Chapter 26.2

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Chapter 05: Thinks It Isn’t Enough?

Chapter Sponsored by Eleanor Woodall~~! Thank you very much and enjoy the chapter!   Chapter 05: Thinks It Isn’t Enough? “The assets distribution is not fair.” When Xu Jing heard this, she stared at Song Wuyou with a shocked expression. When Song Wuyou went through the agreement, she had allowed Xu Jing to take a… Read More »

Chapter 26.1

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Chapter 04: Fulfill Them

Chapter 04: Fulfill Them   “I will tell Ah De to come and collect it tomorrow.” Gu Yanhao’s cold voice rumbled. “See yourself out.” Song Wuyou looked insinuating as if she could not wait for Gu Yanhao to f*ck off. Seeing her expression, Gu Yanhao eyes looked extremely dissatisfied similar to the disappointment of having… Read More »

Chapter 25.2

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Chapter 25.1

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Chapter 03: She Despises Him

Chapter 03: She Despises Him   Song Wuyou looked at Gu Yanhao with a faint smile on her face, “It was just a suspicion, what are you so worked up for?” Gu Yanhao smirked in return, “Don’t think everyone is stupid like you! Always doing some brainless acts.” “Yes, I am stupid, if it weren’t… Read More »

Chapter 2

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