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Chapter 37

    I’m being chased to bed, gotta zoom.   Chapter 37   When Li Yan woke up, the sky outside the window was dark.   She opened her eyes slightly. Her line of sight was no longer vague, and she could finally clearly see her surroundings.   White walls, white lights and white curtains.   The air… Read More »

Chapter 36

    “She was saying goodbye and she didn’t even know it.” -the book thief   the last moments Chapter 36 Goodbye     After spending three days by the Aegean Sea, they arrived at their final destination: Goreme.   In order to see the sunrise, Mo Zhen woke up very early in the morning. At… Read More »

Chapter 35

brought to you by Ocelot and me,   Alice: “How long is forever? White Rabbit: “Sometimes, just one second.” Chapter 35 Mo Zhen requested a single room in the hotel – even though he was accompanied by the female Ah Yao – because it was impossible for her to open up her own room. When… Read More »

Chapter 34.2

brought to you by moi and ocelot. no school tomorrow, so I’ll do extra releases as usual (aka Xixi ain’t studying for Chem until Sunday night), prepare to sob countdown starts tomorrow mwahahaha.   Chapter 34.2 A few hours after Mo Zhen posted his announcement on Weibo, Kai Huang’s official website formally announced the delaying… Read More »

Chapter 34.1

*PARTAYYYYYYYYY* NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY!!! I still have to go to school for Model UN in the afternoon though bleh. Thank for all praying for me, the lord and saviour has heard your prayers, my chem test has been moved to next tuesday WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! as for when I’ll start translating Our Glamorous Time, the last… Read More »

Chapter 33.2

Announcement: I’ve decided to pick up Our Glamorous Time by Ding Mo to do in the summer after I finish Good Morning Miss Ghost, as far as I’m aware, the original translator has not been seen for almost a year now and I tried contacting her a couple months ago but have gotten no response.… Read More »

Chapter 33.1

Happy late Easter! I spent my entire Easter weekend cough cough, reading 1700 + chapters lololololololololol OH My SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS, I LOST THE CHAPTER I WAS ON, NOOOOOOOO today I found out my account on Aliexpress has been suspended, i don’t know why but i think they think I’m shady, but all i buy on… Read More »