Chapter 22.1

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Chapter 22.1


This kind of tone, Tang Qiang has heard Mo Zhen talk in this tone many times before.

  But this time, it felt a little different from the others. It seemed like he was… jealous?

  Tang Qiang’s mood was very unstable as there were only two options he could think of: either Mo Zhen was jealous of the cat or he was jealous of Tang Qiang. Tang Qiang decisively chose the latter.

  Suddenly he felt a shiver go down his spine.

  Although he felt that he was quite attractive, but, but … he did not like men ah! But if it was someone like Mo Zhen, wouldn’t it be pretty good?

  #JQ was always in the budding #

(JQ總是在誤會中萌芽 I vaguely translated, but I’m not 100% sure and if anyone knows what does JQ mean?)

  Tang Qiang looked at Mo Zhen, his expression constantly changing, “Mo Zhen, are you sure about this?”

  ”What?” Mo Zhen hands were grasping Ah Yao’s legs as he stood at Tang Qiang’s side, looking at him with a puzzled expression.

  Ah Yao was currently hanging in the air. Despite the position not being too comfortable, Ah Yao still contentedly yawned.

  ”Mo Zhen, perhaps it’s because you are always around me that you would start feeling like this, but you have to believe that these feelings of yours…are not true feelings.”


  Mo Zhen stared at him for a while and then sincerely said: “Tang Qiang, I think you should go find someone to date.”

  Tang Qiang: “…”

  What did it mean? Was he implying that they should start dating?

  Tang Qiang angrily frowned, “Mo … …”

  ”Tang Qiang, no matter if I like a man or a woman, you will never enter in my eyes. It’s better to erase your feelings before it is too late.”

  Tang Qiang: “…”

  # Ma Ma I’ll never believe in love ever again QAQ #

  ”Give me back my food.” Tang Qiang raised his right hand in the air, motioning towards Mo Zhen.

  ”What?” Having put the food in the fridge already, there was no way Mo Zhen would give it back.

  ”Breakup fee.”

  Mo: “…”

  In the end, Tang Qiang was handed a cabbage and two onions, and holding a broken heart, he left the house.

  Ah Yao finished gnawing her chicken. Satisfied, she let out a small burp. Cats loved to clean, so even if their owner didn’t clean them, they would make sure to maintain that shiny glossy fur. However, Mo Zhen still grabbed a wet towel to clean Ah Yao’s body, and then he finally let go of her

  After Ah Yao was all cleaned up, she rushed up to the second floor. Mo Zhen could only stare after her , washing all of the dishes in the sink before he could finally head upstairs.

  After entering the bedroom, he saw that Ah Yao was lying on the bed in a very strange position while waiting for him, “Meow ~ woo ~”

  Mo: “…”

As he glanced at the small black cat, Mo Zhen could not but help smile a little.

  ”Who said you could come here?”

  ”Meow ~ ~ ~”

  ”I do not want to sleep with a cat.”

  ”Meow Woo QAQ”

  ”Acting pitiful won’t work, come down.”

  ”Meow.” Ah Yao muttered, then ignoring him she curled up into a ball on the bed and closed her eyes to play dead.

  Mo: “…”

  After becoming a cat, her shameless index has risen straight up.

  Looking at the large clump of black fur beside his pillow, Mo Zhen didn’t really have the heart to throw her out.

  Sitting down at the computer, Mo Zhen turned on the computer and clicked the penguin icon on his desktop.

  Mo Zhen’s QQ friends were very little, if little Du Du didn’t have QQ, the software would have long been deleted from his computer.

  But the recently, the use of this software has been very high, mostly due to his conversations with Divine Scoundrel.

  ”Master, when ghosts possess someone, how do they get out?”

  ”…this question is like asking vampires how to live.”

  The reply of Divine Scoundrel was very quick, so quick that Mo Zhen had initially thought he had messaged the wrong person.

  Confirming that the dialog box indeed showed the name of Divine Scoundrel, Mo Zhen continued: “You only need to reply to my question, that’s all.”

  ”Your family’s ghost possessed someone and can’t get out? Ha ha ha ha ha how stupid [laugh emoji ha ha]

  Mo: “…”

  Okay, Mo Zhen also felt that it was really stupid, but did he really need to laugh like this?

  ”Have you been hacked?”

  ”No, it’s just that it’s been a long time since I’ve heard something as funny as this.”


  ”I now believe that she really does not have any malicious intentions towards you, because she does not have enough IQ.”


  ”Who is she attached to?”

  ”A wild cat.”


  This time, Divine Scoundrel was silent for a while before finally typing out, “Very creative.”

  Mo: “…”

  And then after Divine Scoundrel praised Ah Yao, he quietly went offline.

  Mo: “…”

  So why did he even come online in the first place?

  Turning off the computer, Mo Zhen looked back at Ah Yao, who was curled up in the exact same position; it was evident that she was sleeping softly.

  As if he was scared of waking her up, Mo Zhen subconsciously made his footsteps light as he turned off the light. His hair had just hit the pillow when a small soft thing rubbed against his neck and made his neck a bit itchy.

  Mo Zhen opened his eyes and glanced at his chest. Ah Yao was wagging her small tail as she lay on his chest, her big eyes looking up at him.

  This little guy simply had not gone tosleep. Even if she was just a cat, her acting was still quite skillful.

  Mo Zhen squinted his eyes and instinctively moved his neck. Ah Yao, dissatisfied, gave a cry – and then like a baby trying to drink its mother’s milk, she stretched her little neck and gave Mo Zhen a kiss on his lips.

  Mo: “…”

  Since she had succeeded, Ah Yao’s heart was quite happy, and she swayed her tail once again on Mo Zhen’s chest.

  Perhaps because Ah Yao was currently a cat, even if he was kissed by her, Mo Zhen did not feel much of an impact. Moving his face to look at the small kitten curled up beside him, Mo Zhen took his index finger to poke the little cat, “Sleep a little bit.”

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