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[OS] Chapter 12

Edited by: Ocelot Chapter 12 The black car moved steadily forward before it finally stopped in front of the red carpet entrance. Although the noise from outside was so loud that it almost broke through the window, inside the car, not even a person was speaking; it was as if they were from two different… Read More »

[OS] Chapter 11

Apologies for the loooooong delay *bows* Lets hope that the next chapter won’t take as long as this one 🙂 Thank you for the wait 🙂 Edited by the most amazing Ocelot who managed to edit this chapter so fast.   CHAPTER 11 ‘Entertainment New Forces Festival’ would officially start at 7 p.m., but from… Read More »

Chapter 10

Another chapter! Let me let you guys in a secret; when I am translating this novel, I keep picturing Yang Yang as Jiang Yi 😉 On another note, this chapter kind of show you how Zhu Jing behaves as an agent. I had to say, no wonder Zhou Peipei want to change company >.< Edited… Read More »

Chapter 9

Enjoy the chapter 🙂 Edited by Ocelot Chapter 9 The crew had prepared a room to be used as Jiang Yi’s private lounge. Unlike yesterday’s office that was used to shoot his scenes, this room was a private area. Jian Wei subconsciously held her breath when she went inside. However – probably because he had… Read More »

Chapter 8

Long time no see!! I finally able to settle down in my new workplace and home so you can expect the updates to resume normally after this. When I say normal, it means a chapter per week, and maybe a few more during school holidays, I am a teacher btw, so you have to excuse… Read More »

Chapter 7

Hi everyone. Sorry for the late chapter. I’ve finally got my first job after graduation and I am moving to another state soon, so I am very busy with the preparation for the new job as well as the move. The next chapter most probably will not be uploaded for quite a while, unless by… Read More »

Chapter 6

Edited by Ocelot 🙂 Chapter 6 As a young girl who was quite ‘dirty-minded’ even before joining the crew, Jian Wei also had a…vivid… imagination. For example, she’d claimed that the purpose of this trip with Lai Xiao Shuang was to sleep with the Male God. The folks back home could bear witness; she had… Read More »