Chapter 10: Yin red soup (Part 2)

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“But that is according to the monk’s age. When I first met him he looks around thirty years old already. So if he was still alive now, he will be around hundred years old.” Grandma said and she looks at me with her complex eyes.

I suddenly collapse when I heard that the bald monk is almost a hundred years old. He is even older than my grandmother. Then, isn’t he my great grandfather?

After knowing this, I cannot accept even more to be with him.

“Grandma! Grandma, please I beg you. No matter what happen I don’t want to be with him. I’m still young, I don’t want to be anyone’s wife. And, didn’t he already married aunty, your younger sister? So why are you forcing me to marry him?”I said and I started crying.

Grandmother embraced me and touched my hair: “Things are very complicated so grandmother can’t make you understand in just a few words. But this is the only way for you to continue your life.”

“What kind of life? I don’t believe you. Grandma, if I can only live by marrying that bald monk, then I would rather die.” After saying those words, I grabbed the scissor on the wooden table and pointed it at my neck.

Although the bald monk saved my soul and haven’t done any rude things to me, but, thinking about marriage and doing that kind of thing after marriage with an old man, I… .. feel sick.

“Xiao Xi, what are you doing ah?!” Grandma looked at me with her wide red eyes.

I don’t want to disobey grandmother, but I really don’t have any other choice. If she really wants me to marry the bald monk, then I would rather die.

At the moment, the scenes of Liu Xiuli being raped by Zhao Long are constantly playing in my mind.

When grandma saw me being emotional, she repeatedly said: “Ok, since you are not willing, grandma will try to help you.”

“Really?” I suddenly stopped from crying and I put down the scissor in my hand.

Grandma quickly took the scissor and comforted me, she said: “Xiao Xi, if there is something you want to say we can discuss them. Grandmother is not happy that you are treating your life as a joke.”

“Grandma, you know that I’m not joking” I firmly look at grandmother when I said that I’m not joking.

Grandma releases a long sigh and finally nodded. Her hand carefully took the black buddha beads in my neck.

The black buddha beads during the day and night always have a dark color. I simply cannot tell if it’s translucent.

“Grandmother will now put a white wax to its surface to seal its power. So Master cannot come out, but it’s only for temporary. If you really don’t want to get married to him you need to find a way to save your life, and only then you can marry someone else.” Grandma said while looking at me seriously.

In the beginning, in order to save my life, grandmother beg the bald monk and arranged our marriage. But now, she is helping me to break our engagement. I know that this is wrong. And if one day, I married another man who knows what might happen.

“I will not marry in this life.” I just said what I wanted to say, as long as I can get rid our marriage. I am willing to pay any price.

Grandmother shook her head again and again. She said: “Oh my Xiao Xi! For now, go to grandmother ‘s room to sleep. And during these days you can’t go out of the room.”

“But, I have examination tomorrow.” I don’t want to have a make-up examination.

Grandmother asked me: “Then, is it alright if you can’t change your life? My method won’t be effective if you go out of the room.”

“Then, I won’t go out.” After saying that, I went down from my bed and put on my slippers to go to my grandparent’s room.

This time grandpa was sleeping in the living room. He really doesn’t want to be with my grandmother. I lie in the bed and fell asleep soon.

The next day when I woke up I was feeling hungry, but suddenly grandma came in. She was holding a tray with hot soup and some side dishes.

“Last night, you didn’t dream about anything, right?” Grandma looked at me and asked.

I shook my head, smiled and said no. Grandmother nodded her head: “That ‘s good, then you can wear this.”

Grandma put the small sachet bag in her hand around my neck.

“Grandma, what is this?” I reached out and touched it. I felt that there is something hidden inside.

“Don’t try to open it or else it won’t be effective. Just wear that for now and eat this soup every day. You need to eat this at least once a day.” Grandma handed me a bowl of bright red soup.

When I smell it, I almost want to vomit.

Can a person really eat this fishy and smelly soup?

“This soup has black dog’s blood, rooster’s blood, and mahogany wood ashes. If you eat this, it can drive away your yin energy. So even if Master came out, he won’t be able to find or smell you. “Grandma once again push in front of me the red soup.

I know I have no other choose if I really don’t want to get married to the bald monk. I can only bite my lips and pinch my nose.

“Uh, yuck!” When I tried to drink half of the red soup, I almost want to vomit. The smell is so strong and the taste is really bad. My eyes started to become teary.

“Xiao Xi ah! you need to endure. After all, you choose this bitter life.” Grandma looked at me in distressed.

I know my grandmother made this soup to help me. If I won’t follow her instruction, who else can I ask for help? So I quickly wipe my tears and directly drink the rest.

After drinking the red soup, I felt that the strength in my whole body got drained because of its bad taste.

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