Chapter 5.1 – If You Were A Mysterious Riddle

By | April 19, 2017

Mo Lan had a dream.


In her dream, she was facing away from a tall man. The man was handsome but she could not see his face, and then he started talking… It was her idol’s voice.


Mo Lan woke up from her dream and sat on her bed, staring at the wall. After she was fully awake, she hurriedly grabbed her phone from her pillow and opened her WeChat. The first name that showed up was GYM.


GYM, her idol.


So… Whatever happened yesterday was true, she was added as friend by her idol whom she’d loved for four years!


Mo Lan laughed by herself like a maniac at this, then she tweeted excitedly:


‘After doing good for 24 years, I finally had my wish come true, please like =3=’


When she was done tweeting, she hummed happily as she got ready for the day. The workaholic An Xiao Luo was already sitting at the table having her breakfast. As she chewed her toast, she noticed the unusually delighted Mo Lan, “Xiao Lan, did you go crazy about the fact that our idol is getting a new job?”


When Mo Lan was done with her morning routine, she placed her phone in front of An Xiao Luo and her face showed ‘I won a five hundred million lottery’. When her cousin picked up and read her phone screen, she almost dropped it into her breakfast bowl.


Idol… Sent her a WeChat message.


Who could tell her, what kind of good deed did she do…


Opening up the app, Mo Lan wanted to find a hole and squeeze into it, because her idol had sent her:


GYM: ‘Liked.’


Recalling back her tweet, she wanted to haul out her eyes right then.


Mo Mo: ‘… thank you idol.’


Seeing her swift changes in facial expression, An Xiao Luo’s eyes lit up as she thought of something, “Right, I forgot to ask you. You got to grab the mic last night, why were you so lucky? Quick, share some of your luck with me, I want to talk to idol too!”


Mo Lan laughed shyly. When she was about to reply her cousin, her phone vibrated.


She looked down and saw her idol had sent her another voice message.


Mo Lan was dazed. She looked at her screen, but inside, her heart was crying furiously…


Idol, are you trying to give me a heart attack by sending me voice message early in the morning?


Noticing the glare that aimed in her direction, Mo Lan looked up and smiled rigidly, “mMm… cousin, I have to listen to a voice message by, err, my boss about my work. Our company is very private about this, so, so I have to put on my earphone.”


Perhaps… I should not tell An Xiao Luo about this yet.


If she knew her idol had added Mo Lan in WeChat… She might as well had killed herself. Oh… Her page fans would kill her too.


An Xiao Luo looked at her suspiciously, “Just wear it, why do you have to explain it to me. But… What is wrong with your boss? Your company is a magazine company, not some political community. What’s so secretive about it.”


Boss… My idol has priority, I had to sacrifice you.


Breathing in deeply, Mo Lan tried to hide her feelings and opened up the voice message after putting on her earphones.

It was noisy at the background, but her idol’s voice was still clear in her ears. Even if he was talking among a hundred people, she could definitely tell which voice was his.


His voice was so joyful, “Are you awake?”


That low magnetizing voice again, it could grab anyone’s heart just by opening his mouth.


Mo Lan realized… She had overestimated herself.


Mo Lan was about to type her reply when she thought… Her idol had always sent voice message to her, it would be impolite of her to keep sending back text messages…


Therefore, Mo Lan stood up and tried to stay as calm as possible, “Cousin, I’ll go to work first.”


“Okay.” An Xiao Luo’s gaze was fixed on her files and documents as she briefly responded.


Mo Lan opened her phone when she was walking down the stairs. After confirming no one was around her, she sent a voice message to him, “Yes, I have to go to work, idol. Wake up now.”


Mo Lan listened to herself after sending out the message, mmm… She sounded calm enough. Even though her voice was shaking slightly, it was normal. After all, she had try her best to remain cool.


Mo Lan walked towards the subway station and plugged in her earphones. It was the seven thirty morning subway. The whole platform was beyond crowded, so with her 165cm height, Mo Lan squeezed among the crowd to find a place to stand. She held her phone in one hand and the railing with the other hand.


Another notification vibrated through her phone screen. She looked down and opened up the voice message, “Did you sleep well last night?”


Blushing, Mo Lan recalled how she had been lying around on her bed from ten to four in the morning… Was he asking this on purpose?


Of course she dared not ask him that, she replied, “Yes I did. Thanks for caring, idol!”


After a while he responded, “That’s good, are. Are you… on the subway now?”


His voice was so incredibly melodious, she could hardly breath just from listening to him.


Mo Lan came back to her senses and realized her background was too noisy. However she could not control her surroundings, and she suddenly felt sorry for her idol…


Mo Lan typed out:


Mo Mo: ‘Idol, so sorry T.T. I was too excited so I forgot about the noise around me.’


This time, he replied immediately: ‘Don’t worry, it’s fine. Mo Mo, are you afraid of me?’


That voice was unbelievably affectionate, just like the stream in the dessert and a pot of hot coal in the winter.


He called her… Mo Mo.


Her hand froze. Mo Lan could feel her blush travell from her face to her neck, as if she was having a fever of 39.8 degrees… Her rationality was almost burnt out.


The noise continued in the subway, but Mo Lan was drowning in her own world. She could not hear or see anything. All she could hear was the question her idol asked earlier.


