Chapter 7 – Helps His Methods

In this way, Yi Ti with lunch in hand and a variety of nutritional drugs she picked up in the pharmacy went back home.  To her disappointment, the drugs turned out to be useless.   Cecil then fell asleep on the couch, and she watched the floating pills in his body move back and forth.  In… Read More »

Chapter 6 – The second encounter

It had been morning when they had gone into the basement.  When the two emerged, it was after 1:00 pm.   Yi Ti put Cecil on the sofa, and gave him a worried look.  Although he said he was all right, no matter how she looked at it he wasn’t all right. In the end, how… Read More »

Scapegoat Sister 09

Just a few days from the ball…. Also in the territory of the frontier, the advertisement of the second Prince was carried out everywhere, and the report announced that there was no bride’s counterpart.   Since we were ordered to stay as a parent and child, we were living a recluded life at our mansion.… Read More »

Chapter 15: Sunspots (Part 2)

In my opinion, Mother’s twitching face looks too unnatural. And as if my mother’s personality will change just because of few tears in the corner of her eyes. After the villagers left, we stood and surrounded Grandmother’s coffin in the living room. Grandpa said to Grandaunt that he only rented the coffin. Then, Grandaunt said… Read More »

Chapter 7.2

  I’m pretty sure i failed my math test today yolo, why do teachers give tests a week before exams??? WHY DOES MATH EXIST?? I HATE MATH I HATE NUMBERS I HATE VARIABLES I HATE GRAPHS Let me tell you a story of how I am the greatest procrastinator to walk the earth and unintentionally… Read More »

Chapter 5 – The Inheritance of the Divine

“Spiritual divisions …”   Yi Ti carefully chewed these strange words.  She usually liked to read novels that had words similar to this. However, a novel is a novel after all and she never thought that one day the words would really appear in reality.   And, in connection to her.   Really incredible.   She shook her head,… Read More »

Chapter 15: Sunspots (Part 1)

My sister cried for a long time. But, when she finally got tired, she went to the backyard room to sleep. I also went back to my room and saw Grandaunt was holding Sunspots while sitting in bed. And then, she waved her when she saw me. “Hurry and go to bed now.” She and… Read More »