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Chapter 10: Yin red soup (Part 2)

“But that is according to the monk’s age. When I first met him he looks around thirty years old already. So if he was still alive now, he will be around hundred years old.” Grandma said and she looks at me with her complex eyes. I suddenly collapse when I heard that the bald monk… Read More »

Chapter 10: Yin red soup (Part 1)

But honestly, I don’t want to leave the village, I don’t want to see the outside world. I’m not even curious about how it looks because living with my grandmother is the best. When I nodded, grandma smiled. After grandmother ate dinner, she went out again. She said she will go for a walk and… Read More »

Chapter 9: Robe Men (Part 2)

I pulled Hei Wa and started running all the way to the fork road. At the side, Hei Wa breathlessly asked: “What’s wrong? Why did we run?” He didn’t see anything that’s why he got confused and just stared at me. But, I wasn’t able to say a word for a long time. “Nothing, I… I, I… Read More »

Chapter 9: Robe Men (Part 1)

No matter how many times I asked him this whole morning, Hei Wa didn’t say anything. I got angry a little and told him that in these past few days grandmother was always asleep, so no one talks to me. And now, even him began to turn mute, I don’t even want to go to… Read More »

Chapter 8: Shout to guide the soul (Part 2)

“Hei Wa! Hei Wa!” After walking and shouting for about ten minutes, my throat began to dry, but I still haven’t seen Hei Wa’s soul.” Did his soul scatter? that thought came to my mind and I looked at the red lantern in my hand. At the entrance of the tomb mountain the red lantern’s… Read More »

Chapter 8: Shout to guide the soul (Part 1)

Grandma’s hands are shaking while she’s teaching me how to mend the broken part of the red lantern. I was watching her and frown my eyebrows. Black dog’s blood deal with evil spirits, but I remember that I also met a snake spirit. “Grandma, are snake spirits scared to black dog’s blood too?” I tried… Read More »

Chapter 7: Lost Soul (Part 2)

“No, we can’t! Secretary Ji, we can’t carelessly move the child’s body.” Uncle Zhao Tiezhu grabbed Ji Kang’s arm. Ji Kang felt disgusted and pushed away Uncle Zhao Tiezhu’s hand. And then, He fiercely looked and pointed his finger to my grandmother: “You old woman! I heard that you are this village witch doctor. Before,… Read More »

Chapter 7: Lost Soul (Part 1)

“Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi.” I could vaguely hear that Hei Wa was calling me. “Don’t leave me, Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi!” His voice sounds so anxious and has full of fear. I desperately want to turn back, but there is no way around me. The last thing I could do is to cry until I woke… Read More »

Chapter 6: Ghost’s wall (Part 2)

“No! I’ve been here twice already.” Hei Wa denied my statement and pointed his finger up front. He said that it will only take a few more steps and we will be able to see the grave. “Forget it, let’s go back now. It’s already dark and grandmother must be waiting for me to have… Read More »

Chapter 6: Ghost’s wall (Part 1)

I look at the wall clock and it’s already passed three in the afternoon. The teachers have a meeting, so they told us that we can go home after the self-study class. Hei Wa said that we should go to the tomb mountain now before it gets dark. I was hesitating for a moment but still… Read More »