Chapter 8

Long time no see!! I finally able to settle down in my new workplace and home so you can expect the updates to resume normally after this. When I say normal, it means a chapter per week, and maybe a few more during school holidays, I am a teacher btw, so you have to excuse… Read More »

Chapter 56: SWY Brew Tea

Chapter 56: Song Wuyou Brews Tea The way she goes about brewing tea was skilled with familiarity as if she had done it often. Witnessing to this beautiful scene shocked Mu Gu greatly that his footsteps halted on the staircase. Holding his breath in as he watched her, leaning against the railing of the staircase.… Read More »

🐝Chapter 09🐝

Apologies for the late update. The coming chapters will also experience delay TT. Chapter 09 ****** Half an hour went by, and Cheng Jingpo returned to the café almost on the dot. “I’ve read the books you recommended.” Bo Ziren took the initiative to speak first after he had settled down In his seat. “What’s… Read More »