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Chapter 4.1 – Love Was Similar To Firefly

Translator: Sandy Editor: Ocelot I’m sorry guys.I have reposted this chapter, previous one is non edited chapter, which is by mistake I have posted.   Early the next morning, Mo Lan bought a ticket back to Nanking.   Just as Mo Lan carried her heavy luggage back to her living room, she found An Xiao Luo… Read More »

Chapter 80 – Heir Ouyang Saves Damsel in Distress

If you love this translation. So please consider supporting me on patreon. It motivates me to translate more chapters and new novels. Translator: Manyfacegod Editor: Ocelot “Miss Murong, be careful!” Cai Jin warned.   Murong Xue turned her head and saw Cai Jin behind. He lifted his whip and whipped viciously at her horse’s back. At… Read More »