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Chapter 49

shhh.. somehow got around China’s great firewall, after rapidly clicking random buttons, somehow it worked, i really don’t know how though. I’m in Northeast China right now, last week I went to Beijing and went to all the tourist sites and died a little, SO HOT OUTSIDE CRI CRI CRI, tis why xixi chopped off… Read More »

Chapter 48

~posting for Xixi~ XD, xixi turns 16 today! Translated this on the plane, I arrive at Beijing in a couple hours. No wifi on the plane argh, pray for me, it was like the hunger games when I got onto the plane today, I almost got pushed into the arms of random people. 3000 words… Read More »

Chapter 47

xixi’s chemical woes continue: I didn’t realize I was really sensitive to Ethyl Acetate until my head felt like splitting apart. sigh brought to you by Ocelot and Moi Chapter 47   Mo Zhen didn’t know if it was a trick of the light, but he felt that Xiang Yunze seemed a little different than… Read More »

Chapter 46

brought to you by ocelot and moi. Chapter 46 2 weeks of school left!   When Li Yan woke up after her fifth nap, the Arabic numerals on her phone screen flashed 15:00. Her habit of being able to have a nap anywhere was a problem, especially since her working environment did not support this… Read More »

Chapter 45

if you like this series, please consider donating or reviewing this novel at Novelupdates!   xixi has a terrible problem of over reading, it’s like an addiction (My parents said they would send me to rehab it there was one for reading), I read 900 chapters of the School Prince is A Girl yesterday despite… Read More »

Chapter 44

  whole chapter :), i put on a mark on where the last chapter ended. Chapter 44 (whole chapter) Li Yan’s grandfather lived in the old Jiang home that was located quite a distance away from the centre of the city. After she ate lunch with Chen Qingyang, Li Yan took a taxi to the… Read More »

Chapter 43

unedited, ocelot’s in the land of croissants right now… (i luv croissants with nutella, $1.99 in canada, what a deal!!)   If you read Evil Husband which is another novel on novi, someone commented, “kick him in the nuts” and *sips milk* xixi specializes in kicking people in the nuts. rip xixi’s chem mark, on… Read More »