Chapter 10 – Let’s crush this flower! (Part- one)

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When she realized that she had shown something intimate, Shao Qingrou’s face became dark.
Even though the moral of that era was based on the law of the strongest, her reputation still was very important. Her goal was to marry Prince Emperor Liu and become the emperor’s dawn; however, she could not make the smallest false step.
But these kids … how can they do this to her? Didn’t they know she wanted to marry Prince Emperor Liu?

How could all of this happen?


Shao Qingrou was blinded by anger and did not know what to do. Everyone was in pain. A pain that only a master spirit of the stars could inflict. A pain that crushed and turned them to the ground.


There were people who grabbed her dress desperately and others who even pulled her belt off. This scene was so extraordinary that Jiuche was petrified.

Her dress was now open like a flower in full bloom. Her red-hot underwear enveloped her delicate body, the contrast between her white skin and the redness of  the underwear did not go unnoticed.

How could a girl so sweet and graceful be so deeply passionate?

Evidently, there was something people could not evaluate from her appearance.

“Hey!” a sharp shout brought everyone’s attention to Shao Qingrou, then that person continued, saying, “Miss Shao! What are you waiting for? You should not be undress in front of everyone! ”

There were no doubts that the sharp cry was from Jiuche.
To not interfere at that moment would have meant not to honour Shao Qingrou’s work.

At that moment, the young men seemed to suffer no more came closer and sadly watched Shao Qingrou.
Their “Flower of the Empire” was a beauty that could only be seen and not touch.
In a vague way, Jiuche said, “Oh, what a beautiful body shape!”


Then, everyone’s eyes focused on Shao Qingrou’s curves for a moment.
“White like snow and red like lotus, really wonderful!”, she continued.
“Damn you, Jiuche!”


If Shao Qingrou had not resisted, Jiuche would have already died. That gorgeous face was permeated by an aura of death, it become almost a malignant spirit.
“What are you all watching? Close your eyes! ”


She took a piece of ice with her hand and threw it ,causing it to explode into a thousand pieces, in front of the crowd of guys staring greedily at her.
She wanted to kill them and get their eyes off her chest. Unprofitable scum!

Such a scary Shao Qingrou had never been seen before. The best thing for everyone was to get away from her. They were afraid to let her get more angry at them.

“Go away!”

Shao Qingrou screamed out of anger, pulled out the green dagger hanging from her belt and directly pointed the knife to Jiuche’s throat.
“You were… You were the one who screamed to draw the attention to me! I`ll kill you!”

Shao Qingrou approached wielding the knife, Jiuche coldly laughed. She bent down and dodged the blade.

Her movements were agile and precise, really nice to see.


Shao Qingrou was completely out of control due to her anger. She didn’t even notice how extraordinary Jiuche was. She covered the tip of the dagger with the spirit of the stars, and totally changed the tactic of Shao Qingrou’s next attack, which was to cut Jiuche in half.

Jiuche grimaced in disgust, quickly grabbed the mane of one of the winged monsters and used it as a shield before the sword struck. The dagger’s blade cut off the back of the beast.
The warm blood of the animal began to squirt out and filled the face of the shocked Shao Qingrou.
Jiuche took advantage of the situation to kick Shao Qingrou, who fell to the ground. At that moment, the flying creature raised its front claws in pain.

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