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ENH C198: “Stupid!”

Chapter 198: “Stupid!” Song Wuyou’s eyes turned sullen in an instant. Without thinking, she got up from the ground and leaped forward with arm stretched out. In the nick of time, she caught one of the man’s arms whereas her other hand clung firmly to an arm-sized tree trunk at the edge of the cliff.… Read More »

xixis update tho I’m currently semi-conscious rn

Meekly raises hand and tries to wave  so you may be wondering why I haven’t been updating lately, well I currently have more than a 38 degrees fever that’s been burning all of my brain cells + asthmas been making me lungs want to kill themselves. And I can barely get up from bed without… Read More »

Chapter 50 – Torn Apart

chang sao: elder brother’s wife, in this case, Murong Xue’s mother Daren: a respected adult male     The crowd’s eyes fell onto Murong Rou, their faces were full of shock and disgust; they had thought that because Song Qingyan was still young and reckless, when he encountered a rich family who owned thousands of silvers, his… Read More »


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Chapter 35: Welcome back

Yun Shishi was now under the hardship of life, she was so anxious to seek for an employment. She also realized that she lost her identity card, which simply adds more fuel to her worries . At the Police Station, Yun Shishi still needs to get back the next day for the replacement of her… Read More »

Chapter 34: Keeping the secret

In recent years, she considered that her secret was not yet exposed. Moreover, she has the DNA test result as her”evidence”, they don’t have a reason to doubt her. Mu Wan Rou immediately denied her speculation, her heart that is hanging high like a stone did not fall. Is it because of that child? Did… Read More »