Chapter 1 – Unwilling

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The east of the Jin dynasty, a place nears the endless ocean, a slash of one sharp sword into the sky, straight to the sky and clouds, it flashes a silver light which appealed the sword fierceness covered thousands of miles.

This, is the most powerful clan of the immortal, Tian Jian faction from the Jin dynasty.

Yun-Ye, 3 years ago still 12 years old came from a very far away, passing through endless training, has finally become one duty disciple.

The title of Tian Jian faction got made him looked up by the warriors and officers of Jin dynasty.

However, a disciple from Tian Jian faction is many like the ant. Just like him, there are thousands of them out there, there is no status and also can be called the lowest or the slaves.

But once disciple like him passed the examination, he can be one outstanding disciple like a dragon dashing straight into the sky.

Outside the courtyard there are many other disciples, displaying a face full of haste, hurriedly completing the countless tasks that needs to be completed.

“There is one month left before the examination, even thought I am still in my training, I do not know if there is still hope for me.” Yun-Ye was standing up the big rock staring into the distance as if he looked pass through the clouds and into the depths of buildings, he saw a place that it is only for the official disciple from the Tian Jian faction.


A woosh-like sound was heard behind Ye-Yun’s shoulder.

“Yun-Ye your work of collecting one hundred of feather grass has not done, and yet you were wasting your time in here?” Dao Lie-Liu wearing a brocade robe appeared behind him with his hand holding a whip, displaying a mocking face.

Ye-Yun gritted his teeth, enduring the pain being slapped by the whip.

Dao Lie-Liu is his master and his uncle. He had been practicing for getting the extreme qualifications and can’t be compared to the other disciple. Because he participated in very young age, he had learned one step ahead from the others. His cousin, Yu-Liu is from the famous Tian Zhu valley.

Yun-Ye seldom being kept busy by Dao Lie-Liu but for the sake of becoming immortal, he can only hold it in.

Looking at Yun-Ye did not speak a word, Dao Lie-Liu gave a slightly cold laugh and whipped at Yun-Ye’s body once more, “Are you listening to me?”

This time whipped above the eyebrows which made him crying out pain. It would be really bad if it hits both of his eyes.

“I missed.” The blood keeps flowing down to Yun-Ye’s face, he just tilted down his head and began to speak.

“We are on a different levels, I am afraid of wasting too many time.” Dao Lie-Liu slowly began to laugh, “It seems you also want both of the spirit stones and the beast tower.”

The beast tower is a place owned by the Tian Jian faction especially to tame the evil beast. The tamed beast must commencing a battle with human while maintaining the bond of their tamer so the beast could gain experience, this is one of the Tian Jian faction must proceed for their training. If it was like the other ordinary disciple, they won’t get out alive from that tower once they went in.

“Dao Lie-Liu master, I will finish collecting the feather grass by the end of the month.” Yun-Ye did not show any fear on his face, it was just he was burning the fire inside his heart, holding in the grudge against his master, he cannot do anything because he knew Dao Lie-Liu cannot be defeated by Yun-Ye’s hand.

“Did not you say by the end of the month? Today is the end of the month.” Staring into Yun-Ye’s face and said, “The rules in the valley of Tian Zhu has slight changes, you need to finish collecting the feather grass before the sun set down.”

“Before the sunset?” Yun-Ye shocked, displayed a face of uncontrolled emotions and said, “There is no much time left, how can I finish it?”

“Why didn’t you hurry and do it now? There is still time left of course. Also, you have shown so much your dissatisfaction towards me, perhaps going to the tower of the beast is the right choice for you.” Dao Lie-Liu gave a big laugh giving a glare to Yun-Ye and walked away.

Yun-Ye watched till his master showed his back while clenching both his fists, his body trembled.

Although feather grass is not a rare herb, it is not possible to find these in such a short time. The last time he gathered the grass needed half a month of time. This is not an easy task.

Yun-Ye knew his master had his eye on him, he want to destroy Yun-Ye.

“Dao Lie-Liu! You always dissatisfied me, but I kept hold it in and never express it. I, Yun-Ye swears to the sky, one day I will proceed far than you, I will remember to defeat you!”

Yun-Ye’s heart jumping fast, breathing heavily as the pain still lingering at him.

