Chapter 14.1

This is a regular chapter, I’ve got one chapter in queue for the sponsored chapters, releases this week will be a little spontaneous I’ve got an unfortunate chem unit test on friday, and two *sniff sniff* piano competitions next week. So I’ll do the sponsored chapters once I pass those safely. *Waves hankerchief* thank you… Read More »

Chapter 10 – Ridicule

He knew this was not the right time to laugh at his enemy; he bit his lips and sat on the ground.   Yun Ye’s heart sank; he stood rigidly at his position. Even though the divine weapon was powerful, he knew deep inside his body, the black and white aura would certainly defeat it.… Read More »

Chapter 13.2

The intercom showed Tang Qiang’s naïve face, “Emperor Mo, happy birthday.” Mo Zhen opened the door and Tang Qiang, carrying a cake in his hands, came in, “Emperor Mo, I never knew you enjoyed visiting amusement parks?” . Mo: “…” He knew Tang Qiang would not deliberately come over just to wish him a happy… Read More »

Chapter 13.1

i woke up sick and tired today 🙁   The sound [Mo Zhen] was very loud, but it was not loud enough for everyone in the amusement park to hear, However, to Mo Zhen it felt as if every single person in the amusement park was now staring at him. Mo Zhen had originally wanted… Read More »

Chapter 12.2

was going to post this earlier, but got really sidetracked at Novelupdates whoops.   Chapter 12.2: “No.” Calmly turning a bend, Mo Zhen drove in the opposite direction of the Ferris wheel, Ah Yao looked back and watched as the Ferris wheel got farther and farther away. “Mr. Mo, today is your birthday, do you… Read More »

Chapter 12.1

  Chapter 12.1: Mo Zhen likes to eat his instant noodles alone   Mo Zhen’s chat was not answered, and Ah Yao with her thick skin, continued to freeload in Mo Zhen’s home, and soon, without her even realizing it, July had arrived. For Mo Zhen, July was no different than the other eleven months,… Read More »

Chapter 11.2

Chapter 11.2: Emperor Mo has the mentality of a 7 year old   this chapter was very very hard, curse chinese slang and idioms, I barely understood some of it, let us thank the wonderful god Baidu and google for existing. I am enlisting the help of an editor and also a translator checker please! I… Read More »

Chapter 9 – Duel

“Teng” “Teng” “Teng”   The ferocious sound of wings hitting the sandy ground was audible. Yun Ye moved slightly and positioned himself in front of Yu Liu, and swiftly punched him hard on his face.   “What exactly happened?” Yu Lui thought as he tried to comprehend what was going on and completely astounded by… Read More »

Chapter 11.1

aced chem quiz 🙂 & also cried a little at all of the many valentine releases, only good thing about that holiday   The room was very quiet, Mo Zhen’s voice slightly echoed in the living room, the sound sounded a little lonely in the empty and dark room. He waited for a while, but… Read More »