As she was standing rigidly on her spot, a middle-aged aunty looked at her worriedly and asked, “Miss, are you alright? I noticed your face was flushing red. Is it because of the crowd and you can’t breathe?”


Alarmed by the lady, Mo Lan shook her head and quickly replied, “It’s fine, thanks aunty. I… I’m wearing too many layers of clothes today.”


Not even a fool would believe her… It was mid-winter, and she said she wore too thick…


Trying to avoid the lady’s stare, Mo Lan lowered her head and typed:


Mo Mo: ‘Idol, I’m not… I was just shocked.’


Her idol chuckled slightly, his voice was lower than it usually was, It sounded… delightful. She could clearly hear him from her earphones, “Don’t be shocked. I’m no different from you, just a normal human being.”


Normal human being… Idol, please stop joking with me. Was there any normal human being than had such a melodious voice as yours?


Before Mo Lan could type out her reply, another text popped up:


GYM: ‘I have stuff to do now. I’ll send you my song later.’


Mo Mo: ‘Alright, go ahead. *clapping hands emoji*’


Putting her earphones back into her bag, Mo Lan stared at her hands. They were warm because of the heat of her phone.She must had saved the galaxy in her previous life.


Her idol called her Mo Mo. Mo Mo… Mo Mo…


She recalled how he’d called her name over and over in her head… She bet after this, her ears would start to grow flower buds.


Caressing her hot cheeks, Mo Lan felt as if she were dreaming. She had liked this person for four years and he had added her on WeChat, and talked to her for so many times.


Mo Lan suddenly remembered his fans on the social page. he knew that they would never be as lucky as her.


Mmm… She would save each of his texts and convert them into her ringtones when she went back! In this way, she would be able to hear them everyday. She was so excited when she thought about it.


While she was fantasizing, the subway announcement rang throughout the train, reminding the passengers that the next stop would be Zhang Fu Yuan.


Zhang Fu Yuan?


Mo Lan was alarmed, the place she wanted to go was… Xin Jie Kou.


So… She had skipped her stop?


Perhaps, her quota of her good deeds was over.


By the time Mo Lan reached her work place, it was already fifteen minutes later than the actual working hours, but her boss did not notice it.


Sitting in her cubicle without letting anyone realize her presence, she started working.


She was a writer and she would help reviewers a bit with their tasks.


Almost every month, they would receive numerous articles in their general box. In order to be fair with each other, each article that was of average level would be reviewed by three reviewers. As for today, those articles that were on Mo Lan’s table had been reviewed once, therefore, no matter how bad it would be, those articles would still be considered mid level.


Mo Lan loved her job because of her passion for writing. Therefore, whenever she read other’s articles, she would type down her genuine comments and send them to the author if their articles were really bad. After all, she knew how disappointed they would feel if it was only the cruel comment of ‘failed’. She understood their efforts in writing.


As she typed and reviewed, it was soon afternoon. Mo Lan rubbed her watery eyes. Her colleague beside her, Lin Ya R,u invited her for lunch. When she remembered her lunch date with Rong Xia Xia because she had to pass her the tea leaves, Mo Lan smiled politely and rejected her colleague’s offer.


As she walked towards a coffee shop near her magazine company, Mo Lan saw her friend was already waiting inside.


Mo Lan sped up and sat across Rong Xia Xia, “I’m sorry Xia Xia, I had a bunch of work just now so I’m late.”


“It’s alright.” Rong Xia Xia waved her hand and asked her curiously, “Right, Mo Mo, about your idol getting on a new job… Did it bring you any changes in life?”


Hearing her best friend calling her Mo Mo… Mo Lan’s cheeks flushed again.


She bit her lips, hesitated and continued, “That… Xia Xia, I’ll tell you, My idol added me on WeChat.”


“What?!” Ring Xia Xia’s eyes went wide, “Are you serious? Are you really fully awake…? If it’s true, your idol should be a proud man, right? Why would he add you out of the blue?”


Mo Lan sighed because she had no idea either, “I don’t know … Perhaps he felt sorry for his fans for being proud before, so he added a few of his fans to make up for it?”


“… I don’t think he’s that free.” Rong Xia Xia retorted. She tilted her head and thought hard. After a while she teased, “If I guessed it right, maybe he likes you?”


Mo Lan froze and stuttered, “You, what are you talking about? His voice is so good; how could he like me?”


Rong Xia Xia looked at her with pity. “You see… Are you even listening to your own logic? What do you mean he cannot like you just because his voice is good? He’s probably a short and weird-looking uncle.”


Mo Lan tried to imagine the description Rong Xia Xia had planted in her mind, then she argued, “But his voice is really good! He’s probably a weird-looking uncle with a great voice.”


“Up to you… I won’t force you to listen to my logic.” Rong Xia Xia was speechless. She looked at her and started drinking her milk tea.


They argued and teased each other for a while, then Mo Lan gave her the two boxes of tea leaves from Hangzhou. After that, she went back to her office.


When Mo Lan reached home, it was already six in the evening. She saw An Xiao Luo was playing on her computer in the living room.


Once she had changed from her work shoes into house slippers, Mo Lan went in and was alarmed, “Cousin… You’re early today.”


An Xiao Luo raised her head to face her as she smiled  happily, “Yeah, my boss had something going on so he asked us to go back early.”

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CBY Chapter 5.1 - If You Were A Mysterious Riddle

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