Chapter 1 – Miraculous Encounter

By | January 13, 2017

Yi Ti moved.

About a week ago, a lawyer found Yi Ti’s home and showed her a will, stating that a man named Xu Xiuying had left his legacy to her.

Yi Ti was at a loss, almost thinking it was one of the recent popular pranks until she saw a photo of the elderly man. Come to think of it, she had seen the old man once.

It was a month ago.  She was temporarily with him in his flower shop during a heavy rain.

Normally, she would shelter under the eaves of a building, but that day she moved into the flower shop. She chatted with the owner for a little while and then left having no idea that the old man would actually leave his store to her. You know, although it’s not located on a busy roadway, it’s not too far away from the city center. There is plenty of traffic, so the store is probably valuable.

At that time she was very hesitant about whether or not to accept the store. If she accepted, the old man’s family would be full of resentment.  Getting the house is certainly something to be happy about, but if so, there would always be bad feelings from his family.

The lawyer said to her that the old man had no other loved ones, and Yi Ti now found herself in a predicament.

Today was different than the past. She was no longer a certified teacher. She wanted to be an exam tutor, and so Yi Ti applied for a job last year.  But, in the interview, she was shot down.  So, she could only work in a private high school as a temporary teacher. She had no job during winter and summer vacation and of course no money. This year, her interview again failed and she had the intention to continue at the private high school for another year.  Who would guess the school would actually say there was no vacancy?  Only after speaking with a friend who also worked there did she find out that they gave her position to the school leader’s relative!

Since the job battles after graduation, Yi Ti had long learned to accept this kind of thing with a calm attitude.  Complaining was useless.

If Yi Ti can’t find a new teaching job before the end of summer vacation, while she wouldn’t be on the street, she would have to get a “degree doesn’t match the work” job. This kind of thing, if her brother knew, would give him a perfect excuse to force her back home. After finally escaping from his “claws”, she didn’t want to go back so quickly.

Thinking she didn’t want to go back, she eventually accepted the legacy of the old man.  That way, she had a place in the city she could stay.

Moreover, staying in her old house was a bad idea because the seemingly ordinary to the extreme Yi Ti, in fact, had a huge secret.

That is, she secretly kept an alien.

This happened ten days ago –

In fact, Yi Ti had always felt that her parents may not be hers biologically.

Because if they were, they would not have given her such a strange name.

Thanks to this gift, she grew up being called “ET” and “aliens”. But no one thought, one day, she would actually really meet an alien.

Time: 9pm.

Location: The trash near the stairs.

People: Yi Ti, and a self-proclaimed alien of the Sultan Star People from the M3464 nebula.

Events: …

Well, she did not want to recall.

Actually it appeared that she and the slime alien scared each other or something. His eyes fell down as she fainted and banged her nose making it bloody … … it was all a big blur! . .

In short, when she woke up, she was lying on the sofa in her home.  A soft, jelly-like blue object was sitting on the sofa opposite her, blinking at her with blue eyes.

She sat up quickly from the couch, examined her lower body a little, and let out a slight sigh of relief. She then looked at the unidentified creature in front of her: “Please leave my home at once, or I’ll call the police!” The police should be able to control … … this? They always helped whether it was a cat up a tree, unlocking someone’s house, or helping the elderly home. Getting rid of an alien … … certainly no problem!

Yi Ti eyed a fruit knife that was sitting on the coffee table.

”Earth Female, I need your help..” Unlike the seemingly jelly-like appearance, the alien’s voice was slightly mechanical and stiff, but the tone was manly and elegant..

Yi Ti took a deep breath and replied, “I don’t think I can help you.”

Unexpectedly, the alien actually agreed with her: “Indeed, because the Earth civilization level is too low, my planet did not formally establish diplomatic relations with your planet.  Because there is no covenant between our planets you do not have to help me, but still, I ask for your help.“


”Because you’re a good man.”


Yi Ti thought today was really a magic day.

She met an alien.

She was frightened by an alien.

She was asked for help by an alien.

as well as……

She was labeled a “good man” by an alien.

Although from small to large there have been many labels, but this one… Yi Ti had no clue. What is this? Did this alien think she was a “bad guy”?

”Earth female, since you have received the label will you help me?”

“… Why would you think so?”

”When I landed, I saw an Earth female goddess who received a helping hand from an Earth male to get through her difficulties.  She told the male,” You are a good man.“ The male cried on the spot.  I think this should be your custom so you can help me. “

”… …” No, there is no such custom! What did he see? A goddess being helped by an average man? Don’t treat that as common sense!

Moreover, the slime is referring to himself as a goddess, casting Yi Ti as the man! … …

Yi Ti  decided to see what exactly he wanted her to do: “How do you want me to help you?”

”Add energy.”


”When I landed on Earth, my energy was nearly exhausted and it needs to be replenished.”

”Added … you don’t want to eat me do you!?” Yi Ti felt that there may be another side to the alien’s lovely appearance and quickly took two steps back.

”Please do not worry, there is no hostility to the planet Sutanaxi.  My coming here is completely unexpected.  Besides, the Earth’s human body lacks nutrition so there’s no point in eating one.”

”… …” His words were not exactly reassuring. Yi Ti swallowed, then asked, “What do you need?”

”I do not know.”

”Ha you……”

Before she could finish the sentence, there was a knock on the door.

Yi Ti went to the door, looked through the peep-hole and was surprised to find that it was area security!

She quickly opened the door and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Two security officers saw her and actually looked relieved.

”Miss Yi, are you okay?”


”Your next door neighbor heard you scream and went out to take a look.  On the staircase there was a small pool of blood.  There were other traces of blood on the ground and what looked like a trail of someone being dragged through blood that led to your door.

Yi: “…”

The source of the pool of blood was obvious. Her bloody nose when she was knocked out.. As for the traces of dragging …although she was already scared half-dizzy, she really did feel like she had been dragged.  Even if she didn’t feel that way, the fact that her chest was covered in blood and dust proved it.  After fully guessing everything, this guy had actually dragged her chest down back to the room…no wonder she was feeling even more flat chested!

Such a dignified alien, to do such a thing… did he not feel ashamed?

”Miss Yi?”

”I screamed because … I found a mouse in the stairwell! The blood is from my nose,” Yi Ti pointed to her nose, laughing dryly, “ah ha ha ha, I was so scared I fell down.

Security took a breath, revealing a startled look.  It is clear that that sentence alone showed how much pain she was in.

”The drag marks?”

”It was not drag marks. I was dragging my feet as I walked back and the blood got dragged under my shoes..”

Security: “… …” Could that be so?

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