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Chapter 15: Sunspots (Part 2)

In my opinion, Mother’s twitching face looks too unnatural. And as if my mother’s personality will change just because of few tears in the corner of her eyes. After the villagers left, we stood and surrounded Grandmother’s coffin in the living room. Grandpa said to Grandaunt that he only rented the coffin. Then, Grandaunt said… Read More »

Chapter 15: Sunspots (Part 1)

My sister cried for a long time. But, when she finally got tired, she went to the backyard room to sleep. I also went back to my room and saw Grandaunt was holding Sunspots while sitting in bed. And then, she waved her when she saw me. “Hurry and go to bed now.” She and… Read More »

Chapter 14: Grandaunt (Part 2)

Then suddenly, Uncle Zhao Tiezu pushed the door while carrying a black cat and said: “Here’s your Sunspots” Uncle Zhao Tiezu immediately put the black cat he was holding to Grandaunt’s arms. This black cat is very important to Grandaunt because it was personally selected by Grandmother for her. Every time Grandaunt will visit here, she… Read More »

Chapter 14: Grandaunt (Part 1)

After Mother slapped my face, Father rushed over and tightly grasp mother ‘s shoulders. He anxiously asked what had happened. I didn’t use too much strength when I pushed her hand, so even if mother bumps into the coffin, it wouldn’t be serious. But she was screaming so hard as if I knock her down.… Read More »

Chapter 13: Longevity lock (Part 2)

“Xiao Xi, quickly come out! Ji Chuan Cheng actually came.” Heiwa stands in the kitchen door and shouted at me. Ji Chuan Cheng is our classmate, but because he is the village secretary’s son and lived in the city before, he usually doesn’t visit or contact his classmates in school. Heiwa said he came to… Read More »

Chapter 13: Longevity lock (Part 1)

Father’s words have other meaning and that is: ‘I’m not educated’. I wanted to answer back, but my words got stuck in my throat and I become speechless. Then, Father went back to my grandparent’s room. I bit my lips as I prepared another hot water and also went back to my room. When I entered… Read More »

Chapter 12: Disgust (Part 2)

However, thinking about all the years that they didn’t come to see me. I bite my lips and stubbornly stayed inside the room as if I didn’t hear Hei Wa’s words. “Lin Xi, quick, quickly come out. Your parents and sister came.” Grandfather called my name, but I still didn’t move. Soon, I heard the… Read More »