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Chapter 7.1

Oh my lord trying to translate the comments of Mo Zhen’s fans is extremely hard, to be quite honest the majority of it does not make any sense to me. So I’m very sorry if some of it doesn’t make sense, I tried really hard to find out what it means, but unfortunately I’ve lived… Read More »

Chapter 6.2

This was the hardest thing ever, chinese slang makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever since I haven’t actually lived in China directly since i was a toddler. Then again, English slang is 100X worse 🙂       It was not yet six o’clock when they got home, Mo Zhen turned on the TV… Read More »

Chapter 6.1

lolololololol finished it instead of doing homework, but here you go! I’ll be posting probably a few chapters a day from now on b/c I’ll be on hiatus for at most 2 weeks at the end of january cause of exams.   The director called cut and the scene quickly ended, Mo Zhen walked over… Read More »

Chapter 5.2

rip my post was accidentally deleted, sorry about that! I’ll post the next chapter once I finish my calc class, ughhhhhh why must i go to a math class on a saturday     The makeup artist was only a twenty-year old young girl, and when she saw Mo Zhen, her entire body burned up… Read More »

Chapter 5.1

If you like this novel, please consider sponsoring a chapter! There was a snowstorm today and I still had to go to school, this is what I get for living in a place sometimes even colder than Mars.     Because Song Ni had appeared, the atmosphere had suddenly become tense. Cui Dao glanced at… Read More »

Chapter 4.2

Here’s your regular post 🙂 As you can see, I now have a sponsoring bar up for this novel. I’ll do an extra chapter for every $12, so if you would like- you can hit up that donate button! Here’s the link to Chestnut’s other beautiful novel, the one that started all of this in… Read More »

Chapter 4.1

Can we please admire how beautiful this book cover is? 🙂 well hello gorgeous. Also shout out to Pwip who’s translating Marriage Concerto (A Small Thing Called Love) also by Chestnut about the sadistic dog pair Qiao Yichen and Ding Meng! Mo Zhen seems like a nice cinnamon bun beside Qiao Yichen. link Mo Zhen… Read More »

Chapter 3.2

The poor Ah Yao’s plan had failed, she had no choice but to hover around the stairs for a while, and then finally drifted back to the living room. Staring at the LCD TV hanging on the wall, Ah Yao sighed. He seemed so gentle and kind on television, but why was he the complete opposite when… Read More »

Chapter 3.1

  Mo Zhen irritably pressed the TV remote, flipping through channels until finally stopping at an entertainment news station. The female TV presenter was beginning to explain what exactly was going on. Although you could not see her face on the TV screen, it wasn’t hard to imagine how excited she was by the tone of… Read More »

Chapter 2.2

Mo Zhen stayed in the bathroom for almost an hour, but the ghost continued to sit in Mo Zhen’s bedroom. Mo Zhen’s room had a large poster taped onto the wall, it was the “Blood Ride” DVD Collection Edition that came with a limited edition poster that of course, was of the sixteen-year old Mo Zhen… Read More »