Chapter 1

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translator: Tess

Editor: Ocelot

Translation Checker: Xixi


Chapter 1:

The whole cabin was buzzing with the rumor that Zhou Peipei was on the plane.

Jian Wei was sitting on the window side; there was a sea of clouds outside, looking like a large, white, cotton candy. The plane had just entered the stratosphere. Freed from the weight loss of takeoff, the dome light was turned on and the cabin became lively again.

Jian Wei, bathed in the warm yellow light, found herself missing the darkness from before. Touching her face, ah, wearing a mask was good; it gave people a sense of security.

Sitting next to her was a pair of lovers; from their looks they seemed to be college students. The girl had curly hair. While holding her boyfriend’s arm she can be heard saying, “Do you think it’s true? Just now before we took off, I was scrolling weibo and Zhou Peipei was indeed photographed at Shuangliu Airport. At the security checkpoint, she was wearing …” the girl suddenly turned around and pointed at Jian Wei and said, “a skirt just like that.”

Both of them looked over. The girl’s eyes fell on Jian Wei’s mask as she suddenly had a realization; she looked like she cannot believe that her luck was so good.

Under the mask, Jian Wei swallowed her saliva and threw out the long-prepared reasons: “Don’t tell me you think I am Zhou Peipei? She is such a big star, if she is in this plane, for sure she is sitting in first class.”

This was a flight from Chengdu to Beiterritory. A few hours ago, the current hot actress Zhou Peipei appeared at the security checkpoint. The news was spreading throughout the terminal and it didn’t take long for Jian Wei to hear the discussion about Zhou Peipei on the plane.

But everyone seemed to agree with Jian Wei’s logic. Even if it was true that Zhou Peipei was on the plane, she would certainly be sitting in front- and definitely not in the economy class.

The curly-haired girl also thought that this made sense, but she was not immediately convinced, her eyes still squinting at Jian Wei.

This girl kept her hair short at shoulder-length and she was wearing dark clothes, her rear-end slightly bending. Her fringe touched her eyebrows, and below them was a pair of large and bright eyes. There was a mole at the corner of her left eye, as if it was a finishing touch on her delicate and white skin. It instantly added some brilliance to the pair of cute eyes.

She was stunned and forgot to react for several seconds.

Seeing that there was a trace of tension on Jian Wei’s face, the girl thought that she had scared her, and became embarrassed, “I am sorry, ah, I am thinking too much. I actually thought that you are Zhou Peipei …”

Jian Wei in a relax tone, deliberately smiled and said, “Did I get rid of the suspicion?”

The curly-haired girl was embarrassed, “Ah, after all, Zhou Peipei’s eye did not have mole like yours…”

The stewardess was approaching and began to distribute the dinner. The curly-haired girl and her boyfriend ordered fish and pork rice and twice-cooked pork rice, respectively. She turned to Jian Wei when she waved her hand to the stewardess and said, “No, thank you.”


Because she was wearing a mask, her voice was a little muffled. After that thing from before, the curly-haired girl seemed became familiar and asked, “Why do you wear a mask? If you had exposed your face, I would not have misunderstood you just now.”

Jian Wei : “My face has an allergic reaction, so I did not want to be seen.”

The curly-haired girl nodded sympathetically, and then turned around to share her food with her boyfriend.

Smelling the aroma of the food, Jian Wei subconsciously touched her stomach. During lunch she had only eaten a little, therefore it has almost been entirely digested. But…. she cannot take off the mask. Just deal with it, the food on the plane was not that delicious anyway.

Jian Wei comforted herself, the mouth under her mask moved uncomfortably, her heart feeling as if she was a scared little hamster.

After the dinner, the curly-haired girl and her boyfriend chatted for a while before she felt bored. She took out her iPad and began to watch a TV drama. The drama was downloaded in advance and it was the most popular palace drama from a few months ago called, ‘Dahan Feiyan.’ Because she had been busy for the last few months, she had not been able to watch it.

When Jian Wei heard the familiar music, she turned to look, stunned. The screen was showing a gorgeous palace and a lady wearing crimson with long hair as dark as ink, raising her eyebrows while smiling at the king.  

So beautiful, just like the blossoming flowers in Weiyang Palace.

