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ENH C203: Is It Very Painful?

Chapter 203: Is it Very Painful? “Ah Hao, what is happening? How can Wuyou be injured so heavily?” The second Gu Yanhao appeared, he was cornered by Old Grandfather Gu, questioning him to the ends of the world about what happened: “How are you someone’s husband? You cannot even protect your wife well! Have you… Read More »

ENH C202: Even Dared To…

Chapter 202: Even Dared To Touch My Woman, You Sure Got Guts! Song Jiumei: “The cheque is genuine! It’s a cheque Song Jiuyue gave me!” Li Zhiming; “Song Jiuyue is the one who ordered this?” Song Jiumei: “No! I’m warning you, keep this matter between you and me. You’re not to approach Song Jiuyue or… Read More »

ENH C201: Didn’t Expect…

Chapter 201: Didn’t Expect That She’d Die By the time Gu Yanhao returned from England, Song Wuyou was undergoing treatment in the hospital. When the car exploded behind her, the blowout impacted her internal organs. Fortunately, she was brought to the hospital in time so that her heart and other organs did not suffer from… Read More »

ENH C200: You…

Bonus Chapter~~!   Chapter 200: You Being Alive Exceeds Everything Dry yellow sand blowing everywhere while war drums thundered. Tens of thousands of soldiers and horses marching, a majestic sight to behold.  Hands held weapons as their legs sprinted forward to the frontline, colliding in an intense physical melee with the enemy soldiers. Riding on… Read More »

ENH C199: “You’re Here…”

Chapter 199: You’re Here… A strong scent of gasoline permeated the air. Song Wuyou looked over by instinct to find gasoline was dripping from the overturned car, leaking down to the front side. The front section of the engine was heavily damaged, with fire sparks bursting out randomly and sporadically. Some of the fire sparks… Read More »

ENH C197: Mu Gu’s Unease

Chapter 197: Mu Gu’s Unease The driver shrunk his neck, afraid to speak another word more. Young Master Cheng turned around, cold eyes glancing in a specific direction, expressionless. Some distance behind him, a Pagani sports car stopped abruptly in its tracks when the driver saw a car swerve out of control from the lane.… Read More »

ENH C196: With…

Chapter 196: With Husband Standing Behind You, Kill Whoever You Want! Song Wuyou waited until the cars blocking in front were driven away before ordering Xu Jing: “Drive.” “Oh…” Xu Jing’s voice was still a little shaky, her body trembling. She spent quite a while before she managed to start the engine, and due to… Read More »