Chapter 1 – Send you to God

By | November 7, 2016

Lightnings strike through the sky, piercing the darkness. All that is being reflected from her eyes is disdain, and apathy.

It’s hard to tell from her facial expressions that she’s being surrounded by a group of black clothed men armed with muffler guns.

Angered by her unregretful, arrogant looks, the handsome man leading the group spoke gently despite his rage, “Jiu Que, after all we were about to get married. I just wasn’t myself…Now that I realize my wrongdoings why don’t we just get back together?”

With a smile on her face, Lu Jiuque replied, “Why are you even here? I’m just a helpless woman. You only got a minor infection..Your family can’t even help you with that?”

Minor infection?!

The handsome young man almost passed out right in front of everyone.

The toxins have spread to his heart and brain. He’s barely hanging in there with the help of his family’s secret remedies. His chance of dying increases every second. What he has is,, by no means, a minor infection.

The Yan Family has some pretty impressive doctors as well. It’s just that this particular toxin that he’s suffering from can only be cured by Lu Jiuque.

Damn it. If only he knew who was actually the one stabbing him from behind.

Finally, the man set up his mind and said, “Jiuque, I know you are still mad. But that woman was just a plaything and there’s no way in hell she can replace you as my wife. If this still bothers you why don’t you let me kill her right now?”

A young lady, with tears on her face, was dragged through the crowd. The way she looked at Lu Jiuque was filled with fear.

“My sister…Sister…It’s ok that you still hate me because this is all my fault. I fell in love with him… But please don’t torture Yan like that…He’s dying…Sister…He’s your fiance!”

Looking at the girl the man was speechless, his heart bleeding.

Once he gets his hand on the cure he will definitely kill this ugly woman Lu Jiuque.

Lu Jiuque sneered, “ How come I never realized you loved him so much? You knew we were going to get married and yet kept flirting with him? And now you are here begging me?”

Wiping tears from her face, the girl cried, “ Sister, I’m really in love with Yan. If you refuse to save him because you hate me, could you please give me the Book of Medicine? So that I can study it and save him myself!”

Lu Jiuque laughed again. “So you went through all this trouble just so that you can get the Book of Medicine from me?”

The girl was scared. Trying to interrupt her, “Sister…”

“Shut up!”

Lu Jiuque stared at this young lady coldly. It was because of her and her mom that Lu’s mother was killed, brutally.

And Lu herself would have probably been killed as well had she not pass the test of her family and become the 89th successor of the Lu Family.

This woman and her family got her mom killed, flirted with that old man, flirted with this young man, and now they are trying to get their hands on the Book of Medicine?

No way in hell!

“ Lu Mengjing, you really think I don’t know what you’re trying to do? You poisoned Yan yourself and expected me to save him. In order to save him I must go and check out the Book of Medicine. And then you would know exactly where that book is. Well played.”

Stunned by what he just heard, Yan said, “What was that supposed to mean?”

“It’s a chronic toxin you are having. You only get it from chronic exposure. Who else here do you think are capable of poisoning you that way, other than my dear sister here? Yan Yue my dear. I thought you were smart. It’s funny how you have always been fooled by this woman.

“You…” Yan Yue was shocked, staring at Lu Mengjing.

Lu Mengjing fell on her knees, cried: “My sister, how could you do me like that? This is all my fault. I was the one falling in love with Yan. Please just kill me! Just kill me!”

Mercilessly, Lu Jiuque laughed, “Remember the soup she cooks for your dinner everyday? Think about it. That’s all I can tell you.””

Yan Yue was not stupid. The whole thing started to make sense to him. He walked up to Yan Mengjing, slapping her on the face.

“Bitch! You poisoned my soup!”

“No! It really wasn’t me! Yan you have to believe me..I love you…”

“I do believe you! Of course I do! Who else could it be?!”

“Ah…My sister, save me!!”

“Damn it! Get the bitch out of here! I want her dead!”

“Yes sir!”


Lu Jiuque coldly watched Lu Mengjing getting beat up. She herself was already dead meat the moment she started messing with the Yan Family.

Even the Lu Family won’t be able to save her!

Needless to say, the Lu Family has nothing left now.

Lu Jiuque has always realized what Lu Mengjing was doing. She just never snitched on her.

She wouldn’t have been able to watch today’s drama of dog eating dog, had she decided to expose Lu’s tricks earlier. Therefore all she did was putting a little bit of extra wood on the fire, replacing the undeadly poison with a deadly one.

Blood bursted out of Lu Mengjing’s mouth. She yelled over and over again, “It wasn’t me…It really wasn’t me..Yan, truse me please..Trust me..It was you! Lu Jiuque! It has gotta be you! You did-”

Lu Mengjing shouted at Lu Jiuque, her eyes filled with anger and hatred.

Yan Yue’s agreement on marrying Lu Jiuque was solely because of the fact that she was going to become the successor of the Lu Family.

But he was disgusted by Lu Jiuque’s not so impressive looks. If she could be replaced by the beautiful Lu Mengjing, it would be the best of both worlds for him.

It didn’t take too long for Lu Jiuque to realize what type of person he is.

He’s the type of person who would always put himself first.

And this is the exact trait of his that she used in her advantage.

Letting Lu Mengjing poison Yanyue, and letting Yanyue kill Lu Mengjing himself.

Is it cruel?



Had she not become someone so cruel, merciless, and mean, she would have already been killed. Survival of the fittest.

e only motive for Lu Jiuque to go on with her life is revenge. She wants the bad woman who killed her mom to die an ugly death!

And yet she swore to never hurt her own people, when she became the successor of the Lu Family.

She didn’t really break her promise, did she?

It was Yanyue doing the killing, not her. All she did was watch.

Watching Lu Mengjing beat to death, the last bit of humanity left in her is gone.

People say she’s mean. Maybe she really is?

Noticing the smile on her face, Yanyue walked up to Lu Jiuque and grabbed her hand. “Jiuque, I love you. It was my fault. You are the only person I love. Will you forgive me?”

Lu Jiuque laughed, beautifully. “It’s up to God to decide whether you deserve a second chance.It’s up to me to send you to him.”


Blood bursting out of his mouth, Yanyue fell to the ground jerking. His body melted like candle, with his eyes open.

Relieved, Lu Jiuque smiled and closed her eyes. “Hmmm.Good timing…”

Then she fell to the ground herself…….

Killing the young lord of the Yan Family means she’s going to be killed sooner or later. Instead of being killed by others it was a much better choice to just kill herself.

She never regretted.

Because it was at this moment that all the hatred and burden is gone and she’s finally set free…

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