Chapter 10: “Get Out, This Is My Room!”

By | April 7, 2017

Chapter 10: “Get Out, This is My Room!”


That was true. Everything in M City, he had the final say.

He was the mogul of M City, the person with both power and authority.

It was rumored even the result of the next presidential election depends on his vote.

Although he was a businessman, he was powerful enough in L Country to call forth the wind and rain and cover the sky with his hand [1].

He was a natural born leader and ruler, like an Emperor.

Song Wuyou smiled, “Since you have the final say in everything, why do you still need me to sign? Why don’t you directly arbitrate that we have already divorced.”

Gu Yanhao looked dangerously at Song Wuyou, “Letting you to sign it voluntarily is sparing you a shred of dignity. If you prefer for me to announce the divorce my way, then you won’t get even one penny except for the clothes on your back.”

“Hehe….” Song Wuyou chuckled sarcastically, “A husband that always feels disgusted towards me, suddenly said he still has some sympathy for me. Don’t know if I should be happy or upset about this?”

Her smile was such a sore to the eyes.

It hurt his eyes every second looking at her.


Gu Yanhao rose from the sofa, his cold voice sharp, “I’ll give you one week to think it over carefully. When you’ve decided, come and look for me.”

Finished saying that, those long legs stride out of the bedroom.

When he reached the door, Gu Yanhao abruptly stopped as if he thought of something.

He turned around and looked somberly at Song Wuyou, “Get out, this is my room!”

Song Wuyou froze.

It was out of habit. Because the original host liked to sleep in Gu Yanhao’s room, when she came back today, she naturally entered his bedroom and even used the bathroom.

Before, knowing the original host wanted to climb up his bed, every time he left, Gu Yanhao would always lock the door.

These days, she had been in the hospital, comatose, so Gu Yanhao assumed she would not wake up, resulting in him leaving the room unlocked.

He did not expect that the moment this woman come back, the first thing she did was to enter his bedroom.

Song Wuyou stood up and walked out of the bedroom.

Song Wuyou did not even spare Gu Yanhao a glance as she brushed passed him.

Gu Yanhao stared coldly at Song Wuyou’s back, the intensity of those eyes as if he wanted to see through her.

He felt she has changed, to the point that there was almost no resemblance to the Song Wuyou before the car accident.

But how she had changed, he could not pinpoint it exactly.

Though, this time around, he gained one more thing, that the way she walked was not the same. The way she walked now was beautiful and graceful.

Her body exuded a uniquely soft, fresh fragrance that wafted into his nose when she had brushed passed him earlier.

Gu Yanhao raised an eyebrow in doubt. This soft, fresh fragrance was new, totally a different spectrum from what she used to use.


Gu Yanhao slammed the door irritably. He actually found that he had not found it distasteful.

Did not he dislike anything that is related to Song Wuyou?

According to the original host’s memory, Song Wuyou came to the bedroom she was supposed to sleep in.

The entire room was decorated in pink, quite similar to a princess’ boudoir.

Seeing the pink beddings, and walls, Song Wuyou pursed her lips. She felt this color was really childish.

Oh, she forgot−−the original host was only twenty-one when she died in the car accident.

So, the current Song Wuyou posses a twenty-one year old looks and the wisdom of a thirty-three year old woman.

Needless to say, the original host was naïve to begin with. Otherwise, she would not have been ‘eating Gu Yanhao’s vinegar’[2] every time a woman appeared, and threatening to slit her own wrist or jump off buildings, and so forth.

Song Wuyou sat before the vanity table, eyes scrutinizing the face reflected on the mirror.

Delicate face features, an elegant swan-like neck, white smooth skin akin to a peeled hard-boiled egg.

Long feathered eyelashes that curved up beautifully, looked like an ink black fan.

Those long lashes fluttered when she blinks. Her pupils dark but bright, comparable to stars in the night sky.




[1] In short, Gu Yanhao can kill someone and not be prosecuted.
[2] ‘Eating vinegar’ means to be jealous of someone or something.


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