Chapter 10 – Ridicule

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He knew this was not the right time to laugh at his enemy; he bit his lips and sat on the ground.


Yun Ye’s heart sank; he stood rigidly at his position. Even though the divine weapon was powerful, he knew deep inside his body, the black and white aura would certainly defeat it.

Perhaps the aura would reveal it once again when it sensed the threat of divine weapon.


Qing Qianhan stood aside and observed both of them, when he realized that something was different about the aura emitting from Yun Ye’s rigid body.This disciple of Zha Yi was definitely not a simple man.


After fifteen minutes, Yu Liu laughed and jumped and said, “Brother QIanhan, we may start now!”As he started swaying his divine sword, it started to shine brightly under the light.

Qing Qianhan commanded, “Since you are ready, we will start now.”


“Yun Ye, I’ve looked down upon you, you have practiced quietly to this extend. However, what use is it now? This divine sword is Hei Yao Sword, look at it carefully, you may only see this once in your life.” Yu Liu felt his internal aura travel to his sword, he boasted in full confidence. Yun Ye sneered, “Are you going to fight with your mouth?”


“You…” Yu Liu went mad at his comment; he shouted and dashed forward with his sword. The mighty aura flowed from his body to Hei Yao Sword, thousands of black lights shone from the sword, the lights then combined together into a shape of black long sword in the air. The long weapon then pierced through the wind and raced towards Yun Ye.


“Divine weapon is indeed different from the normal weapons!” Yun Ye saw the long weapon flew towards his direction, he could feel the strong force from the lethal sword, it was strong enough to crush one’s power and crush them completely.


However, he was unshaken by this threat. His aura flowed across his body steadily and rushed to his fists. He thumped his fingers together and raised his hands above his head, his powerful force attacked towards the long sword in the sky.


“Dragon Hits The Sky! Wasn’t this the basic strategy? How can he use this basic tactic to defeat the divide sword?” Qing Qianhan was confused by this.


“Even though he looked like a master of everything, he does not understand the divide weapon at all, looks like he will be dead in no time.”


The divine weapon was valuable because of its potential to absorb aura, it could then improve itself by thousands folds,   then this weapon would be unbeatable; anyone who was attacked by it would surely died. The highest quality of weapon, the stronger the absorption of power, rumor had it that the highest level of divine weapon could increase the aura by thousand times!


If Yun Ye could suppress Yu Liu with his aura right away, it would be impossible for him to do the same way with Hei Yao Sword. Yun Ye was strong and powerful, but it was incomparable in Qing Qianhan’s eyes.


Yu Liu did not expect that Yun Ye would not only stand still facing his attack, he would even fight him in the air. The black sword halted its light for a moment, and regained its power and pushed strongly towards Yun Ye.


Yun Ye jumped into the sky, and his fists was shining slightly. He had no idea where his confidence came from; he felt his heart burning with rage making him fearless. He would not cringe at all even when he was facing the lowest class of divine weapon.


He had this belief that this mighty fist would defeat Hei Yao Sword, he was determined.

A black shadow shone from the sword, it hit   the steel fists and sparked a ray of white light. The two strong weapons met each other in mid air; the lights from the forces decorated the sky.


The white light grew stronger and it busted Hei Yao Sword. Yu Liu’s face went pale, he coughed out blood, and the stains dropped on the ground. He could not believe this, Yun Ye defeated his divine weapon with one fist, and he could feel the strong aura coming from his fist when Yun Ye crushed his sword. It was inconceivable that such a powerful force could fall upon the disciple of Zha Yi.


Yun Ye’s punch was equivalent to the disciples, who had learnt the full concept of teachings, but none of them possessed such power, how could Yun Ye have it then?


“Qing Qianhan…” He knew something was not right.


Before he could finish, a painful punch fell on his face, and he was thrown away.




Yu Liu lay on a piece of mountain rock, the rocks splattered across the ground. “How could this be; how could you have such powerful skill!” Yu Liu tried to get up, he screamed out of rage.


“You still don’t believe?” Yun Ye smirked and rushed in front of Yu Lie; he kicked him hard and threw him across once more.


Qing Qianhan stood aside silently, he did not stop Yun Ye’s attack, and he was having a mixed feeling inside even though it did not show on his face. Yun Ye’s skill had surpassed  them all, he had mastered everything. However, he was still clueless, how Yun Ye’s aura could possess such strong force.


Did he learn any secret skill to improve himself? He was almost sure of his hypothesis.


There were plenty of skills out there to be learnt and practiced, some of it was at Gods’ level which might had been destroyed years ago, but perhaps some of them remained, he could not doubt that possibility.


He knew that if Yun Ye were to join their clan, he would be higher than the rest of the disciples of Tian Jian. Then he changed his thought, he would never allow Yun Ye to join them.


“Brother Qianhan, help me.” Yu Liu was half-dead as a dying fish, he begged weakly from behind the rocks. “Yun Ye, stop.” Qing Qianhan commanded. Yun ye stopped in front of Yu Liu, he looked at his bloody face in disgust and pride.


Yu Liu tried to get up from the messy rocks, his face blurred because of the blood and flesh,  fear and rage were reflected in his eyes. “Yun Ye, go down the hill.” Qing Qianhan ordered before Yun Ye could speak.


“Go down the hill?” asked Yun Ye as he leapt to the front. “Yes!” Qing Qianhan nodded expressionless. Yun Ye took in a sharp breath and raised his head.


“Brother Ye did not do anything wrong, it was all because of Dao Lie Liu and Yu Liu, you did not investigate the person who took the aura stone, but now you want  to chase away Brother Ye, what logic is this.” A soft innocent voice came from the crowd.


A slim figure walked towards Yun Ye. It was Chen Mo, he was awake after being hit by Yun Ye. “Don’t come over,” ordered Yun Ye as looked at Chen Mo and turned to Qing Qianhan and said, “What if I don’t want to?”


Qing Qianhan stunned. He had make out an excuse to chase him away from this hill, but now Yun Ye was brave enough not to ask why he had to do so, but what if he did not do so.


“Then you have to strip off all your skills and never come back,” he smiled and replied slowly. “This is unfair!” shouted Chen Mo who was ordered by Yun Ye to stop interrupting, but now he could no longer hold it in.


Yun Ye stopped his breathing and felt the black and white force rising in his body. He sensed something new. Besides the fearless and power, he felt the humiliation from his surroundings.


It was as if a pair of eyes were watching the sky from afar, sneering at everything. His emotion was stirring up inside.
He raised his eyes, straightened his back, and squinted to look at Qing Qianhan and said, “Let’s settle this.” The crowd muttered among themselves. Qing Qianhan threatened saying, “You dare to touch me?” This was unbelievable.

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