Chapter 10 – Naming the Tibetan mastiff

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Relationship Diagram

“Because of such a petty matter you want to take it to court. Do you think that the Marquis’ Household has too good a reputation or do you think that you have not lost enough face?” The Dowager Lady coldly looked at Murong Xue and harshly reprimanded her.

Do not air the family’s dirty laundry. When other families have these type of scandals, they will try all sorts of ways to cover it up and hide it. This Murong Xue is great – as though she can’t wait to announce to the whole Capital. She doesn’t know what’s good for her.

“It is because you stole my mother’s dowry, that’s why I am taking it to court. Even if it will lose face, it is your faces that wil be lost. Don’t forget, our relationship is very sensitive.” Murong Xue leisurely said, faintly smiling.

The Dowager Lady’s shrewd eyes narrowed. Murong Xue and Murong Ye’s parents died when they were young, and she was not their directly related grandmother. Her youthful son and daughter are also not exactly Murong Xue and Murong Ye’s uncle and aunt. If Murong Xue sues her and her children for conspiring to take their private assets, outsiders will definitely believe them. please read only translator’s website

“Qingyan, go home and bring back all the jewelry you have taken.” The dowry in the treasury are all valuable items and she had been eyeing them for a long time and had been prepared to split them evenly between her Jian’er and Rou’er. However, these things have to be done quietly and can definitely not let outsiders know about it.

“Grandmother!” Song Qingyan looked at Du, teary. Those jewelries were very delicate and beautiful, and she liked them very much. She didn’t want to return even a single item. Grandmother can’t help her fight for it?

“What now? You don’t listen to me anymore? Quickly go back and return the jewelry.” Du ‘s face darkened. Returning the jewelry now is to pacify Murong Xue so that she will not pursue this issue. When Murong Xue lets  her guard down, she will slowly scheme and swallow all the dowry in that entire treasury.

Looking at her strict expression, Song Qingyan froze and pitifulness accumulated in her eyes. Grandmother actually reprimanded her because of Muong Xue, how hateful!  please read only translator’s

“Humph!” Song Qingyan stamped her feet and ran out wiping her tears.

“My mother’s dowry is registered in the bureau. Any jewelry lost will be written on the list. I hope that when Cousin Qingyan returns the items, they are all real and not mixed in with fake items to hoodwink me.”

The cold caution rang out and Song Qingyan paused, turned towards Murong Xue, gritting her teeth, “Don’t worry cousin. Yan’er is also the first-wife’s daughter of the Marquis’ Mansion.  I have countless jewelry; it is not worth it to steal such a bit.”

“That’s great then!” Muong Xue casually replied, obviously not believing her.

Song Qingyan choked, anger stuck in her chest, unable to get out. She hatefully glared at Murong Xue and furiously walked out. Originally, she really had planned to casually return 2 boxes of jewelry to hoodwink Murong Xue. She didn’t expect that Murong Xue would uncover her ploy and now she must return the real and beautiful jewelry. How very hateful! please read only translator’s website

A young maid walked quickly into the main courtyard and lowly muttered something in the Dowager Lady’s ear.

Her face immediately darkened and sharp gaze shot towards Murong Xue like arrows, “You want to annul your engagement with Prince Jing?” please read only translator’s website

“Yes that’s right.” Murong Xue nodded, “When Ye Yichen brought back his sweetheart and so that he is able to live a perfect life with his sweetheart, he demoted me to concubine. The public would point fingers if the Marquis’ Household’s first-wife’s daughter became a concubine. For the reputation of the Household, I suggested annulling the engagement.” please read only translator’s website

“Marriage is determined by the parents and the matchmaker. How could you break off the engagement without the elders’ permission?” Du reprimanded her harshly.

Murong Xue smiled faintly at her, “The elder in your words refers to yourself, step-grandmother?”

Du’s eyes turned cold, “Your parents have both passed away. Even though I am not your blood-related grandmother, I am still your step-grandmother and can be justified as your elder. I am concerned about your marriage, is that wrong?”

Murong Xue glanced at her and leisurely said, “The engagement between me and Prince Jing was set by my father and old Prince Jing without passing through the internal household’s permission. As long as a male elder agrees, the engagement can be annulled, and need not go through step-grandmother’s permission.”

“Your second uncle…” please read only translator’s website

“My second uncle is in Jingzhou and need more than a month to return. This matter is extremely urgent and there is no time to ask for his permission. My older brother is the current Marquis. Older brothers are like fathers. He has already agreed to the annulment. Step-grandmother no longer needs to worry about this matter.” Murong Xue smiled cheerfully at her, eyes flashing meaningfully.

