Chapter 1.1

By | January 7, 2017

Chapter 1.1: Hazelnut


The airport’s LED advertising screen was playing a women’s shower gel ad, the handsome man that had appeared on the screen was causing many women to subconsciously slow down their pace as they walked by.

Xiang Yunze lifted his head to glance at the advertisement screen, it was obviously a women’s shower gel ad and yet they found a man to represent it- what were the producers of the ad thinking? However, seeing how a few girls were pointing at the screen and screaming, the effect seemed to be pretty good.

Xiang Yunze recovered his gaze as he followed the crowd to exit the airport, when he got outside, he instantly saw that parked beside the road was a golden brown Land Rover. His lips formed a shallow arc, Xiang Yunze used his right hand to pull the luggage handle, dragging the purple luggage as he walked towards the Land Rover.

Just as he arrived near the front of the car, the car door, sensing her arrival, opened a slight crack. The curves of his mouth deepened as he opened the lid of the trunk and threw in his bag, then he turned and got into the car.

Sitting at the back seat was a young man, when Xiang Yunze stepped into the car, he turned his head to glance at him. The car started smoothly, moving slowly forward onto the road, Xiang Yunze looked at the handsome man beside him who did not say a word.

The man had always been very handsome, this was a fact that Xiang Yunze has known ever since attending primary school. It had only been a few years since they last saw each other, but the kind of subtle good-looks he had before has now become as sharp as a knife.

The man took his big sunglasses off his face, casually tossing the black bangs on his forehead. “Professor Xiang is finally willing to come back from the United States?”

Xiang Yunze smiled ambiguously to the man, “It was because I had suddenly realized that being with you is more valuable than living in America.”

The man scoffed as if he didn’t believe him, one hand held his head as he turned to look out the window. “I feel disgusted that you would come back specifically for this reason, the price is too high.”

Xiang Yunze chuckled twice, his eyes inadvertently swept the large billboards on the side of the road. Printed on them was the picture of the  man he had just seen on the airport advertising screen and it was also the same person that was currently sitting beside him.

“For Emperor Mo to personally pick me up from the airport, whatever I’ve lost has already been earned back.” Xiang Yunze finished ambigiously, he deliberately leaned towards Mo Zhen’s shoulder, even his softening voice as he said, “Say, if we were photographed, will tomorrow’s headlines be “Popular Emperor Mo Zhen’s gay lover has surfaced, Mo Zhen goes to the airport to personally to show his love?”

Mo Zhen felt disgusted by his words, “If you aren’t afraid of being killed by your father, I don’t mind coming out of the closet with you,” he said.

The car suddenly shook, Mo Zhen and Xiang Yunze both looked in the direction of the driver’s seat in unison.

The one responsible for driving, Tang Qiang, could feel the heavy stares bearing into his back, he chuckled a few times and with a guilty smile he said: “There were stones on the road just now.”

Xiang Yunze raised an eyebrow as a faint smile appeared on his lips: “I remember that this is a Land Rover.”

Tang Qiang calmly nodded his head, “The stone this time was very big.”

Xiang Yunze chuckled, he moved his head away from Mo Zhen and lazily looked at Mo Zhen, “But having said that, I would rather come out of the closet with Tang Qiang, I wouldn’t do it with you.”

The car once again shook, Mo Zhen’s cold eyes glanced towards the driver’s seat. Tang Qiang’s agonized expression looked from the rearview mirror to Mo Zhen, “Xiang Young Master, if in any case you do end up coming out of the closet, you can consider Qiu Yu, but don’t drag me into it please.”

Mo Zhen glanced at Tang Qiang, then unconcernedly and bluntly said: “Your name has already doomed you to be ridiculed everyday.” (Tang Qiang’s pinyin name and the pinyin of the word ridicule are the same)

Tang Qiang: “… …”

Xiang Yunze could not hold back his laughter any longer, “Tang Qiang, how did you endure him for so many years?” He said. “Being his agent is truly not an easy job.”

Tang Qiang nodded in deep thought; when he spoke to the other celebrities in his management, they didn’t dare to retort him. But it was actually the opposite when it came to Mo Zhen. When Mo Zhen spoke to him, it was Tang Qiang who didn’t dare to oppose.

The year that Mo Zhen had debuted, Tang Qiang was just a young newly employed small newcomer. The sixteen year-old Mo Zhen’s face at that time still had a bit of a childish youth, but the heaven-sent beauty he had was enough to for everyone around him to think that he was truly stunning. So at that time, when he was wandering around Kai Huang’s corridors to find a restroom, it was Kai Huang’s chairman himself who saw him and personally signed him as a star.

However, being too good-looking is a double-edged sword- it can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. It would be an easy task for the public to pin him down.

So the company at that time had only appointed him as an idol and handed him over to the twenty-four-year old newcomer Tang Qiang.



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