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Chapter 17 – The King of the Demons eaten tongue and lips

As to why the “Sacred Book of Transcendent Knowledge” had been divided in two and sent to two different worlds that could never be cross was unknown. The King of Demons half-closed his eyes and landed close to Jiuche. He lifted her by the chest and laughed, “I would have never imagined that the other… Read More »

Chapter 16 – The King of the Demons eaten tongue and lips (part 1)

Editor: nobody Translator: Jd As Jiuche leaned over to pick up the “Canon of Medicine,” the small room was flooded with a violent breeze of wind. The roar made her jump. Jiuche raised her head with surprise. The book had just attacked her, just like a tiger with her prey, and entered inside her. The… Read More »

Chapter 15 – The Other Half of the Canon of Medicine (Part – 2)

Editor: Nobody Translator: JD Apparently, Jiuche was more lucky than her owner. At least, she could say she was more fortunate than her ancestors, no? But from now on, she would be a lucky person too. She stopped thinking and smiled. In her eyes, she had a sweetness never seen before. Jiuche, Changshen, and other… Read More »

Chapter 14 – The Other Half of the Canon of Medicine (part-1)

Editor: Nobody Translator: JD In staring at the silhouette of the Emperor walking away, everybody realized what was going on. In truth, the Emperor had not looked at anyone other than Jiuche as if they were all just trash. The Emperor Liu seemed very different from his usual. He felt proud, ruthless, cold; but, he… Read More »

Chapter 12 – A False Emperor Liu

Editor: Nobody Translator: JD “Ah! Ah! Ah!” The frightened boy could only protect himself by wrapping his arms around his head. Lu Jiuche couldn’t ignore him and lowered him, to avoid those three icicles coming their way. But she lost her balance and fell down from the her fantastic animal. “Damn it!” Lu Jiuche screamed… Read More »