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Just 3 guys who love Chinese novel trying to give back to the community. Right now we are quite busy but soon will catch speed.

Editor Of The Evil prince and translator of Good Morning Miss Ghost

I’m Meixi and from Canada, which in my opinion is one of the coldest places in the world rip, no seriously, my city is sometimes even colder than Mars. I adore Chinese novels and English ones too :), my favourite chinese novel is The Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss. I’m still suffering through the depths of hell which is commonly known as school, and I’m terrible at math. Thanks everyone!

Editor Of “I heard you are an alien”

Hello! I am Hotaru from the US and absolutely love Chinese novels.  I’m glad to be here helping out with editing! I do this in my spare time while taking care of my little baby girl and my awesome husband.  Remember! There is no such thing as too much reading!!!

Editor Of “The Sacred Burial Grounds”

Greetings. My name is Louise, 20, female, single. I’m a noob editor who knows no Chinese but proficient enough in English to become your editor. Since I’ve been an anonymous leecher for a while now, I finally steeled my nerves to be part of the translating community with what meager skills I possess. So here I am. When I’m not busy procrastinating on papers for classes, you can find me wasting time on reading asian novels or getting my butt whooped on League. Thanks for your patience!

Editor Of “World of Xianxia”

Zo the dreamer and a lazy potato couch. Addicted to non-fiction novels especially Romance.

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