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Chapter 111: Indulge …

Chapter 111:  Indulge You.   “Those women who wished to gain my favor only cared about the superficial aspects and my power. ” “……” “If I were to lose everything, status, power, wealth—would they still look at me ?” “……” “Even so, you saw me at my weakest moment, even saw me cry. If I… Read More »

Chapter 49

shhh.. somehow got around China’s great firewall, after rapidly clicking random buttons, somehow it worked, i really don’t know how though. I’m in Northeast China right now, last week I went to Beijing and went to all the tourist sites and died a little, SO HOT OUTSIDE CRI CRI CRI, tis why xixi chopped off… Read More »

Hermit Xixi becomes desperate studious Xixi

so lolololololol, xixi got her two chem tests back and lolololololololol. I’m banned from translating until I finish exams, so wish me luck! The only exam I have is chemistry because i finished my american history one last week. So yep, no Good Morning Miss Ghost chapters until I zoom to China, let us pray… Read More »

Chapter 47

xixi’s chemical woes continue: I didn’t realize I was really sensitive to Ethyl Acetate until my head felt like splitting apart. sigh brought to you by Ocelot and Moi Chapter 47   Mo Zhen didn’t know if it was a trick of the light, but he felt that Xiang Yunze seemed a little different than… Read More »

Chapter 46

brought to you by ocelot and moi. Chapter 46 2 weeks of school left!   When Li Yan woke up after her fifth nap, the Arabic numerals on her phone screen flashed 15:00. Her habit of being able to have a nap anywhere was a problem, especially since her working environment did not support this… Read More »

Chapter 45

if you like this series, please consider donating or reviewing this novel at Novelupdates!   xixi has a terrible problem of over reading, it’s like an addiction (My parents said they would send me to rehab it there was one for reading), I read 900 chapters of the School Prince is A Girl yesterday despite… Read More »

Chapter 44

  whole chapter :), i put on a mark on where the last chapter ended. Chapter 44 (whole chapter) Li Yan’s grandfather lived in the old Jiang home that was located quite a distance away from the centre of the city. After she ate lunch with Chen Qingyang, Li Yan took a taxi to the… Read More »