Chapter 10 – So This Is The Prince 2

By | November 17, 2016

She knew well enough about the frown and the meaning behind it that Shao stopped talking the moment she saw it.

She looked like she was being choked to the point where she could no longer breathe.

The prince, satisfied with the fact that Shao quit talking, looked at Lu Jiuque and said, “Why are you still here?”

“What?” Lu Jiuque was stunned.

The Prince said, impatiently, “Don’t you still have a test to take?”

“Ya! Yes I do!”

“Then what are you even doing here? Go!”

“Ok ok ok. I’m leaving right now.”

She grabbed the young guy who landed on his face just one minute ago and jumped on another dragon and she went off.

It wasn’t until she has been flying for quite a while that she realizied something.

Wait. Why did he tell her to leave? Why did she listen to him like a slave?

Is it because of this new body?

So strange!

The questions keep boggling her mind, leaving her with a puzzled face. All she could do was to focus on riding the dragon.

Then she suddenly cried, “Damn!”

She should’ve stayed and see what happens to Shao Qingrou!

Shao must have all kinds of trouble awaiting her right now since she exposed her true self.

The young guy was horrified by her screaming and tensed up.

Lu Jiuque noticed and curiously asked, “What’s your name?”

His twisted face goes to show so many mixed emotions, which puzzled Lu Jiuque even more. She slapped him in the face and said, “I just asked you a question!”

“Ye Hui…My name is Ye Hui!”

Ye Hui?

Lu Jiuque remembered that this young man named Ye Hui was actually the son of General Ye and he apparently came from a big family similar to hers.

But Ye Hui is so much luckier than Lu Jiuque since he has both parents and their family has such a high social status because they have fought for the Kingdom in various wars.

Noticing the constipation-like expressions on Ye’s face Lu Jiuque knew he doesn’t want to talk to her. She shrugged and stopped talking.

He’s the only person who didn’t laugh at her, otherwise she would’ve hit his vital points just like everyone else.

Ye Hui took a closer look at her as she wasn’t paying much attention.

Although she doesn’t really look clean or neat, her nose is beautiful and the way her lips were built is also pretty attractive as well.

Ye Hui missed a heartbeat as he asked himself how come he never noticed how pretty she actually is.

Ye Hui looked away immediately as he felt like she was about to look his way. He doesn’t want her to think he’s stalking her.

He repeatedly tells himself, that it’s gotta be an illusion. She’s not pretty.

After all this is the famously ugly girl. How is it even remotely possible for him to consider her pretty?

As soon as Lu Jiuque left, the atmosphere became tense.

The Prince doesn’t look very happy.
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  1. DOH

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    So.. the prince suppossedly loved the previous girl , seeing the interactions , i’d say that is a misconception… more like she is her underling or something lol… unless he actually notices that she isn’t the same person …
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    So either the prince likes her and just realized thats dangerous for her, which makes him a dumbass, or he has always been a deuche
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    maybe the prince is the guy who she made the deal with? like this is his identity among the normal ppl…


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