Chapter 1 – The Manjusaka Flower In The Desert

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The wind was blowing throughout and the moon laid on the riverbed.

The desert was huge and wide.

The moment the sun had set in the west, there was a feeling of desolation within the bright red light at the end of the horizon.

Chu Feng had been traveling through the desert.

He was tired and was laying on the sand. Looking at the red sun, he doesn’t know how long it will be until he can leave this desert.

He had already graduated from school.

He had even said goodbye to the beautiful goddess in the school or perhaps that were the last words he had said to her.

He had left his school and began to travel.

The sunset was so bright and beautiful and the skies had a warm and calm feeling.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt thirsty, he got up to drink some water.

He quickly recovered himself from fatigue and continued his journey a little longer to find a tent to stay.

A journey to the west; he leaves a very long footprint in the desert.

Without any warning,  a thick fog appears- which is a common sight in the desert.

Chu Feng is surprised by the fact that the fog is a blue colour. In the season of autumn, a blue fog was quite rare.

Before he knew it, the fog had thickened The blue fog covers up all of the desert.

The sunset looked very strange. The twilight skies slowly turned into blue. It was a pretty sight. 

Chu Feng frowned, he had been long aware that the weather in the desert changed frequently, but what he saw was really strange.

A moment of silence, he stops.

Before he came into the desert, he had heard of an old herdsman say that if somebody walks into the desert by himself he will be able to hear and see strange things.

But he doesn’t care about it at all.

In the moment of the silence, the blue fog thickens more and more layers, there were no other weird things happening so Chu Feng quickly ran away. He wanted to escape from this place.

The desert stretches out in front of him, the sunset is strange, it makes the whole western sky into blue, but it almost set down and vanishes from the horizon.

Chu Feng started to pick up his pace, he did not want to stay any longer in this unpredictable and strange place.

In the middle of the desert, there are many mirages, but in this case, this was probably not a mirage.

Meanwhile, there was a smooth sound up ahead, it was like something was cracking up one after another.

Chu Feng stopped and stared into the desert. There was something glowing blue like stars, it looked like a blue diamond- glowing and shining under the sunset.

Those were some small sprouts that were sitting on the ground. They were beautiful, but also mysterious. 

A sudden stop of the sound of the wind blowing into the sand, the sprouts are growing so fast while it is still glowing blue.

As the fog thickened, the blue sky was almost completely covered- added another layer of thick layers.


There was a sound of flying petals, the sand was coated with blue. The moment the sun vanished, the flowers bloomed right on the time.

A crowd of blue flowers were shining bright like diamonds, it was like a fantasy, intoxicating and it feelt unreal.

This plant was one foot tall, with a light of blue coral, flower petals all around, it was very charming with its little evil aura.

Chu Feng took a step backward, but he was surrounded by the plant, the blue light was still glowing, he could swear that the entire desert was covered in flowers.

He was surprised, he tried to examine and it looked like a Manjusaka flower which has several petals that are separated from another, it was so fascinating.

However, blue Manjusakas had never been heard of, there were only red Manjusaka.

The Manjusaka was real, it had a very contrasting color. Because it had so many rumors surrounding it, Chu Feng didn’t believe the rumors but was still feeling surprised by what he had just seen.

The desert was a dry place with no water, it is a place that had unique things growing on it, the stars were shining. Manjusaka usually loved humid and dark places, it was almost impossible for them to grow here in the desert. 

They really were everywhere, he was surrounded by the flowers.

The sky was dyed blue, all covered up by the color of the Manjusaka, it was hard to describe it in words but this was truly mysterious!

A faint fragrance of floating ripples, very interesting.

Chu Feng shook his head and carefully took a step; avoiding these flowers. He soon discovers that nearby there is a zone that has no flowers, it was the yellow river old passage.

So many things had changed in these years, after several diversions, the river still runs through the desert.

Bloom the two sides, to be seen in distant.

Finally, the sun goes down, and these plants start to bloom, looking like the color of the blue sea- filling the desert.

Although the twilight-color lasted, it leaves a blue light; mysteriously beautiful.

Chu Feng stands on the yellow river old passage, he can’t calm down, he keeps walking along the river.

The color of the sky is dark now, no more sunshine.

The shining blue light suddenly goes out, leaving a cracking sound behind.

The mysterious petal withers along with the stems, the color is gone. It looked like they were going to die, slowly it becomes yellow and crunched.


At the last moment, the withered blue Manjusaka turned into broken pieces and dissolved into dust.

This was indescribable.

They had bloomed so beautifully in a short time and then had quickly withered.

The withered yellow dust lay on the ground, it was hard to see in such a dark sky, but the blue fog was long gone and the desert was back like before. It was like nothing had happened, it became peaceful.

Chu Feng didn’t stop, he walked with big steps and walked through lots of sand dunes until he had finally spotted a little green field, which meant that he was almost out of the desert.

The sky was black by now, he finally walked out and saw the fresh green mountain field, he also discovered that there were tents at the bottom of the mountains.

He turns his head to see the desert, it was very calm like nothing had happened.

The mountain was up ahead, the lamps were shining, he heard a cruel screaming voice like something was happening down there.

The cows, sheep and other livestock also cried out, like they were scared.

Is there anything strange happening? Chu Feng picked up his pace, dashing down the mountain towards the tents.

Chapter 2 - Post Civilization Era

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