The curly-haired girl said: “Zhou Peipei is really beautiful. This super good- looking girl, playing the role of a pampered crown-princess Zhao Feiyan, is very convincing ah!”

During the broadcast of ‘Dahan Feiyan’, not only did it set a high ratings record, it also attracted a lot of online discussions, thus becoming the top drama of the year. As the lead actress of the drama, Zhou Peipei experienced overnight fame. The media reported that her popularity had exploded, but Jian Wei felt it wasn’t accurate; it should be ‘big explosion’!

The curly-haired girl: “Have you seen this drama? Don’t give me spoilers. Everyone around me had seen it. I’ve been anxious every day that they will give me spoilers.”

Jian Wei: “Oh, don’t worry. I haven’t seen the drama.”

The curly-haired girl was surprised, “You haven’t seen it?” She thought that everyone in the whole country had watched the drama.

‘Dahan Feiyan’ was not a drama with a strict textual criticism. Plainly said, it was an idol drama set in ancient times, but since the cast had high value – added with the conflicts in the plot from time to time – it attracted the attention of a lot of people.

In this particular episode Zhou Peipei, who played the character Zhao Feiyan, was kidnapped from the palace and was replaced by a woman who looked exactly like her. Everyone – including the emperor – was deceived by the woman who was actually called Zhao Zhao Yi.

Zhou Peipei was playing two roles and the interpretation was very reasonable, in that the difference of the demeanor between the two characters can be seen.

The curly-haired girl said “Every time I watch this drama I wonder, in this world, are there really doppelgangers? Zhao He De is actually Zhao Feiyan’s biological sister but she didn’t look like her, yet this girl who she didn’t even know had the same face as her. I strongly recommended them to go for DNA test.”

Actually, watching drama with this kind of person was very interesting because she had a lot of criticisms, but Jian Wei didn’t feel like laughing at all.

She touched her forehead and found that she was unconsciously sweating.

Finishing the episode, the girl sighed and put away the iPad. “Ai, nothing interesting to see, really bored. What are you doing in Beijing? Travelling?”

Jian Wei: “Are you?”

“We are travelling. After this we are seniors, so we’re taking advantage of this last summer holiday before graduation!”

“Well, I’m going to work.”

“You are already working? I thought that you and I are almost the same age.”

“We are the same age, but I have a part-time job for my summer vacation.”

The girl reached for her orange juice, “Then, I wish you success in your work… Oh!”

Suddenly, the plane was bumpy, the girl’s hand slipped, and the orange juice was spilled on Jian Wei’s face. The girl was startledand quickly came forward to help her clean up. Next to her, her boyfriend pulled out a paper towel.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. My god, your hair and mask are all wet. Quickly take it off…”

Jian Wei was too late, she tensed as the girl’s hand had already moved towards her face and suddenly the mask that had been hanging on her ears was on her hand.

Feeling extremely panicked, she quickly turned around and faced the aircraft’s bulkhead, her back facing the two people.

The curly-haired girl stared blankly at her. She moved so fast that only a flash of her face was seen. Thinking of Jian Wei’s allergic reaction, she comforted her, “Don’t think too much, my face also used to have a lot of rashes. Don’t worry, I will not laugh at you… …”

Jian Wei’s back was still facing the girl. After a moment she said, “It’s okay, I’ll just splash some water and it’ll clean.”

Still in the same position, she stretched her hand and fumbled around. Because her hand was fumbling around the empty air, it looked a little bit funny. The girl and her boyfriend exchanged a glance, and silently handed Jian Wei the paper towel. Jian Wei quickly took it and wiped off her face and her hair. Her other hand was reached into her bag, pulling out a new mask and putting it on her face.

Curly-haired girl: “… You actually have more masks.”

Jian Wei turned around, her bangs wet and messy, sticking to her forehead. But she was calmly wearing her mask, her back straight like a general, as she deeply said, “Ah, to protect from haze.”

When the plane arrived at the Capital International Airport, it was already 9 pm.

Jian Wei had been on edge for the whole journey, so she was physically and mentally exhausted. Taking her luggage, she walked while making a phone call.

On the other end of the phone was her friend Lai Xiao Shuang, who had promised to pick her up tonight. “Baby, I might be delayed. You wait at the airport for a while, I’ll pick you up in half an hour.”

