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Chapter 9 – She Loved to Trample Flowers (Part Two)

Everyone was leaving. As they were riding on their animal, a raise of dust formed in the air. It was the perfect occasion! “Ah, it hurts!” “Ouch!” “Uh, this pain!” Everyone, including Shao Quinrou, fell down from their saddle. Those people, that used to be well treated since birth, were now aching and covered in… Read More »

Chapter 8 – She Loved to Trample Flowers (Part One)

Moments later, the crowd of boys had become uncontrollable. “Jiuche! What kind of insanity are you spewing? Stop losing face in front of your ancestors! You are only letting your ancertors down!” “What an ignorant good-for-nothing! Why didn’t she die in that ravine? How did she manage to survive?” “How dare she confront teacher Shao… Read More »

Chapter 4 – The Blood Pact with the King of Demons

The Demon’s King stared straight in her eyes, squeezing his eyes full of a dark glow. His gaze made Jiuche shiver. After a while, the King of Demons raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “I’m not surprised you’re still alive, you are a being with two souls, it’s the first time I see… Read More »