed to force Zhou Peipei to come back, then if I can go take a credit from Zhu Jing. It’s the same as having a promising future.”

Jian Wei suddenly had an ominous premonition. Since she was a child, every time Lai Xiao Shuang and she were about to get into mischief, she would get this kind of feeling, “What do you mean by a big ticket?”

“If you want to do a show, you have to do it all the way; how can you give up halfway? Believe me, Zhou Peipei will not give up easily. We must convince her now that if she doesn’t come, you really will do as you said.”

Jian Wei didn’t speak, waiting for her to continue.

“Now, you need a dress, a make-up artist, and a luxury car. Then, we’ll go to the red carpet and stir the whole entertainment world!”

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