Chapter 1: I’ll Send You to Meet Your Gods!

By | May 18, 2017

Note: This novel we are re-translating  from the start. Hope you enjoy it reading.

Translator : Jd.

Lightnings flash in the sky and illuminate the dark night. They are reflected in the woman’s eyes, which, however, reflect contempt.

Looking at her face, you would never guess she’s surrounded by a group of men in black, each holding a gun in their hand.

Looking at her face, completely devoid of remorse, the man at the head of the group can barely hold back his anger, as he tries to warn her calmly: “Jiuque, we’re husband and wife after all. What I did, I did in a moment of madness… now I understand I was wrong, so would you come back to my side?”

Lu Jiuque laughs with disregard, and looking down at her fingernails she says in a low tone: “Mister Yan, how come you behave so humbly with me? You’ve only been poisoned with ordinary poison, can’t your family fix even such a petty problem?”

An ordinary poison?

The man can barely hold himself still!

That fatal poison is penetrating his vital organs, his brain, and he’s resisting it only thanks to the drugs his family gave him. Every passing second he risks dropping down dead, and that would be just “ordinary poison”?!

His family, the Yan family, is renowned for their medical talent, but nobody – bar Jiuque – knows how to cure this poison!

If he knew who commissioned such a misdeed, he would tear them to shreds!

He convinces himself to say to the woman: “Jiuque, I know you’re still angry, but that woman is but a temporary pleasure. She’s no threat to your position as matron of the Yan family, and if you’re unhappy I’ll repudiate her immediately, OK?”

A woman emerges from the crowd, looking at Jiuque in horror.

“Big sister… big sister… you can refuse to forgive me if you want, because it’s my fault for falling in love with him. But he’s your future husband, you can’t let him die like this!”

The man stares at that beautiful woman, full of sorrow and regrets.

As soon as he will receive the antidote for the poison, he will immediately kill the ugly Jiuque!

Jiuque: “Why didn’t you realize you loved him so much before? You knew he was my fiancé, and you still lured him towards you!”

Crying, the other woman replies: “Big sister, I really love Yan! If you don’t want to save him because of your hatred, then give me the Canon of Medicine, so that I can learn how to save him myself!”

Jiuque laughs, her muscles relax, and her ungraceful face discloses an impressive beauty: “Oh, I understand now. You put on this whole act to obtain the Canon of Medicine?”

The woman’s expression changes: “Big sister…”

“Shut your mouth!”

Jiuque stares at the woman crying in front of her: it was that very woman, and her mother, who caused Jiuque’s mother death.

If Jiuque hadn’t passed the test to become the 89th heir of the Lu family, she would be dead already.

That woman’s mother then married Jiuque’s mother ex-husband. And now that woman is not only trying to steal away her man, but she also wants the Canon of Medicine! No way!

“Lu Mengqing, do you think I didn’t figure it all out? Did you believe that, after you poisoned Yan, I would save him? And that, in order to save him, I would consult the Canon of Medicine, letting you know where it is kept?”

Yan is astonished: “What do you mean?!”

“The poison running inside your body is slow-acting: only somebody always close to you and that you trust blindly could have poisoned you with it. So, if not our dear Mengqing, who else could have? Yan Yue, you think you’re so smart, and you let a woman deceive you!”

“You…” Yan Yue, shocked, stares at Lu Mengqing with fury.

Lu Mengqing kneels down and whines: “How can you do this? It’s all my fault, I fell in love with Yan first, you cannot humiliate my love for him. You rather kill me, just kill me!”

Jiuque cruelly reveals Yan the truth: “Doesn’t she have you drinking the soup she cooks, every night? Believe it or not, I’m telling you it was her.”

Yan Yue is not stupid, and he suddenly figures it all out. Furious, he gives Lu Mengqing a slap.

“Whore, you poisoned my soup!”

“No, it was not me! Yan, believe me, I really love you…”

“Sure, I believe you! Of course I believe you, who else could have been if not you!”

“Jiuque, save me!”

“Bring this damned woman away, she has to die a horrible death!”

“Yes sir!”

Lu Jiuque looks coldly at Yan Yue beating Lu Mengqing in a fit of rage; she believed her family would save her.

The Lu family is no longer powerful, and they cannot protect her anymore.

Jiuque knew from the very beginning what Lu Mengqing’s intentions were, but she didn’t reveal them before.

If she had, she wouldn’t have witnessed that scene today, would she? Actually, she made things worse herself, replacing a non-lethal poison with a deadly one.

Lu Mengqing’s mouth is completely blodied: “It was not me, really… Yan, please believe me, believe me … You did it, Lu Jiuque! Yes, you!”

Lu Mengyao screams at Jiuque in madness, his eyes filled with hate.

Yan Yue agreed to marry Lu Jiuque because she is the heir to the Lu family. In reality he dislikes Lu Juique’s mediocre look, and he loves Lu Mengquing’s beauty.

As for a selfish man like him, Jiuque knows his personality perfectly. If something is an obstacle to his personal gains, he immediately drops it, even if it’s the woman he loves. So she used this weakness of his to have Lu Mengqing killed.

Is she cruel? Ruthless?

If she, Lu Jiuque, were any different, she would be dead. To survive in the darkness, you have to be even darker.

The only thing that keeps her going on is the desire for revenge, revenge against all those who killed her mother! But, before she became the heir, she swore to old lord Lu that she would never hurt any of her relatives.

Today she didn’t break her oath. It was Yan Yue to hurt Lu Mengquin, not her; she just watched the scene coldly, without interfering.

In seeing Lu Mengqing lying lifeless the ground, Lu Jiuque feels accomplished.

Everybody says she’s ruthless – and she thinks so herself.

Seeing Lu Jiuque smiling, Yan Yue takes her hand and gently says to her, “Jiuque, I love you. I was so wrong, you’re the one and only woman I love… would you forgive me?”

Lu Jiuque is still laughing, she takes his hand as well and replies: “No matter if I forgive you or not, the gods have decided: it’s my duty to send you to meet them!”

“Wha… what? Puh!”

He spits black blood from his mouth, and immediately falls to the ground, his body melting away. He stares at her, until death closes his eyes.

Lu Jiuque closes her eyes, and she calmly says to herself: “The time of death was calculated perfectly…”

Then, among the clamour and the screams of everybody around, she falls down to the ground…

She dared to kill the Yan family’s young master, she won’t certainly get away with it. So, it would be better to just commit suicide.

But she has no regrets. Her heart is no longer filled with hatred, it doesn’t weight down on her anymore, her heart is finally free…

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