Chapter 26.1

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i wanted to be a hermit today, but nooooo, my best friends dragged me out of a bed to go hang out. curse them and their three generations, I just want to be a hermit and stay home.

Chapter 26.1


The woman’s voice was not very loud and it had a sort of a gentle lilt to it, but it really scared Mo Zhen. Anyone who heard a strange woman’s voice coming from their house would be surprised..

  ”Meow,” Ah Yao called out, stopping the paw that was ready to start up the computer. Mo Zhen also looked over at the direction the woman’s voice was coming from.

  In fact, he felt that using the term ‘woman’ was not appropriate, because although there was technically a woman in front of him, she was floating in the air.

  He could suddenly feel a headache coming on.

  He had thought that being able to see Ah Yao was an accident. Since long ago, other than Ah Yao, he hasn’t been able to see any other ghosts. But now that a ghost has appeared out of thin air, he suspected that the spell Master cast over him has already reached its shelf life.

  ”Hey ~ Mr. Mo,” A woman’s voice interrupted the silence of his thoughts. Hee raised his head and looked at a woman. The latter was floating in the air, excitedly waving her arms at him.

  ”Ah mei meow meow meow meow.” At this time, Ah Yao also called to the woman, waving her small paws in front of her; it seemed as she was desperately trying to introduce the woman to Mo Zhen..

  Mo Zhen bit his lip, and said to Ah Yao: “Talk in human please.”

  Ah Yao: “…”

  ”Pff.” Hearing Mo Zhen’s words, the woman let out a giggle and bent down to Ah Yao on the table, her eyes shaping into crescents. “Did I not teach you how to come out from the cat?”

  ”Meow woo!” As if she had suddenly understood, Ah Yao’s eyes lit up and with her four small short legs, she solemnly stood on the table, and then suddenly… she rolled on the table.

  Mo: “…”

  The air around them seemed to have a slight fluctuation. Mo Zhen could feel a breeze going through his hair as he heard a loud cry near his ear, “I came out!”

  Mo Zhen turned his head and was not surprised to find himself looking at that familiar figure, with her navy blue dress, and black hair that went down to her waist as it swayed a bit from the movement.

  ”Zhen Zhen, I finally came out!” Ah Yao excitedly floated in front of Mo Zhen, dancing around him in a circle.

  Mo Zhen’s mouth slanted in amusement as he looked at Ah Yao – who had finally stopped dancing – and earnestly said: “Now that you’ve come out, you have to properly be a good person. Don’t go back in.”

(TN: 出來了就好好做人,不要再進去了, maybe I’m horrible with jokes, but I don’t know what’s funny about this)

  Ah Yao “…”

  Can this line be really used in this kind of situation? Zhen Zhen is joking right right?

  ”Ha ha ha.”  The strange woman clutched her stomach as she laughed her heart out. Mo Zhen believed that if the ghosts could shed tears, she would’ve filled at least a bucket by now from laughing so hard.

  ”Meow.” The faint cry of a cat rang out from the table. The little black cat that Ah Yao had possessed finally woke up, staggering as it tried to stand up. Ah Yao looked at the small trembling kitten and in her heart, she felt a little guilty. “Zhen Zhen, the kitten is very pitiful. We should keep it for a while.”

  To tell the truth, with Mo Zhen’s lazy character, if Ah Yao hadn’t been  trapped in the kitten’s body, there was no way he would raise a kitten in his home. But the kitten really did look weak, and since Ah Yao had mentioned it, he could only  nod in agreement.

  He did not know exactly when it began, but lately he has been unable to refuse Ah Yao’s requests.

  Setting the well-behaved kitten aside, Ah Yao finally remembered that she had to introduce her new friend to Mo Zhen. “Zhen Zhen, this is my good friend … ” Ah Yao said – and then paused. Her mouth hung open, but no sound came out of it. After a long time, she finally turned and said to the woman, “What is your name?”

  Mo: “…”

  Mother egg! You don’t even know the name of your so-called good friend? Good friends are not supposed to be like this!

  Mo Zhen’s calm heart had once again been triggered by Ah Yao into a roaring rage.

  But on Ah Yao’s side, she did not care about the complex classification of ordinary friends, friends, acquaintances and relatives, because she only had one friend 🙂

  # # Wax #

  Although her name was asked, the strange woman was still very gentle as she replied, “My name is Ah Piao, my nick name is Piao Piao (means fluttering).”

  Mo: “…”

  Ah Yao nodded excitedly, “Oh, then I’ll call you Piao Piao!”

  Mo: “…”

  This name was obviously a fake one, but to see Ah Yao wholeheartedly believe her made Mo Zhen want to take her to a hospital for a checkup to see if her brain was the size of a grape… No, a raisin would be a better comparison.

  Ignoring Ah Yao, Mo Zhen’s eyes fell on the woman who claimed to be Piao Piao as he  closely examined her. This woman seemed to look around the same age as Ah Yao, although her eyebrows looked a little more mature. This maturity was not something you could reach by dressing up. It was the sort of maturity that came from experiencing different situations.

  In contrast, Ah Yao was like a girl who was completely new to the world.

  Seeing Mo Zhen’s questioning gaze, the woman was very calm; she was so calm that it made Mo Zhen a little uncomfortable for examining her. He coughed dryly and looked at the woman as he said, “Miss Piao Piao, thank you for teaching Ah Yao the method of how to get out of the cat. But I have a question: the somersault she just did, is it necessary to the procedure?”

  ”No, that’s just my personal hobby,” said Piao Piao.

  Mo: “…”

  Ah Yao: “…”

  FML had she been swindled?! At the time she had found it strange – why would there be a rolling kind of position?! People were scary these days… Would it be possible for her to continue to be a cat?!

Ah Yao I want to be cat too, sleep, sleep, roll, roll, eat and eat. i want to do nothing all day too.

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