🐝Chapter 07🐝

Chapter 07 ****** The duties of research student were not a lot but it definitely could not be taken lightly. Other than attending classes, looked up research articles, madly supplementing insufficient documents related to one’s specialization field in English, assisting the seniors of the research group in conducting experiments, and on top of everything, they… Read More »

Chapter 23: A Mysterious Feeling…

Hello, please do check out our Patreon for ways to increase releases! It’s a quiet garden at the moment but we hope that will change soon~!   Chapter 23: A Mysterious Feeling from An Ancient Past   Though the original host possessed a certain degree of drawing talent, the ability or talent did not transfer… Read More »

Chapter 7

Hi everyone. Sorry for the late chapter. I’ve finally got my first job after graduation and I am moving to another state soon, so I am very busy with the preparation for the new job as well as the move. The next chapter most probably will not be uploaded for quite a while, unless by… Read More »

Chapter 37

    I’m being chased to bed, gotta zoom.   Chapter 37   When Li Yan woke up, the sky outside the window was dark.   She opened her eyes slightly. Her line of sight was no longer vague, and she could finally clearly see her surroundings.   White walls, white lights and white curtains.   The air… Read More »

Chapter 21: SWY, Your Reputation….

Chapter 21: SWY, Your Reputation Is Worse than the Smell Coming from the Sewers   “Isn’t that so? After that car accident, she didn’t die but has become even more arrogant.” “………” “I threatened her that I’ll tell Daddy to stop her pocket money, but she didn’t even blink, saying that it would be better… Read More »

Chapter 36

    “She was saying goodbye and she didn’t even know it.” -the book thief   the last moments Chapter 36 Goodbye     After spending three days by the Aegean Sea, they arrived at their final destination: Goreme.   In order to see the sunrise, Mo Zhen woke up very early in the morning. At… Read More »