Though he knew it that he needed to pass the confrontation.

Tian Jian faction placed in the depths of thousand mile in the Yun Long mountain, where there are many strange shaped valleys and rugged rocks. In the middle, there are wild evil beasts, and strange looking grasses and flowers to be seen. Thousands of years had passed, Tian Jian faction had pushed away the beasts to the depths of the mountain, given them a place to live called the beast valley, it was to avoid from the attacks of the wild beasts.

However, Tian Jian faction did not pushed away all the evil beasts, they chose by their quality and tamed them. They even put a spell so the beasts cannot run away to the wilds again, based on their levels, they also tamed by different tamers and being placed into variety region.

There are lots of feather grass in the beast valley. Hearing the disciples in that valley said that it was easy enough to kill the wild beasts that wandering in there. But if they did not reach the power of Tian Jian faction, it was still dangerous for the amateurs to face the beasts.

“This half a month I have been searching through the outer from all region, I have found that the feather grass has been extracted.”

It looked like it was 20 miles away and there is a big old tree that touched the sky. It can be seen from the outside that this is one of the beast valley symbol, passed this old tree and arrived at beast valley.

Yun-Ye nervously walked pass the old tree, finally entering the beast valley.

The moment one of his feet stepped past the old tree, the atmosphere upfront changed. There is dusk sky ahead with no clouds to be seen.

So this is the place where Tian Jian faction trains their disciple.

Yun-Ye slightly raised his hands and do a little spell, a touch of soft light soaring from his body made his path clear to be seen.

This soft light is a must to be learned by disciple like Yun-Ye. In the middle of the beast valley, only this soft light can bright the dusk and clearing his surroundings. Of course to be the great disciple of Tian Jian faction, you needed to get a hold of strong and useful spells to breakthrough not only the dusk, but also other obstacles. That is a must.

In the meantime, Yun-Ye strongly depends on his magical soft light spell to search the feather grass. He knew he needed luck to get the grass. He must knew that the outer region of the valley, there are so many strong beasts, also one or two beasts can kill him.

He needed to enter the middle region, seaching for feather grass and there are rarely a disciple like him wandering in there. He cannot proceed any further. His skills are still at limits to enter.

A monument stone appeared in front of him, there is slight blood on the stone to be seen.

This is the middle region of the valley.

Once he made his decision, he cannot turn back. Breathing a deep breath once more, he stepped into the depth passing the stone.

The soft light on his body slowly began to dim like a candle being blown by the wind, let he see through the wilds.

Ten meters away and it went dark, nothing to be seen.

“Ah, so that’s how it was. The Tian Jian disciples trained their soft light spell into a high level so they can light the path in the middle region. I am afraid my current level will not last long in the third region or maybe it will not be any use.” Borrowing the dim lights from his surroundings, he surface became slightly to be seen, continuing his search for the feather grass.

Yun-Ye will not waste any more time while in the middle region. He began his search carefully.

There are no disciples like him dare to enter the middle so Yun-Ye thought he could find more grass in there.

Evidently, it did not take any long time to find what he needed. A glowing glass, reflected emerald, this is the unique of the medical herb.

Yun-Ye feeling relieved, he wished he could have find the amount that he needed in the remaining time. He believed he could complete his task.

The second grass was easy to be found, came along the third, and forth……

Yun-Ye did not expect it was so easy to find those herbs.

“Dao Lie-Liu, you will not believe it how much luck did I have. Just wait for it.” Yun-Ye found another grass, flashing to extract it.

“Hm, why are there so much grass growing in the region?” He knew something was off. “Not good, feather grass has it’s own atribut, it is a cold natured grass, and the third level beasts like to feast on these grass to strengthen their frost spells, does that mean……”


At the moment Yun-Ye realized something was off, a cold frosty pierce stone running from his back, pierced directly into his cloth.

He threw himself into midair and rolled on the ground. A blue ice stone flew past him torn down his clothes that was still gliding in the air.

Yun-Ye looked up, he saw a place not so far from him, there is a snake with two bodies became one sitting on the grass field,       had a slightly cold glare from afar, making a weird yet frightening sound.

Third level beast, the snake of the soul of ice!

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