After Murong Yue died in battle, Du had happily though that the noble position would fall on Murong Jian. But the Emperor had issued an edict letting only four-year-old Murong Ye inherit the title and transferred Murong Jian to faraway Jingzhou. Till today, he hasn’t been called back. This is the real reason why Du hates the brother and sister.

Du’s face was scarily dark. Demoting Murong Xue as concubine will definitely affect the Marquis Household’s reputation but in comparison to the Household’s reputation, she is more than happy to see Murong Xue run out of luck. After all, Murong Xue is Murong Yue’s daughter and has not much to do with her. She could always draw the line. It’s all Murong Ye’s, that brainless playboy’s, fault. He actually was convinced by Murong Xue and agreed to annul the engagement. How hateful! please read only translator’s website

“Woof woof!” A flash of white sped in and jumped into Murong Xue’s arms.

Murong Xue looked down only to see a snow white little dog lying in her arms, wet eyes looking at her, its adorable look melting hearts. please read only translator’s website

This is the Tibetan mastiff that killed five large dogs? Murong Xue couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Mastiff, little Tibetan mastiff!” Murong Ye breathlessly ran over only to see it cuddled in Murong Xue’s arms acting all cute. He was immediately angered, “I asked people to give you a bath and brush your fur, serving you comfortably. You speedily ran here without a word of thanks? Ungrateful little thing!”

“It’s still small and ignorant. Don’t fuss over it anymore.” Murong Xue rubbed the Tibetan mastiff’s little head and happily said, “Let’s give it a name. It’s not nice to keep calling it Tibetan mastiff.”

Murong Ye brightened. His best at giving dogs names. “It’s awesome at fighting. Why don’t we call it General Victory?” please read only translator’s website

Murong Xue’s bright face turned black, “Now that it’s with me, it will not go to the colosseum anymore. Don’t give it any names related to fights. Think of a normal one.”

He had fought dogs in the colosseum for many years. All the names he had given were somewhat related to fighting. He had never really picked a normal name before.

Murong Ye frowned. Seeing both of them getting along well, he casually suggested, “Sister, since you like this Tibetan mastiff so much, why don’t you call it Precious?”

“Precious?” Murong Xue raised her eyebrows, “Sounds weird!”

“Then how about Baby?” Murong Ye softly suggested. Seeing her gradually darkening face, he quickly changed, “Called it Beibei?” please read only translator’s website

“Beibei? That’s alright, let’s call it Beibei then.” Murong Ye’s standard of picking names is only as such and Murong Xue couldn’t think of an especially good name either, so they settled on Beibei.

Looking at the happily talking Murong Xue and Murong Ye, Du’s face darkened. Two juniors conversing as though there was no one else and entirely ignoring her presence – are they purposely treating her as transparent or prepared to show her off? please read only translator’s website

Her lips moved and she was just about to teach them a lesson when Murong Xue spoke up first, “Since Cousin Qingyan will need at least two hours before she can return the jewelry, Hong Qiu, lock the treasury first and bring the key over.” please read only translator’s website

“Yes, ma’am!” Hong Qiu curtsied and locked the treasury door before putting the key in Murong Xue’s hands.

Murong Xue planned to personally oversee the treasury!

Du’s eyes flashed and she loudly said, “Nobles in the Capital always pass the key to their personal maids to manage. As a noble lady, you actually want to personally manage these material goods. Are you not afraid of becoming a laughing stock?”

“I don’t have any old maids that I can trust so I can only personally keep the key. When I find someone I can trust, I will naturally pass the key to her. Grandmother need not worry.” Murong Xue slowly said, rebuking her words.

Du choked and a dark haze flashed beneath her eyes. If the treasury key is in Murong Xue’s hands, she wouldn’t be able to find a chance to swallow the dowry within at all. “Ye’er, persuade your sister. An unmarried lady worried all day about her dowry? Is she not afraid of others laughing at her?”

Murong Ye frowned and quietly said, “Grandmother, my sister is already fourteen years of age and she will soon marry. There is nothing wrong in learning how to manage her dowry and the matters of the internal household.”

“You… you…!” Du was furious and her bitter cold gaze swept from Murong Ye to Murong Xue and from Murong Xue to Murong Ye. She wanted to say something but ultimately did not speak it. She loudly tutted and without a glance backwards, she turned and walked out.

Looking at her retreating back, Murong Ye was confused, “Did I say something wrong?”

“Not at all. Step-grandmother is happy that you have matured!” Murong Xue smiled brightly and comforted him. Her eyes were slightly cold – Du is probably resenting that they had cut off her fortune. Du has her eyes on the dowry and will definitely think of a million ways to get it! However, she is not afraid of them; she will just deal with it as it comes.

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