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xixis update tho I’m currently semi-conscious rn

Meekly raises hand and tries to wave  so you may be wondering why I haven’t been updating lately, well I currently have more than a 38 degrees fever that’s been burning all of my brain cells + asthmas been making me lungs want to kill themselves. And I can barely get up from bed without… Read More »

Chapter 111: Indulge …

Chapter 111:  Indulge You.   “Those women who wished to gain my favor only cared about the superficial aspects and my power. ” “……” “If I were to lose everything, status, power, wealth—would they still look at me ?” “……” “Even so, you saw me at my weakest moment, even saw me cry. If I… Read More »

Hermit Xixi becomes desperate studious Xixi

so lolololololol, xixi got her two chem tests back and lolololololololol. I’m banned from translating until I finish exams, so wish me luck! The only exam I have is chemistry because i finished my american history one last week. So yep, no Good Morning Miss Ghost chapters until I zoom to China, let us pray… Read More »

Novitranslations Discord!

We’ve created a discord for all of the books on novitranslations! A channel for Good Morning Miss Ghost, Evil Prince, Evil Husband Don’t Tease, One Child Two Treasures and more! find out the newest updates and interact with translators and readers! Come Join us and Hang out! discord   have a wonderful day, Novitranslations team… Read More »

Chapter 1

Xixi here, found my laptop a couple days ago, once I finish studying for my chemistry test I’ll get right onto translating I have exciting news to share, a wonderful reader Tess has decided to pick up one of the novels featured in the Teasers section!!! It will be posted right here on Novittranslations, let’s… Read More »