Jian Wei: “I won’t! Your great Beijing is terrible! I am now feeling abandoned and surrounded by enemies. I want to find a place to hide!”

Lai Xiao Shuang cheerfully replied, “Just now you were photographed at Shuangliu Airport, so what can Beijing do to you? Don’t talk nonsense.”

Jian Wei wanted to collapse, “Ah, you have seen the photo? At the security checkpoint, I felt like I was a monkey, being photographed. I told them I am not Zhou Peipei, but still they shoot …”

She remembered four hours ago, she had stood at the Shuangliu Airport Security Department in front of the electronic eyes to take pictures, as she slowly took off her mask. When her face was exposed, there was suddenly a commotion around her. The passengers who had been through the security door looked back, those behind the line were looking forward, accompanied by low arguments.

The staff was a 20-something-year-old girl. When she looked at her, she looked at the ID card in her hand, sounding surprised, “…… Miss Jian Wei?”

She would like to go back and tell her, “Yes, Jian Wei, NOT Zhou Peipei.”

Lai Xiao Shuang: “I think Zhou Peipei’s team must be very muddled. She obviously did not go to Shuangliu, but has actually been videotaped on the Internet, and there were witnesses that said they really saw her… Hahaha! It’s so funny, I wanted to die!”

Jian Wei: “Sympathy? Love? Are we truly friends!”

The kitten was going to explode, but Lai Xiao Shuang wasn’t worried at all. Coughing slightly, she laughed, “You shouldn’t complain. If not because of my good fortune, how could you have the opportunity to meet the person that you are so obsessed with?”

Jian Wei’s heart skipped a beat, “You…you have seen him?”

“No, but the assistant director said the male lead will join the group tomorrow, so he should be back in Beijing tonight. Ah, it’s not the right time to come to the capital airport……”

Suddenly, coming from the front was the sound of excited girls screaming.

Jian Wei subconsciously looked over.

The airport lobby was crowded. The top of the screen was showing the information for each flight, the string of numbers can easily made people’s eyes dizzy.

There were many people waiting to picking up the passengers, but as she has no one waiting for her, she effortlessly made her way through the exit.

There were 20 years old youngsters, wearing uniform short-sleeved t-shirts, their faces excited. The majority of them were girls, with a small number of boys; with rough estimation, the number was at least more than twenty.

She was stunned: “This is……”

“It’s like a fan pick-up,” an unknown person next to her explained, “they have been here for a while, a group of little girls picking up their idol, uh, quite a large parade!”

The man said something, seemed as if he was talking about how much celebrities changed too fast.

Jian Wei wasn’t paying attention. Her eyes were looking at the front where the light from the airport hall was showing a tall figure.

Wearing a white Polo shirt with a black cap and mask, and huge headphones hung around his neck, probably just listening to music and deliberately taken down after seeing the fans.

His back was slightly hunched and his hands were in his trouser pockets, looking like a lazy, big cat. Because he was quite tall, although he was surrounded by the girls with him in the center, he still stood out.

The crowds around him didn’t affect his footsteps. He was freely moving forward. The fans were also very sensible, following him forward as well.

Feeling excited from meeting a god, everyone was buzzing about the incident.

For a while, half of the airport was looking in their direction.

They moved farther and farther away, and soon disappeared from Jian Wei’s sight.

She awakened, and without any extra thought, pulled her luggage to catch up.

There were a lot of things in her head, all converging into this —— didn’t need Lai Xiao Shuang’s good fortune, I also can see him!

Unfortunately, because they were too far apart, although she was running until she was out of breath, the car door had already been closed. The driver had not started the engine yet and there were fans around on the outside, wanting to look at their idol through the window.

Jian Wei also squeezed in among the crowds, pushing until she cannot move anymore. Finally, she accidently stepped on the feet of the person next to her. That person turned around angrily, but after looking at Jian Wei’s face, she looked at her blankly for a moment before looking surprised.

Jian Wei had a sudden bad premonition. Raising her hand, she discovered – she didn’t know when – but the mask on her face had dropped, only half was hanging on her ear.

The girl pointed at her, shouting in disbelief: “Pei pei pei pei —— Zhou Peipei?!”


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