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Chapter 53 – Brilliant Idea

That person was wearing a green long robe, the sleeves and collar was embellished with fine silver embroidery, a tourmaline belt was at his waist. He wore a ring on his right hand of exquisite green jade. He was truly outstanding and extraordinarily handsome. He was the fourth Prince, Ye Tian Qi. “Greetings to the… Read More »

Chapter 52 – Dislike Physical Intimacy

Shizi: son of a person who is related to the royal family   “Brother, what are you doing?” Murong Xue asked in confusion. Murong Ye looked up with his swollen blood-red eyes, his captivating eyes were filled with tears. He was trembling as he took Murong Xue into his arms, “Sister… I thought they were all… Read More »

Chapter 50 – Torn Apart

chang sao: elder brother’s wife, in this case, Murong Xue’s mother Daren: a respected adult male     The crowd’s eyes fell onto Murong Rou, their faces were full of shock and disgust; they had thought that because Song Qingyan was still young and reckless, when he encountered a rich family who owned thousands of silvers, his… Read More »