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ENH C209: Your….

Chapter 209: Your Suffering Expression Delights Me Gu Yanhao’s pupils darkened sharply, yet there was a tiny bit of shock as he looked at Song Wuyou. Even the two burly guards went into a daze due to her super cool fast reaction. “You dare to hit me?” Sprawled flat on the floor, Song Jiumei’s head… Read More »

ENH C208: SWY…

Chapter 208: Song Wuyou Hits Song Jiumei Suddenly, the always locked, thick, heavy door was unlocked from outside. A crepuscular ray of light shone into the dark room.  After a moment of surprise, Song Jiumei dashed over to the door, wanting to run out, but she was blocked by two heavyset bodyguards. “I want to… Read More »

ENH C207B: The Truth….

Chapter 207(B): The Truth Was, He Likes Her “Why are you still looking at him if you know?” Gu Yanhao accused with a sour blaming tone. “I’m right beside you, yet you’re staring after someone else. If I wasn’t around, you’d probably pierce a hole through that person with your gaze!” “Can’t I?” Song Wuyou’s… Read More »

ENH C207A: I Feel…

Chapter 207 (A): I Feel Relax With You A week later, Song Wuyou had recovered tremendously. Though she was prohibited from lifting heavy things and performing rigorous activities, she was walking on her own. A healthy color returned to her face, unlike the deadly pale color she had in the beginning.  In order to get… Read More »

ENH C206: If…

Chapter 206: If I Have Feelings For Her, Mrs. Gu Definitely Won’t Be Your Turn! After Mu Gu left,  Old Grandfather Gu also left soon after. An old man like him can’t help much with anything. Telling Gu Yanhao to take good care of Song Wuyou, Old Grandfather Gu followed Mu Gu’s shadow out of… Read More »

ENH C205: How To Deal…

Bradford Pear Blossoms (the real ones are absolutely gorgeous!) This is a Sponsored Chapter by Molly P. Thank you very very much for all the support you’ve given.   Chapter 205: How To Deal With Her Depends On You Gu Yanhao held his breath slightly as he noticed that she has been staring at him… Read More »

ENH C204: Dream

Orange Blossom- I went artsy today with the image 😉 This is a Sponsored Chapter by N. Nadiah & Molly P. Many thanks for your continuous support!   Chapter 204: Dream It hurtsㅡ The fainted Song Wuyou felt as if her head was about to crack; it hurt everywhere, but she was clear-headed. When her… Read More »